Celebrity Dragon Babies to Be Born This Year!

The Year of the Dragon was a popular time to have children. Many joyous events occurred one after another, with numerous celebrities anticipating the arrival of their “dragon babies.” The gender of some of the babies have already been revealed, while some remained as mysteries.

Shirley Yeung and Andy Ng
Heavily pregnant and disappearing from the entertainment scene, Shirley Yeung was reportedly staying at her brother’s house in Los Angeles, USA, anticipating the arrival of her baby. The gender of Shirley’s baby remained unknown at this time.

Zac Kao
Becoming a father in March, Hong Kong singer, Zac Kao, will spend time with his pregnant wife when he did not have to work.

FAMA’s 6-Wing
Last August, rap artist, 6Wing from FAMA, announced that his girlfriend, who worked outside the entertainment industry, was pregnant. 6-Wing will be expecting the arrival of his daughter early this year!

Dee Hsu
Taiwanese celebrity, Dee Hsu (Little S), will be having her third child this year. Dee announced excitedly that her husband had “ejaculated haphazardly,” resulting in the accidental pregnancy of their daughter.

Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong
Over 4 months pregnant, Yoyo Chen revealed that she was carrying a girl. Taking a break from filming, Yoyo was only engaged in light promotional activities until the birth of her daughter in May or June time frame.

Andy Lau and Carol Chu
After attempting to have children over the last 3 years, Andy Lau and his wife, Carol Chu, finally realized their dream. The couple will be expecting their “Little Dragon Girl” in June 2012!

Sonija Kwok and Zhu Shaojie
Although Sonija Kwok did not publicly announce the gender of her first baby, good friend, Leila Tong, gave her a set of baby girl clothes earlier.

Kelly Chen
Already possessing a son, Kelly Chen miscarried a set of twin babies in March 2011. Late last year, Kelly became successfully pregnant again through invitro fertilization. Kelly will be having another son.

Miriam Yeung and Real Ting
Miriam Yeung and her husband, Real Ting, announced that they will become parents, expecting a little boy.

Excerpt from Oriental Daily

Jayne: Congratulations to all the celebrity parents! Eager to see the cute little faces of their babies!

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  1. Looks like there are so many girl babies this year. Congratulations!

  2. LOL @ Xiao S. Being her usual self, even after becoming a mother of two. XD

    Congrats to the parents!

      1. Me too! I LOL’d while mentally facepalming. Imagine how the girl would feel grown up with everyone knowing she was an ‘accident’ LOL.

  3. wow!!! so many celeb babies this year!!! congrats to them all!!! so exciting!!!

  4. WOW, so many babies this year. I guess everyone wants to chase after a dragon baby. Most of the babies are girls and only 2 couples are expecting boys. THose who really believe in horoscope stuff(like my mom)believes that it is good to have a boy…

  5. Some celebs mentioned here are really just driving themselves to emotional and financial ruin. Some probably don’t even want to have a baby. Lets hope none of them get post natal depression.

    1. I actually agree with you and don’t get why some are trying to have a kid just because it is the year of the dragon??? I don’t see what the big deal is with being a dragon. It would be sad if they are not even ready to become parents and are having a baby just to have one so that it is a dragon baby.

  6. Yoyo already looks quite chubby in the face!

    Her daughter will definitely be luck to get her good looks.

    1. I think her daughter will be a combination of her and Vincent. I wonder if they have tried that one program that morphs a child’s photo based on 2 people’s photos?? THat would be interesting…

  7. Congrats to all the parents. Welcoming a baby is such a wonderful event! Stressful, but nonetheless a very happy and momentous time! All the best~! And hope they all have very easy births without too much labour pain!

  8. So exciting!!! Hope there’ll be more! There’s still TIME….lol…..

  9. Congrats to all. My friend is having a girl this year as well.

  10. congratulations for all couples. You guys will have baby that has same zodiac with mine. ^^

  11. ohh.. so Yoyo WAS already pregnant when she and Vincent got married.. lol..

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