Chilam Cheung and Sunny Wang’s “Eclipse Storm” is Rocketing in Ratings

ViuTV’s new web series Eclipse Storm <蝕日風暴> has only been released for less than a week, and the show has already had over a 100 million views. ViuTV platform claims this Hong Kong web series to be their highest viewing champion.

The series stars Hong Kong actor, Chilam Cheung (張智霖), and Taiwanese actor, Sunny Wang (王陽明). This handsome duo plays two police officers that are best friends in the Narcotics Bureau unit. After a successful takedown alongside the SDU of drug lord “Tank” played by Kenneth Lo (盧惠光), the duo must escort Tank to Malaysia where Sunny’s character is suddenly murdered. Chilam’s character is then suspected of working with the triads and killing his best friend. Going into hiding from this accusation, Chilam encounters his good friend, Fiona Sit (薛凱琪), who later becomes his love interest in the series.

Eclipse Storm is complimented  for being unique and suspenseful. Film critic, King Jer, commented on Facebook, “Watching this show will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat!”

The producers spent $180 million HKD on this drama and besides an incredible cast; the show was also filmed in various beautiful locations including Hong Kong, Hungary, and Malaysia. Even from first looks at the trailer, the show captures all the details in the fight scenes and the CGI special effects.

“Eclipse Storm” Trailer

Source: HK01

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  1. @llwy12

    I’m on Ep. 15 so far, not bad if you have time to kill. It’s not amazing, but definitely better than your average cop thriller.

    1. @anon Yea, I’ve been following the news on this series and sounds like it’s been getting relatively good word of mouth. I haven’t watched it yet and still on-the-fence whether I want to spend time on it, especially considering Tommy Leung’s previous TV project (that TV remake of Infernal Affairs) was such crap. I guess I don’t have the patience for mediocre series nowadays, lol.

      One thing I found funny is that Tommy Leung’s previous series aired on TVB and pretty much bombed while his new series is now airing on ViuTV and is doing extremely well. Looks like the tides are shifting and ViuTV is finally gaining some traction in the HK television market (this has been a stellar year for them with HKFA and World Cup broadcasts earlier getting them some much needed praise). Regardless of what I think of “Eclipse Storm,” I do hope that it continues to do well, if only to boost ViuTV’s profile and give TVB a run for their money. Besides, it’s a good thing for audiences to have more options to choose from…

  2. This is a good show and could have been great if the producer cast different female leads, instead of Fiona Sit & Toby Leung. Anyway, Chilam is good & Sunny is acceptable in their acting.

    There are also many ex-TVB veterans in the show and the story is engaging so far. I’m happy to see Uncle Paul Chun, one of my favourite veteran actor on the screen again. Meanwhile, watching Benz Hui and Sammy Shum in the show feels like i’m watching Line Walker…lol.

    I’m currently watching this series and palace drama Ruyi. Although Ruyi has a good story and worth-watching for those who love an in-depth palace drama, but it is a typical slow pacing Mainland series that i don’t really like & i’m thinking of stop watching it now at episode 54. I’ll only watch the last few episodes for the ending & will now spend my time to catch up with Eclipse Storm instead.

  3. Good cast especially Chilam but pretty sublime story. (copied a bit of 007 Specter & Da Vinci Code here and there) Typical of HK productions! wish they get certain facts correct and and do a little more homework b4 scripting the story.

    Firstly, there’s no Interpol Malaysia to begin with! And the Bahasa they speak.. horrid! Sammy Sum even tried to create some local slang which never existed!

    Secondly, they make Malaysia akin to a cowboy town where pistols, grenades, AK47 and even rocket launchers can be carried and fired freely at will!

    Thirdly, those militias lead by Toby? There’s no militias in Malaysia as this is no Philippines for George sake!

    Lastly, there’s something very wrong with Fiona’s eyes in this drama. Always looking tired and sleepy! U get tired too watching her for long!

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