Cheung Tat Ming Battles Cancer With Good Humor and Courage

Always exhibiting his good humor, comedian, Cheung Tat Ming (張達明) faces cancer with optimism.  Since the media exposed his illness and photographed him with significant hair and weight loss, Tat Ming posted his experiences, thoughts and feelings towards cancer on Weibo.

“Cancer Warrior” Tat Ming posted a couple of his recent pictures, assuring the public that he was doing well. In one picture, Tat Ming wrote the words, “I’m okay.  I’m still handsome!”  Tat Ming wore a cap to cover his hair loss due to chemotherapy. Although he lost significant weight and had a dull complexion, Tat Ming’s humor shines through, showing his unwavering spirit as a cancer survivor.

Reported to have lost 30 pounds, Tat Ming ’s optimistic approach in facing cancer was maintaining a battling heart, patience and peacefulness.  In addition, Tat Ming indicated that one must sustain a healthy diet and disregard onlookers.

The Most Miraculous Medicine

On his Weibo blog, Tat Ming showed his gratification toward his friends, who had supported him throughout his battle with cancer.  After going through a difficult treatment, Tat Ming is currently in recovery stage.

“When faced with illness, I finally understand the fragility of a person. One cannot cope with illness alone. I would like to thank my doctors, treatment specialist, and nurses: you earn 100 points for your professionalism! Add in 100 points for your care, and another 100 points for your positive energy!  Due to your nurture, a lot of my pain was eliminated during treatment. Of course, the most important is my family’s care and companionship. This is the most miraculous medicine. Many thanks to my family and friends’ support,” Tat Ming wrote in his blog.

Tat Ming Experiences Platinum Neurotoxicity

Cheung Tat Ming referred to his platinum-based chemotherapy drug treatment, which caused his blood to contain 63 times more platinum levels than the average person.  He wrote humorously, “When I go out to eat now, it is no longer a problem if I forget my wallet.  I just give them two drops of my blood and that should be sufficient to pay the bill.  HaHa.  ‘Platinum Man’ may actually better than Iron Man!”

Tat Ming pointed out that his nervous system was affected by the excessive amount of platinum in the body.  This caused numbness in Tat Ming’s extremities, which limits his mobility.  With a month of detoxification treatment, the platinum levels in Tat Ming’s body has been reduced by half, resulting in greater mobility.

Focusing on the Future

Aside from the jobs that he had planned earlier, Tat Ming’s intends to fully rest.  Tat Ming hoped that adequate rest would provide him with the ability to work in the future in his best condition and creativity. He stressed, “I will be back!… SOON!”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I wonder what cancer since some are more deadly than others. But I am happy to hear he is facing this with optimism. Rather than hide away, better to reveal all and then concentrate on beating the illness.

    Jayne, the title missing the MING word.

    1. Funn,
      If Cheung Tat Ming said that he is fully recovered from cancer, hopefully that is the case.

      His response is cheerful and earnest and gives the impression that he is indeed fine. His appearance may have resulted in more alarm than his true current health condition.

    2. Rather than hide away, better to reveal all and then concentrate on beating the illness.
      Wasn’t that what he did, since when the news came out, he’s already in the recovery stage according to the article?

  2. All good wishes to him, for a full recovery.

    Dude has a very admirable attitude.

    Be it graciously facing the UNethical media for trying to showcase and catch him at his most vulnerable, or in his humorous, tactful replies . *thumbs up*

    All the Best.

  3. I remember watching his dramas as a kid. I hope he recovers soon!

  4. Tat Ming has already won half of the battle with cancer by living his life with such great spirit! GOD BLESS TAT MING!

  5. Aw, sweet picture. Hope you overcome your battles, Tat Ming!

  6. I am so sad! Cheung Tat Ming is such an optimistic person! Hope he recovers!

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