Cancer Survivor, Cheung Tat Ming, Resumes Normal Life

Above: Cheung Tat Ming surrounds himself with good friends, Dayo Wong, Vincent Kok, and Joe Nieh.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Cheung Tat Ming (張達明), took a break from work for more than a year to recuperate at home. Recently, he was seen out and about, attending Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and Andrew Lau’s (劉偉強) birthday parties. However, Cheung Tat Ming has no intention to resume work yet.

During Tat Ming’s battle with cancer and subsequent chemotherapy treatments, he dropped 30 pounds and suffered hair loss. Tat Ming shunned himself from the public eye completely and even avoided all social events, including meet-ups with friends. His only way of communication was through text messages with others. It was not until recently that Tat Ming started socializing once again, and attended Eric’s 60th birthday party.

Resuming Normal Life

Several days ago, Tat Ming was spotted in Kowloon by the media. Dressed in his usual vested garb, he also wore a cap. Though he has not fully gained back his weight, he looked to be in good spirits. Tat Ming had high tea with good friends, Vincent Kok (谷德昭) and Dayo Wong (黃子華). When Tat Ming noticed the reporters, he waved good-naturedly at them.

The group of friends had a great time catching up and chatting for 4 hours. Even after they parted, they could not help talking about their meet-up on Weibo. Tat Ming posted, “Happy tea time! Filled with laughter and wisdom. Great! Great! Great! Let’s meet again!” Shortly after, Vincent also posted, “It was a non-stop 4 hours of laughing and eating. It’s been so long since I have had such a good time!” Following that, Tat Ming continued to post photographs of the gathering, including a slice of cake that he had.

Not Thinking about Work

In 1997, Cheung Tat Ming shot to fame with Justice Sung <狀王宋世傑>. Ratings were so good that a sequel was made in the same year. Hoping to ride on their successful collaboration once again, it was rumored that TVB has implored Dayo Wong to persuade Tat Ming to guest-star in Dayo’s returning drama.

Asked to comment about filming for TVB, Tat Ming said, “A singer who is only left with 70 percent of his capabilities can only sing for leisure. He will only hurt himself if he holds a concert impulsively.” Tat Ming added, “Right now, I want to focus on my health, so the only thing I want to do is rest.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. This is good news. I’m glad he’s recovered and socializing with his friends.

  2. Such great news! Hope he’ll have full recovery soon!!!

  3. Such great news. I like him. He also shows true maturity as he understand his limitations and focus on the real important things in life.

  4. sugar is a big no for cancer patients, cancer cells breed well with sugar

  5. Aww, very happy to read this!  Glad to see that Tat Ming is recovering well and starting to resume a normal life!  Best of luck to him and wish him a 100% recovery!


    On a separate but related note:  Damn it TVB, please leave Tat Ming alone!   The man is not 100% recovered yet and needs to take things slowly….why should he risk his health and recovery just to film for you guys (even if it’s only a cameo appearance)?  If he’s not ready, then he’s not ready!  When are you guys going to stop being selfish and actually care about people for once?  Sheesh!!

    1. Agreed! I’m sure Dayo immediately turned down the request too so TVB decided to leak the info to the media in hopes of getting help from viewers.

      Hope everything goes well for Tat Ming from now on!

  6. Great to know he has bounced back and is continuing to recover. He really deserves a long healthy life for all the laughs he has brought to so many people.
    He is also lucky that he can appreciate life and everyday God gives him more than 90% of the rest of the world. I’m sure he has a new outlook on life and will live it to its fullest from now on.
    Wish him well in the future and hope he will eventually feel well enough to film more, so that we can laugh at his comic gifts again!

  7. I am happy to hear he is getting better!

  8. Wish him well, happy and healthy years to come! He is an excellent entertainer 🙂

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