[Celebrity Wedding] C Kwan Marries DJ Girlfriend

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[Celebrity Wedding] C Kwan Marries DJ Girlfriend

On December 13, FAMA’s C Kwan (鄭詩君) and his girlfriend Wong Tin Yee (黃天頤) tied the knot at Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.

Best man Billy Luk (陸永) joked that C Kwan secretly loved Wong Tin Yee for 20 years and was happy to witness the couple’s big day. In reply, C Kwan joked, “It wasn’t a secret. Billy is my brother. He doesn’t help with anything but would break the news. Billy is not qualified to comment. He never held a banquet.”

Teased by the Bridal Party

As C Kwan played the door games with the bridesmaids, he shared his complaints, “I did not expect Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) would make me act as Sailor Moon. Didn’t think she would do that, and I thought she is a good friend. She better not think that I like Sailor Moon when I was younger and when would transform to Sailor Moon when I grew up. She has problems if she thinks like that.”

Thoughts on Marriage

Bridesmaid Natalie shared that she was surprised that C Kwan was getting married. In response, C Kwan said “I had a one-sided crush on my wife for 10 or so years and we finally dated. There is no way I would want to break up. Of course, I want to get married. Besides, whether I want to get married or not doesn’t mean I have to tell her.”

Sharing his thought on marriage, C Kwan admitted that he wanted to get married because he found a partner whom he can get along with and they don’t make each other unhappy. When asked if the couple ever fought before, Tin Yee answered that they didn’t fight while preparing for the wedding but normally they would argue. C Kwan added, “It would be boring if we are always courteous to each other.”

Overall, C Kwan felt his wedding ceremony went smoothly and he was able to read his vows word by word. While C Kwan wanted his ceremony to be light-hearted, he couldn’t stop feeling emotional, “When I saw my wife walk in, I was moved and I got teary.”

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C Kwan to Get Married on December 13

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