Carina Zhang Gets Fit After Giving Birth

Carina shows off an amazing postpartum figure in her yoga pose.

Raymond Lam (林峯) and his wife Carina Zhang (張馨月) announced the happy news of their daughter’s birth in September, sharing a set of pregnancy photos on their individual social accounts. Just one month after childbirth, Carina has posted another update with a photo of herself doing a handstand, writing, “Postnatal recovery is a long and arduous road.”

Specialized Postpartum Care

In the photos, Carina practices a challenging handstand pose on a mat, with her back against the wall-length mirror and a supporting elastic band around her mid-section. With her slim legs and flat belly, Carina appeared to be recovering well, and looks nary like a woman who has just given birth. Many netizens commented that the new mother looks remarkably fit.

According to reports, Carina is currently staying at a confinement care center in Shenzhen, where Raymond has arranged a top-of-the-line postpartum package for her costing some 368,800 yuan. The package includes a luxurious presidential suite, independent baby sunbathing space, two separate restrooms, and a luxury sky garden. She also has specialized personnel in charge of delivering her meals, taking care of laundry needs, tidying her room and providing other personal butler services, while mothers residing there can enjoy spas, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and postnatal yoga.

Source: HK01

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