Synopsis of “Brick Slaves”

Premiering on August 3, Brick Slaves <樓奴> is an upcoming TVB drama that discusses the struggles faced by young people in Hong Kong when purchasing their first properties.

The story begins with Lou Yiu Ming (Vincent Wong 王浩信)), who is preparing to marry his girlfriend and puts all of their savings towards the down payment for an apartment. Unfortunately for Yiu Ming, his girlfriend breaks up with him and secretly leases the apartment to piano teacher Tsai Jian Ching (Selena Li 李施嬅).

Heartbroken, Yiu Ming faces yet another setback in life when he gets retrenched from his job. For the sake of meeting his mortgage payments on the apartment, Yiu Ming is forced to live with Jian Ching and put up with her strict demands. The two often argue over their differences but Yiu Ming discovers one day that there is a lot more to Jian Ching than meets the eye.

Yiu Ming eventually finds a new job with a property company. Yiu Ming’s employment by the company however causes colleague Lao Bi Dat (Evergreen Mak 麥長青) to lose his chance for a promotion. As a result, Yiu Ming and Bi Dat have a strained relationship.

Nevertheless, Yiu Ming’s supervisor Li Ai Wah (Kiki Sheung 商天娥) thinks highly of Yiu Ming and assigns him the responsibility of mentoring the company’s intern, Chu Bi Ji (Eliza Sam 岑麗香). After several shared encounters, Bi Ji gradually develops feelings for Yiu Ming. However, Yiu Ming finds himself falling for Jian Ching instead. Before Yiu Ming can do anything about his feelings, Jian Ching abruptly decides to terminate her lease at Yiu Ming’s apartment…


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  1. Thanks for the article. But the plot sound pretty cliched. Guy and Girl forced to live together and overcome their differences to eventually fall in love. It is sort of like “War of Genders” which was hilarious.

    1. @elizabeth War of Genders had Dayo Wong and his Siu Keung and Dayo Wong makes any line sounds like poetry. Any line a classic. This one… yeah it is familiar and all. Suddenly an influx of modern day dramas and all about apartments, economy, forced to live together… can’t give the tenant a 2 months notice issit?

      Not sure if I will watch but I love Vincent Wong so I am wondering…

      And where IS COD??

  2. I’m just gonna watch this for Vincent. Female leads are not so appealing, but for Vincent. :’)

  3. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

    1. @freedalas

      Yeah, TVB will be less pessimistic because they will be focusing on the love relationships. Other than the line ‘puts all of their savings towards the down payment for an apartment’ nothing about the plot is about being a slave to expensive property in HK.

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