Cammi Tse: “I Gave My Virginity to Edison Chen and Filmed an Erotic Video!”

In early 2008, over 1,000 of Edison Chen’s (陳冠希) pornographic photos were leaked publicly, leading to a shattering scandal. Three years later, the subject of Edison’s 2008 sex scandal have been unable to step out of the shadow. However, Edison continued to be addicted to self-taken intimate photography. Fearless, Edison picked up his camera again and the subject of his latest lip-locking photos was 16-year-old model, Cammi Tse (謝芷蕙).

After Edison and Cammi’s intimate photos were exposed, he did not notify Cammi and issued a statement indicating that he had already broken up with her. Cut-off coldly by Edison, Cammi spoke exclusively to Sudden Weekly on November 2nd and admitted that she filmed a two-minute erotic video for Edison upon his request. Turning the age of 16-years-old to legally date in Hong Kong, Cammi admitted that her first time was given to Edison Chen.

Although Edison requested Cammi to kept their relationship a secret, she could not resist from posting a photo of them together on her blog in September to show off her happiness. In addition, Cammi posted a photo of a $5,000 HKD Hello Kitty bra which was presumably a present from Edison on her blog.

With Edison’s unilateral breakup announcement, Cammi cried for one day and night. During their dating period, Cammi filmed intimate photos and a two-minute erotic video for him. Edison allegedly requested Cammi to wear her school uniform and a swimsuit as a form of cosplay to increase the whimsical value. Asked about their sexual relationship, Cammi could not hold back her emotions and cried heart-brokenly.

Maintained Sexual Precautions Were Taken

C= Cammi; R= Reporter

R: How do you feel right now?

C: I am truly hurt. It was a private matter to date, however the entire world is talking about me and attacking me now. I am very unhappy and feel a lot of stress.

R: How did you meet Edison?

C: At his company (Juice). We were introduced by friends and continued to send text messages to each other.

R: After Edison released a public statement, have you been in touch with each other?

C (starts sobbing): After his statement, I realized we have truly broken up.

R: You took the photos on his bed?

C: We usually meet at his house and the photos were taken in his bedroom.

R: Did he ask you to take the photos?

C: He asked me to film a clip and said it was for his company’s use.

R: What kind of clip was it? Why has his company never used it? Did Edison retain it for private use?

C: I do not know…I am very scared!

R: Did he ask you wear lingerie and your school uniform for cosplay purposes?

C (eyes started brimming with tears): …I will not answer that question! (Hands start shaking) I can only say that it was not a sex video; I wore clothes throughout the clip!

R: Did you give your first time to him?

C (started sobbing uncontrollably, nodded head affirmatively): Yes.

R: Did you have protective sex?

C (continued to cry): I do not wish to talk about it. Anyhow, I know how to protect myself.

R: Does Edison still love Vincy Yeung? Are you still upset at him?

C: I do not know (big sigh)…. We were only together for 3 months, but I was really happy because he was very sweet to me. I believe that he was sincere at the time (paused for a few seconds) but…why did he have to treat me like this?!

Cammi Tse’s Father: “I Will Punish Her!”

When Cammi Tse and Edison Chen’s intimate photos were exposed on Monday, November 1st, she insisted on going to school that day. Cammi was a Form 4 student at a high school in Kowloon Bay.  Originally scheduled to get off school at 3:3o PM, Cammi left one hour early and was spotted wearing a face mask stepping out of the school’s back exit accompanied by her father. Walking past a newsstand, Cammi’s father purchased a copy of a newspaper featuring coverage of Cammi’s intimate photos with Edison Chen.

When a reporter approached Cammi and her father, Mr. Tse, he said in a very upset manner, “Today, I have to take a day off to attend a parent-teacher conference!” (Did you know that your daughter was dating Edison Chen?)  “No, I did not know. My daughter never dated in the past.” (Now that the photos have been circulating, what do you plan to do?)  “What to do now? I have no eyes to look anymore! I will punish her tonight!”

At this point, Mr. Tse turned to Cammi and said, “Why don’t you answer the press’ questions? I do not know how to answer them!” Facing her father’s scolding, Cammi bowed her head and did not answer. Father and daughter drove back to their home in the Sau Mau Ping district.

Later that evening, Cammi put on light makeup to accept a Now TV interview, professing that she was very hurt by the recent turn of events. Cammi insisted that she was already 16-years-old when the intimate photos were taken.

Cammi’s manager, Admond, noted, “The company is very angry; Edison will affect Cammi’s future development. We do not interfere with our models dating and other personal matters, but an adult should not ask young girls to take such photos!”

Edison Possesses Strong Sexual Desires

Edison did not quit his long-time addiction of taking sex photos. He also preferred asking his partners to wear uniforms for role playing. According to behavioral psychologist, Lee Bao Nung (李寶能), men who enjoyed taking sex photos with women typically possessed very strong sexual desires. Since normal sex did not satisfy him, Edison needed to rely on “alternative sex.” Mr. Lee commented, “He has an enormous need, which is difficult to completely satisfy and thus he chose to express it in this manner. Role playing through the use of uniforms is a stimulating act. As a form of rebellious desire, it also projects the person’s extremely strong sexual desires.”

Maximum 5-Year Imprisonment for Underage Sex

The now 31-year-old Edison Chen dated Cammi Tse, who turned 16-years-old in March 2011.  Lawyer, Wong Kwok Tung (黃國桐) said that the man would be out of luck if the woman was under 16-years-old while having sex, which may provoke lawsuits. “Any man having sex with a girl under the age of 16-years-old girl would be violating the law. Regardless of whether the girl was willing to do so, the man broke the law and faces a maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment.”


Excerpt from Sudden Weekly # 849

Jayne: Is Cammi Tse as innocent as this Sudden Weekly article portrayed her? Is Edison Chen truly her first boyfriend?

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  1. Tsk tsk tsk, kids, this is the 21st century, if you don’t want people to see it, don’t put it in any form of visual capture. Live with your decision however bad they may be, you’ll regret it but you’ll learn from it unless you’re Edison Chen. Otherwise you’ll get over it eventually. Move on.

  2. I just hope the reporters will not go after this girl too much. She is too young to handle such thing. Pity her though she is quite stupid to date sex maniac like Edison.

  3. I think I believe her. Maybe she’s not innocent, but I do think she genuinely liked the guy. Kind of sad, he just brushed her off by telling the whole world they broke up. (Did Raymond do the same with Mavis, can’t recall…) What a shameless guy and lets her deal with the press while he goes off to hide. You can tell how stressed and guilty she feels by how the reporter recounts of how her father scolds her.

    1. You should rmb that the girl also said that they broke up at first, even before EDC in her weibo. Cammi said first, EDC said later. And during this moment, she is posting a lot of her pix on weibo. I can’t help to think of a self promotion.

    2. At first she said she din have sex with him, now she says she gave her 1st to him, can’t help but have the feeling that she’s try to attack EDC. 16 is not THAT small not to know what type of man EDC is, especially after the sex scandal. It was her decision do date him, and it was her who posted their pix on her blog, and… haha…it was her cellphone that had been lost. Why all the scandal now all have the same story?

  4. It doesn’t matter what her intentions are, whether or not she is as innocent as she says. Edison is the adult, he should have known better.

  5. She tells the truth for sure but her intention is surely for gaining publicity, not for sympathy or for showing how much she has been hurt.

    She is 16, if the parents really care, they can “fix” her. Edison is unfixable.

    I still wonder why lot of famous people like to have sex with him while they certainly know he is fu*c*ed up and might have multiple sex partners. Was he really famous in Hongkong? I knew a lot of HK artists but only noticed him after the scandal.

  6. At first, ppl seem to stay in Cammi’s side more, however, after a male model came out and said that Cammi once trapped him and now saying that he has sexual harassment on her (with claim evidence from her company to the male model), ppl changed the view on Cammi. And it isn’t coincidence that Cammi is uploading pix everyday now.

    So to say, Cammi might act innocent, guilty only. She also the one who claimed that she didn’t have sex with EDC, but now “her first” is to EDC.

    1. Edison’s private part should be cut and threw away BUT I’ve never seen any girls who had sex with Edison Chen was innocent. Gil (Twins) acted like she was truly in love and innocent like an angel but she really enjoyed having oral sex. Tse’s ex-wife really enjoyed sexual role-playing and nude photo posing, she loved to be dirty too.

      1. You are saying of Cecilia? She has never been good girl from the very beginning of her career.

      2. Having sex because of love is nothing wrong but I never believe any artists who had sex with him because of love.

        There are a few love stories that are not ended happily in one’s life but … well F Edison

      3. Yes. That why I said either they wanted to be famous or they did enjoy having sex intercourse

      4. I believe there’s also a sex video (sexual intercourse) between Gillian and Edison, but the investigators were able to prevent it from being leaked. I somehow do believe that Gillian was truly in love with Edison. She dated him on and off for 6 years. As for the other girls, they did it out of sexual pleasures.

  7. I just saw on TVB entertainment news that she DENIED having sexual intercourse with Edison! She said she was confused during the interview and might said the wrong thing! Also she said she only dated him for 1 month plus. Geez what is this girl trying to pull? Too much different story coming from her! Seriously people, do you really believe her 100% just because she is 16? A lot of teenagers are very cunning and smarter than we can imagine!

    1. Does not matter
      1. She is a slu……t who wants fame and money
      2. Edison Chen is sick of having fetish dreams and sex
      So there is no victim in the scandal. She is calculated but so is Edison?

      1. she just wants fame and it seems for a sex addict looks and age don’t matter…

    2. JustMi,
      Perhaps Sudden Weekly did twist Cammi’s words and she has been denying that she had sex with Edison all along. However, her actions speak louder than her words. All those kissing photos with Edison topless and taken on his bed (she admitted those photos were taken on his bed) and she even filmed an erotic video for him…where did such actions lead to, Edison being satisfied in kissing and hugging a bit?

      Cammi’s tears and heartbreak may be real. At 16, heartbreak may indeed feel like the end of the world.

      Edison may be purportedly her first “official” boyfriend because if she admitted to having any former boyfriends, then it will cause other people to speculate whether she may have been sexually active before the age of 16 and dig up further trouble.

      Edison is truly treading the line and law to satisfy his desire. Vincy and Cammi are likely not the only 16-year-olds he has dated. IMO, the line between a 15 and 16-year-old is very thin. One day he may indeed get too careless, become involved with a “maturing-looking” minor and find himself in very deep trouble.

      1. Jayne, I agree that actions do speak louder than words. I believe Cammi at least performed oral sex on Edison, if not sexual intercourse, just like the rest of the ladies that were involved in the 2008-leaked photos scandal. Edison is a sex addict and there’s no way he would only be satisfied with just kisses.

  8. She knew what she was getting into. I mean, didn’t she follow the sex scandal with Edison Chen 3 years ago?

    1. Totally agree with ya. I live out of Hong Kong all the way in Australia and i Knew about the scandal!!!

      1. 3/4 yrs ago she woulda been 12/13 yrs old. Maybe her parents didn’t let her read those kind of news?

      2. Most of the world already knew a “Hong Kong Celeb Sex Scandal” featured on US Cable news networks and English international channels.

    2. Totally agree! Even my friends who did not follow HK news or any form of Asian news knew about the Edison scandal. I sort of feel bad for this girl, but then again not really because I think she should be old enough to know what she was getting herself into.

  9. Will we be able to see Edison making accuses? And a promise of never stepping into to industry again? If it happens, we can laugh so hard.

    I knew he would not keep his promise from last scandal but he came back too soon (The shooting movie with Rechie, music album, events…) which made me feel … funny

  10. Dear Cammi,

    Poor poor girl. No need to cry. I am sure your next lover will be better. Surely Edison wasn’t that bad until you could cry that way? And that Hello Kitty bra, tacky. But then this man had thousands of photos to prove his “worth” and you still jump head first into the well so to speak, so frankly at the end of the day the tiger won’t change its stripes but the fact you go for that tiger speaks a lot for your taste in men.

    Buy better contact lenses next time.



  11. At first she denied and now she admitting it..I think she lied when she says she doesn’t read on the Internet about Edison sex scandal…EDC sure is a sex addict I read somewhere he did admit that he is after he lost his to an older woman when he was 13. He’s sick

  12. I can not believe some of the comments here. It’s so degrading when you call her a **** or that she is doing this for the fame. She is for GOD SAKE 16!!!! It doesn’t matter if she was in love or if she is playing around.
    When an adult had sex with an underage girl, it’s a serious felony. Nothing we should take easy on.

  13. I love Edison, he my idol. I wish i can be like him F around

  14. So Cammi’s parents what part do they play in the whole situation? A teenager allowed to model, go to jobs without chaperons and meet adults like Edison??? Ummm I have issues with that!. Publicity highly likely. If she never leaked their photos than he may never have brutally left her in the cold. Oh well everyone needs to learn accountability for their own actions.

    1. Tamborine,
      From the sound of it, Cammi’s parents may have been too busy working to chaperon their daughter. Mr. Tse even complained that he had to take time off to attend the parent-teacher conference.

      Perhaps the Tse family allowed Cammi to model for the money and placed other values secondary. Since Cammi is only 16, the situation is as much her parents fault for not having spent enough time with her and instilling the correct values.

    2. I have a feeling that Jayne is right. I think her parents were way too busy working to make money so did not have the time to teach and discipline their daughter. I also find it sad that they seem to place making money on top of other things. I have a cousin that works at a gambling casino which I personally think is a very low class and embarassing job. But my uncle agrees to it since it brings in money. It is very sad that money goes above a lot more other important things in life.

  15. This guy is sick, he is a sex addict. Just go to hospital and get heal *sigh*
    Cammi was so naive to believe him.

  16. Shes innocent? Lol! Give me a break. This girl just want fame

    1. It is like a trade between fun & fame. Edison is famous in very bad way but still famous he can offer while this girl has her body to exchange. It is, in fact, a win-win situation.

  17. Which man in their right mind would go have intercourse with a girl under age 16 while know the law in Hong Kong that it is illegal.
    This Edison Chen guy have tons of sexual photos with many girls. She should know better not to get involve with him. He should know better not to find a 16 year olds girl.

  18. Even though she wasn’t exactly innocent, I feel bad for the girl. She is only 16 years old and HK is such a small place and this sort of thing will probably follow her for the rest of her life.

    I hope the best for her.

    As for Edison… GROW UP.

  19. EDC could probably a child sexual abuse victim in the past that make him this way. And also kids now a day matured faster, being exposed w/ bad tv program and lots of things around them w/o parental control. Matured fast but lack of judgement. Messed UP adult plus Messed up 16 years.

  20. Hm…what a sensitive situation. In my own opinion, kids–no matter how experienced–will mess up. The adult here is Edison. He should be the subject of disdain and scandal. Cammi is quite young and people 10 years older than her still get into trouble because of such actions. We’d wish they were wiser but people do strange things in the moment, not to mention a teenager who is being courted by a handsome, older, and wealthier experienced man.

    The age difference between the two is like 15 years, right?

  21. Whats next for Edison, going to church everyday and heal himself? I heard that before.

  22. I am never sympathetic towards stupidity.
    “You can not push a cow’s head down unless it is drinking water by its own will..”

  23. Whatever the situation, Edison should be put behind bar. He is matured and aware of the consequences. If he still want to have sex with a minor, he should be responsible. There is no ‘free lunch’. He might be a celebrity but law is law!

    1. Well said Margaret. You mean put behind bar with ONLY gays in the same cell?

  24. Cammi didn’t “give” her viginity to EDC, she exchanged it for “lavish” gifts she wanted and accepted from him. Don’t believe those crocodile tears or sobbing sad story to the tabloids. It is a fact that she was too immature and too materialistic and gave it up too soon too cheaply…unless she want the attention to get into the entertainment industry now. With a face like hers now, she will be lucky if she makes it as a silent extra peeling potatos or sweeping the streets. Yes, tabloids, can you focus on something more newsworthy? This EDC and Cammi news manure is getting old…

  25. EDC aka the “Scum Bag of Asia”, nothing surprises me when it comes to him. He needs help! As someone said pareviously, he is the Charlie Sheen of Asia.

  26. Jayne – yes Cammi’s parents are very much accountable as a 16 year old to me is only a child. However if she has already been in the industry for a little while I am also sure she is not naive to the exploitive nature of the entertainment circle. I am not pro Edisen, but respect for one’s self has to come from within first. Edisen obviously has never had much, yet this girl too appears to have not much self respect by fueling the media with more information.

    Aptos you crack me up ditto with all your comments.

  27. I don’t know much about Hong Kong/China laws but should Edison be sued/in jail for statutory rape? I mean she’s 16…I don’t care if that’s the age for consent because 16 is still a minor.

  28. Please people, she need help not pressure anymore. I hope the father will help go through this incident. Go after the donkey who took advantage of a young girl, no matter how much she likes or love. He should give advice and gain more respect from the public. I sincerely beg the reporters to leave her alone. Just imagine if you are in her position!!!.

  29. Will Edison please just go away? He’s not talented, looks smug – just want to slap him. He keeps hurting people who trust him. What a waste of time!

  30. Actually what is Edison doing now? new songs? movies? Yeah, I kinda hope he goes away too…never thought he was handsome at all. He looks a little weird…my mom always calls him the toothless guy coz the way he smiles, it looks as if he lost most of his teeth..I dunno funny!

    This girl, er no comment..not sure who to believe, don’t care but anyone associated with Edison usually is associated with negativity it seems like.

  31. it is his private life..why do peopple bother about it..blame on the girl for showing the photos..and the reporters for reporting the news..just blacklist him

    1. Once they enter the entertainment indutry, they have known before had their private life would be compromised. Why do they appear on interviews, TV, radio? If people do not care about them then who listen to them?

      If they do not want other to sneak into their life then either they should quit industry or live a life with scandal.

  32. Why do Hong Kong producers/directors still use this sh*t*y bastard in their products? Giving this male prostitute a chance is to give him a chance to have sex and his sick sexual behavior with females.

    2011 – Almost Perfect (2011 film) (Andy Lee)
    2012 – Initial D 2 (頭文字D2)

    Let’s see if these two movies earn profit.

  33. The girl is obviously not innocent in the traditional sense of the word, but I do believe her heartbreak. She’s 16 – stupid, naive, etc.

    I’m starting to think Edison needs to see a sex therapist. It’s one thing to enjoy taking photos and sleep around but he takes it to a whole new level. Must be some kind of mental issue.

  34. Teenagers at 16 do not have the intelligence to know what’s right or wrong or wise or unwise decisions. It’s both her stupidity and what about her parents ? Parents should be responsible and stand up to the scrutinity of this girl’s stupid action. Edison – he’s a sick man for preying on one so young and a cry for help for all to see.

    1. hey comment, go tu youtube and search her video, the way she talk, i don’t think so she is not intelligent… so, she is making story

      1. Thank you – I have seen her interview on YouTube. She is not eloquent, little EQ and when I say she lacks intelligence as with any teenagers in that age group – it’s about wisdom that comes with growing up and life experiences on what’s right and wrong. I also do question what her parents are doing in terms of disciplinary actions, With EDC, if every one boycotts his movies, albums in the entertainment industry, he would be a history.

  35. The girl is 16… barely legal. She’s doesn’t know what’s what. Edison is an adult, and imho, took advantage of her for his own pleasure. He needs to seek help. As echoed by others here, I hope the press leave this girl alone so she can try to return to some semblance of a normal life.

    And if it’s proven she was under 16? I hope both the Hong Kong and Canadian law agencies come down hard on him.

    1. He’ll receive a lawsuit letter if he really had sex with under 16 girl(s).

      1. I wonder if he will go to jail if convicte for having sex with someone under 16?

      2. But then, we aren’t sure that she was under 16 or not. She has lied before so she can lie about her age to get him in trouble as well.

      3. It doesn’t matter. Statutory rape is act, not intention. Maybe it maybe a mitigating factor, even if she lied she is 30 years old, if she is below 16, it is statutory rape, irrespective whether he knew or not, she lied or not.

      4. Things are
        1. Will the girl testify him at course?
        2. Does any sufficient evidence that he did commit sexual act at anytime before she turn into whatever legal age to have sex in HK?

        I do really enjoy him being imprisoned but in reality:
        1. He laughs at people who hate him
        2. He will have sex intercourse, oral sex, fetish …and record them
        3. He might come out and ask fo forgiveness with full of promises, even going to church (as someone mentioned) but in his mind, he says “you, stupid audiences”
        4. He will be asked to appear in movies, music, apperances, interviews….he may be even more famous

      5. 1. Will the girl testify him at course?

        Doesn’t matter.

        2. Does any sufficient evidence that he did commit sexual act at anytime before she turn into whatever legal age to have sex in HK?

        Depends on what they can find in the relationship between them to prove that they had sex and the time they had sex to convince the judge.

    1. I can’t believe the alleged male model was that guy. But from the moment I saw him, he does looks like a womanizer. I understand her side of the story but I didn’t really understand mandarin but I understand that he said he didn’t give her red wine but soda. LOL. Like anyone will believe him. But again, this girl has a tendency to go to any man’s house. Doesn’t she know that they have intention of more than just talking? Her parents need to still watch over her since she is only 16 years old. Your manager is still not your parent. Also if the daughter earn more money does not mean the parents do not need to watch over her.

    1. I think he is still wrong but all of the girls that were ever involved with him aren’t innocent either. I felt that way about the scandal as well. He is responsible but all of the women involved were as well…

    2. Probably but that doesn’t stop the fact that he is a jerk, a weirdo, a sicko and such. She’s 16. He knows where to draw the line; barely legal line. she is stupid, he is wrong. Pure and simple.

      1. I was not trying to defend him or anything but just wanted to be fair. I do agree that he is a sicko, jerk, psychopath,etc…

      2. He should been in jail and even get his private but cut.

        The girl is not naive, she does not feel hurt. She might not be calculated as real evil. All she might have though:”Let him have sex and take some pictures, then I will be famous, cool”

  36. What is the world coming to now??? Why do people act this way nowadays – very sad indeed. I can type pages and pages and express my views on all this but to make it short, all I can say is that Edison Chen is nothing but a stupid pervert and all the females he has bedded are all the same types, absolute “tarts” to put it mildly. This 16 years old girl is not innocent or stupid. Surely she knew exactly what she was doing. At that age she should be thinking of passing her exams and having a good future, not sleeping around….

    Nowadays there are no more morals left whether in the western world or the East. Absolutely terrible and very very sad indeed.

    1. I wouldn’t say there are no morals left but true, it’s unfortunate what the world is coming to…

  37. Edison is a sick and stupid f***k some one wanted to get his career back now this happens its all over for him and he might even go to jail. hes 31 and Cammi Tse is only 16 sigh

    1. … not know why but there are still people supporting him, giving him chances.

      I would like to see him being imprisoned, living in jail…but again there will be people who say “he is good”, “give him a chance” , “he is an adult, this is his private life” , “he truly loves these girls”….

      1. “If a bull head didn’t want to drink water one cannot push a bull head to drink water!” a very suitable phrase for both of them.

  38. Come on guy, the girl just looking that history to make publicity…

    R u guy believe that she is virgin before

  39. i’m curious if carina lau will still supporting him after this incident, since last time she posted her face to face pic w/ edison to show that she supported him. EDC look pshyco in couple of those intimate pics. The girl look like going under knife before. With all of the picture post, don’t think she is naive or innocent. Stupid maybe but not innocent.

    1. His career should have been ended since the big scandal but … some people had supported him. Now we have to see his face on movies again. His acting skill is very normal, his singing skill sucks but why people bother to buy ticket to watch a movie in which he leads? And even buy his album?

      Back to our story, the girl is not naive or simple but she is 16, “fixable” if her parents love her. While Edison Chen is a devil who acts as a cool guy:”Why bother? I am rich, I have lot of girls beg me to have sex with them…and important there are always people, friends, and fans support me”

      1. I also think that Edison’s career should have ended since the scandal too. He got a second chance but sadly did not know how to treasure it… I guess once you are a certain way, it is hard to change it.

      2. I’m sure many people in the industry felt since Gillian and Cecilia received a second chance then why not Edison? Also, he still pretty popular in Taiwan and Mainland so I’m thinking some directors or advertising companies took this into consideration. But after this second scandal he should just retire from the industry and focus on his clothing line only. He never going to be what he once was in Hong Kong again.

        Edison is now consider the biggest pervert in entertainment history so any woman who still wants to hook up with him after this incident is nuts and asking for any type of bashing coming her way.

      3. I agree with you Nelly but as I have said,Edison did get a second chance just like the rest of the people involved in the scandal. However, he did not treasure or learn from it but continued to be the way that he has always been.

      4. People like Edison could get easily killed..i mean ppl like him would offend some really powerful ppl easily and ended up getting killed anytime just like he offended some really triad in Hkg last time and Ed was hiding in Canada or USA (can’t rmbr)

  40. poor Cammi. i truly sympathised with what had happened to her irregardless of whtr her facts are twisted or otherwise. NONETHELESS, how could she within 3 months, agreed to such sexual acts and being photographs when the entire world knows about Edison’s past “conviction” that broguht down several famous stars! Why didnt she thought of it? Is she really that innocent or naive or simply careless and ignorant? Learn a lesson! BUT what made me suspicious of her is “WHY IS SHE WASHING HER OWN DIRTY LINEN IN THE PUBLIC?” she shouldnt have exposed her sex activity to the media since Edison made no comment of the sexual activity. Her own action had caused even more damage to herself and made the public suspects on whtr some form of rewards were being offered to her for such exposure! LEARN TO SHUT UP WHEN YOU ARE IN DEEP **** (helps at times)!

  41. Really…?

    She is 16 not 6, seriously, go get a life.
    I am 15, and I know better!

    If it’s in Australia now, Edison would be called a pedophile!

  42. Can’t really blame the people who might want to kill him, I mean look at what he is doing, some would say he deserves to get killed or at least bashed up. He is just a sick sick man.

    1. Not enough for death but good enough for a good beating. I have never seen someone so eager to kill off their hard earned career which is already barely surviving. Which shows, this is an obsession for him. He won’t and can’t change. As he gets older, the girls are still stuck at 16. Why 16 you ask? Maybe 16 is an easier age to convince to wear that tasteless bra and to take tasteless photos but then have seen 29, 39, 49, 59 doing the same so I suppose he just likes them young and crunchy.

      1. He’ll be the next Hugh Hefner, dragging a 16 year old bimbo even when he is 80.. Haih, cradle robber.

      2. Funn,
        In Hollywood, we have celebrities that make a name for themselves based on their atrocious scandals, such as Lindsay Lohan for stealing, Paris Hilton for her infamous sex tape, etc. Stupidity has its share of followers and grabs viewers interests because it is controversial. Edison Chen seems to be following this path, along with other leng mos who are known for intimate photos and sex tapes etc. Are people hypocritical in denouncing Edison morally for his private life, yet at the same time his behavior is somehow celebrated and cemented his celebrity status?

        Will Edison be around long enough to become the next Hugh Hefner? Will his CLOT business become a mega million empire? Despite his “unpopularity,” his CLOT stores allegedly do very well, with a crowded recent opening in Taiwan, which supports my theory that somehow his controversial behavior has cemented his celebrity status and fame more. Edison is still relevant today more known for his lifestyle and rebellious habits rather than his actual work, which seems to be what the young generation care about.

        Perhaps young girls such as Cammi Tse find Edison attractive for specifically this reason.

      3. The reason being he is successful, so whatever he is personally does not matter as long as he can satisfy her “lusts” for branded goods whilst he his “lusts” for perhaps the lost youth?

      4. Funn,
        “The reason being he is successful, so whatever he is personally does not matter as long as he can satisfy her “lusts” for branded goods whilst he his “lusts” for perhaps the lost youth?”

        I think it based on mutual pleasuring-seeking habits. The women interested in Edison are not just after the material goods, he buys them novelty items such as Hello Kitty bra (which I find to be a waste of money), but rather for the excitement and being with an “experienced bad boy.” Or perhaps there is a twisted pleasure in being in a debased relationship, knowing that is is wrong, frowned upon as part of the rebellious streak found in teenagers and living in the moment.

        Rather than lost youth, Edison seems to wish to live the continued life of a college frat boy, the stage of life where it is about pleasure, freedom and no responsibilities (of a long-term committed relationship, marriage, kids etc.) Anyhow, Edison’s strong lust makes me think he is an individual centered in pleasure-seeking to the extreme. This makes me appreciate his contemporary, Nicholas Tse, much more for his maturity.

      5. Will Edison be around long enough to become the next Hugh Hefner? Will his CLOT business become a mega million empire?

        No idea, but I seriously hope not. Not sure if he will even live that long with his ‘pleasure filled’ life. I hear it’s pretty strenous on the body.

      6. Jayne: Anyhow, Edison’s strong lust makes me think he is an individual centered in pleasure-seeking to the extreme.

        Edison as the modern day Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray? His soul becoming more decadent and rotting inside him?

      7. Hugh Hefner has better organisation skill than EDC. Shown by EDC’s company and Hugh Hefner’s Playboy.

      8. @ Jayne

        I feel sad for Lindsey Lohan. She’s actually a good actress. She could have made a name for herself with her acting. But, her scandals overshadow her acting.

        It’s also sad that most child stars turn into adults with messy life.

      9. Kidd,
        “It’s also sad that most child stars turn into adults with messy life.”

        Most child stars sacrificed their teenage years for fame and money, some even skipping school and being educated by tutors.

        A child and teenager should be allowed to live those years, live the age-appropriate life stage for normalcy to have better emotional balance later in life, rather than thrust into limelight early on and forced to grow up too quickly.

        Many artists, especially beauty pageant participants, enter the circle around 18 years old, which is still very young and impressionable. I think age 22 after finishing college, after a few years of independence away from home may be a better age.

        The entertainment industry is not for little kids; the lure of drugs and sex is too strong and may be destructive for those weak in will. There are likely predators everywhere to prey on the young ones too.

    2. @ Jayne and Kidd

      Yes it’s really sad how the limelight just messes up with the lives of child stars like Lindsay Lohan. She had a pretty good career going but now she’s a mess. Hopefully she can pull herself together one day like how Britney managed. She was so cute and lovable in Parent Trap. Another potential ‘Lindsay Lohan’ would be Miley Cyrus if no one looks out for her.

      Which is why I really like the Harry Potter cast especially Emma Watson and Hillary Duff. They were in the limelight and some of them did have some issues but in general, they managed to grow up pretty normal. They may not be very good actors and actresses, but with the amount of fame, fortune and attention they got, they managed to stay fairly grounded. Which makes me wonder if the whole child stars going wild thing has more to do with Hollywood and American culture.

      1. I think it’s the American and Hollywood culture. Most of the Asian child stars grow up alright. They may not all be successful actors when they grow up, but, most of them lead a decent life.

        Agree that the Harry Potter cast keep themselves well.

      2. @ Kidd

        Yes I think so too. I think it’s their emphasis on materialistic things, not that Asians aren’t materialistic it’s just that in America it seems that they equate fame and fortune with partying, drinking and getting on the front cover.

  43. Another set of leaked photos, embarrassment again for the girls of the present and the rekindled past; horrid damages in terms of PR and investments for the business people.. history repeating itself over and over, when that inconsiderate and thoughtless thing enjoys itself.

  44. I am wondering if there is more news on the issue? Has the call boy Edison Chen stepped forward and apologized?

    1. That’s not going to happen. Remember the first scandal he fled Hong Kong leaving Gillian alone to confront the media. Not only is he a pervert but coward also. Why don’t he man up and face his problems head on. And apologize? I’m pretty sure he feels he doesn’t need to apologize for nothing. Sure, the first scandal wasn’t his fault because they were all adults but this is a child. Any human that’s still in their teens is a child I don’t care what the legal age is.

      1. ”some local hero should chop of Eddison’s Di”k and bottle in wine for better use of the no good person in opinion to self the happiness of any good parents’ daughters.” ”same goes to Joe ma and benny Chan whom do not deserve god’s give of manhood”

    2. Why would he apologize?? The pictures were leaked from the girl’s cellphone – not his cellphone. In the big Gillian scandal, the pictures were from his computer so yes, that, he was responsible for.

      Or do you mean apologize for messing around with a 16yr old? Unless the legal system comes knocking on his door – otherwise, what’s there to apologize for?? I doubt he would have the decency or conscience mind to care about this girl.

      1. Edison Chen keeps on SUCCEEDING in taking away girls/women’s virginity, enjoyed himself and then throws them away like used condoms. What are the government/guys/men going to do about this? Where is justice? …Bao

    3. Just check HK law….he did not break any. If anything she should be apologize EC for lost phone and cause all this problems.

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