Charlene Choi’s Multi-Million Dollar Worth

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Gillian Chung and Joey Yung Cho Yi each recently purchased $27 million (HKD) homes at “Harbour One,” a new luxury apartment building complex developed by the Emperor Group. Why did Charlene Choi not purchase a home within the same building? Charlene explained, “I am currently helping my mother purchase a property. But she is very picky.”

At a promotional event yesterday, Charlene revealed that she is currently collecting rent from five properties. Her mother is a religious follower of Feng Shui practices. Thus the Choi family’s property purchase criteria is very selective.

After Gillian’s comeback to the entertainment industry, it was rumored that she already made $10 million (HKD) in one year. Did Charlene earn even more money than Gillian? Charlene said, “No, I have to pay mortgage payments. Thus, if an apartment is very expensive, I will not buy it.”


Jayne: What did I say earlier that the top EEG artists seem to make a gold mine? And Charlene owns 5 properties!

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Charlene Choi’s Multi-Million Dollar Worth

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