Chilam Cheung Helps TVB To Gain A Foothold By Shooting The 2012 TVB Sales Presentation Trailer for “Triumph In The Skies 2”

It was known that in recent days, in order to receive a head start in the battle of the free broadcasting television stations in 2012, TVB did not think twice about replicating their tried-and-tested success formula of filming sequels to their highly-lauded classic dramas. Banking on them to attract prospective clients to advertise with them, it was understood that one of the scheduled sequels was the highly anticipated follow-up to the 2003 popular aviation drama, Triumph In The Skies《衝上雲霄》.

Furthermore, in a bid to spice up the competition, TVB had allegedly tried to tempt prominent actor-singer Chilam Cheung (張智霖) to accept the main leading role of “Triumph” with a hefty paycheck of 80,000 HKD per episode. However, Chilam Cheung, who had in recent days splurged 20,000 HKD to rent a luxury apartment, felt that the filming remuneration offered was too low and even said, “Huh, so little? My usual asking price is way higher than that.”

With the battle of the free broadcasting stations erupting soon and the recent poaching trend of their employees, TVB did not dare to let their guard down and splurged heavily on producing multiple grand productions in a bid to retain the “affections” of both their artistes and advertisers from wavering over to their upcoming rival stations.

As the saying goes, “being prepared is already half the battle won”, hence in hopes of emerging as the victorious winner, TVB decided to pull a ratings guarantee stunt by preparing for the filming of sequels to their past blockbuster dramas and one of them was the follow-up to the immensely popular 2003 airline drama, “Triumph In The Skies”, which had starred veteran actor Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and then-TVB fadan actress Flora Chan (陳慧珊).

Yesterday, at the crack of dawn, the brand new unconfirmed cast of Triumph In The Skies 2《衝上雲霄 2》were shooting at the airport for the 2012 TVB Sales Presentation trailer and they included original cast members Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Ron Ng (吳卓羲) as well as the addition of new cast members Chilam Cheung, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and the newly-crowned Miss HK Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗).

[Caption: Despite being 40 years old this year, Chilam Cheung still looked ravishingly handsome in a pilot’s outfit thus he could be said to be our new generation of “housewife killer”]

[Caption: (From left) Tina Shek (石天欣), Nancy Wu and Rebecca Zhu donned on outfits of an air stewardess in the airport for the filming of the trailer]

[Caption: Daniel Chau (周志康) [second from left in the photo above], MC Jin (歐陽靖) [centre in the photo above], William Chak (翟威廉) [second from right in the photo above] and etc had participated in the filming of the trailer however from the looks of it, MC Jin does seem a little out of place as compared to the rest]

Myolie Wu will be in a wheelchair

In recent days, there have been rumors aplenty that Chilam Cheung would be replacing the empty position left behind by Francis Ng, the original main male lead of “Triumph In The Skies”, for a exorbitant price of 80,000 HKD per episode. However, Chilam has not accepted the offer yet and laughed, “Huh, So little? It doesn’t reflect my actual asking price, just joking! There are many factors that have not been determined yet, it is still too soon to tell whether I will actually be accepting this role when filming officially begins. To be honest, I don’t shoot with TVB on the basis of money but of course I also hope to be able to film some classic television productions.”

[Caption: Francis Ng’s 2003 aviation drama, “Triumph In The Skies”, had received glowing reviews and high ratings back then. Thus it was considered to be one of the classic TVB dramas of all time]

[Caption: Despite sitting on a wheelchair for the first time in her life, Myolie Wu swiveled around easily in it after having had a few rounds of practice.]

Appearing onscreen in a wheelchair, Myolie Wu revealed that she still didn’t know whether she would be included in the cast and reprising her original role in “Triumph In The Skies 2” when filming officially starts however she professed that it would indeed be a refreshing challenge if she were to act as a handicapped personnel in “Triumph”. Myolie continued, “This marks my very first time sitting on a wheelchair ever since I had stepped into the industry. The company would most probably include me in the cast as this is after all a classic production. Of course I do hope that the original cast behind “Triumph In The Skies” would return to film this sequel, especially my original onscreen partner Francis Ng as I have learned many things from him when we were filming together. If the original story from “Triumph” were to progress, it would portray that my character has already gotten married and maybe Francis would come at a later time to film as it is after all better for the integral character to participate in filming this sequel.”

Myolie Wu sacrificed her sleeping time to film the trailer for “Triumph In The Skies 2”

Chilam Cheung and Myolie Wu had apparently sacrificed their sleeping time by waking up at the crack of dawn specially to film the trailer for “Triumph In The Skies 2”. Myolie, who was acting as a handicapped personnel, was in high spirits and happily “danced” away in her wheelchair once she was on it, clearly displaying that she had no problems using the wheelchair in front and behind the scenes.

Myolie had previously performed a wheelchair dance thus she was very familiar on how to maneuver the wheelchair; Rebecca Zhu feels exceptionally nervous

Myolie Wu, who was one of the original cast from “Triumph In The Skies”, expressed that she has yet to receive the script for “Triumph In The Skies 2” hence she wasn’t sure whether it will be a sequel or based on a brand new storyline. During the filming of the trailer, it was observed that Myolie handled the wheelchair like a seasoned pro, looking very bit like the role of a handicapped airport ground crew. While waiting for her scenes, Myolie was in an explosively high mood and performed a wheelchair dance by swiveling around the airport in circles.

When asked about it, Myolie explained, “Actually this isn’t my first time sitting in a wheelchair as I had performed a wheelchair dance previously in the past hence I was able to control it well. However, acting as a handicapped person is a refreshing challenge to me as the mentality of my character would be somewhat different from the usual characters I have portrayed in the past.” Myolie also expressed that she hoped her “lover” from the first installment of “Triumph”, Francis Ng, would stage a comeback and act alongside her for this sequel as she looked forward to learning more things from him. Myolie, however, laughed and remarked that it was indeed a pity that she didn’t obtain Francis’ contact number from him back then. On the other hand, Myolie’s heavily rumored boyfriend, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), did not appear on scene together with her and only arrived at the airport two hours later.

[Caption: Ron Ng and Rebecca Zhu would be acting as a couple who had broken up with each other in “Triumph In The Skies 2”]

[Caption: Upon donning on the pilot uniform, MC Jin abruptly turns into “Captain Jin”]

[Caption: Chilam Cheung and Kate Tsui sacrificed their sleeping time to shoot the trailer for “Triumph In The Skies 2]

Ron Ng expressed that he certainly hoped that the original cast could film this sequel together with him, “It would also be just as good if there were only 70-80% of the original cast starring in this sequel. I especially hope that Francis (Ng) would return to film this as he has a strong commanding presence. As for Flora Chan and Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), there is a high chance that they won’t be acting in this again.” (Reporter: Do you feel that it is a great pity?) “Well, the combination of S4 (the big four Solar Airways pilots consisting of Ron Ng, Samuel Chan, Bosco Wong and Kenneth Ma (馬國明)) proved to be a huge hit with the audiences hence I firmly believe that the inclusion of new cast members this time ’round would also create the same kind of unexpected acting sparks.”

After the interview, Ron Ng then proceeded onto film a breakup scene with Rebecca Zhu. As this was Rebecca’s first time filming a trailer, she was only given one line of dialogue to perform. Rebecca, however, professed that it was such a nerve-wracking experience that she couldn’t even eat properly prior to that.

Chilam Cheung has not decided whether he would take on the filming offer for “Triumph In The Skies 2”

In other news, there have been rife speculations that Chilam Cheung has accepted the filming of “Triumph In The Skies 2” for a filming remuneration of 80,000 HKD per episode. Asked about this, Chilam laughed in response and said, “I am not worth that little a price! However, I would like to clarify that I have not decided whether I should accept the filming offer. I would have to look at the script first before deciding!” (Reporter: You guys are filming so late at night!) “I usually try my best to avoid such an unfortunate timing but I would not be that calculative if I were to actually take on the drama.” As for MC Jin, he was filming a pilot cap throwing scene with the rest of the co pilots, which included Daniel Chau and William Chak, to symbolize their excitement of flying an actual airplane for the very first time.

Source: Apple Daily, Oriental Daily, Sina

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. Chilam forever cutie!! 😀 Is he pairing with Myolie here?

    1. Fala, not Myolie. But in the sale only, the actual series, if it isn’t delayed again, might be different.

      1. Whats what, Captain Jin should keep stop chating away non stop in the series, best stick with his DJ work if he still got it!
        Chilam or Julian

      2. as were saying Julian is fab as a sushi master in the tvb series, not many I liked, that were good!
        Mr. Ng looks smart, not the young Ng, but FranK!
        Ron’s acting has better, still don’t like Bosco’s acting.

    2. I like francis ng. Anybody knows the real reason he is not coming back for the sequel?

  2. When Rebecca Zhu smiles, she reminds me of Liu Shi Shi 😛

  3. why does no one talk about michelle ye? does no one want the zita and issac story to continue?! they didn’t even go on their fcking ONE date that they had. ugh.

    1. yeah~ i would like to see michelle again too… and of course all S4 members together!
      honestly, i don’t like sequels which don’t include the old casts, well at least they should have 80-90% of them, plus some new ones for creating/continueing the old storyline, wouldn’t it be perfect that way?
      why people calling it a sequel anyway if the story and cast are completely different???
      e.g. forensic heroes 3, i don’t say it’ll be a bad drama, it’s just that it gives me right from the beginning the “don’t want to watch it” -feeling, maybe because i know i’ll compare the 2 (or in FH case 3) dramas with each other and probably saying the sequel is so bad even though it is super great…

  4. wow…the new male cast…looks disappointing compared to the original 4.

  5. Oh my goodness,, I just realized I spelt Sammuel’s name wrongly as Samuel! Will amend it later when I get back! 😛

    1. Ah K,
      Hehe I am guilty of misspelling people’s names all the times, even in the same article!

      1. @Jayne:

        Lol! I think it’s because we haven’t had Sammul Chan’s news for quite a long time now that I forgot how to spell it lol! 😛

    2. Listening to rap music on to stay awake while translating. The music is good, but a little distracting to work with.

      1. @Jayne:

        Whoa haha, I can’t imagine myself listening to the likes of Snoop Dogg while translating! 😛

    3. Your new spelling is also wrong.

      The correct spelling is Sammul. No ‘e’. 😀

      1. @Kidd:

        Oh ya, lol, maybe it’s my turn to have dyslexia!

        Thanks for highlighting it to me by the way! 😀

  6. ” However, Chilam Cheung, who had in recent days splurged 20,000 HKD to rent a luxury apartment, felt that the filming remuneration offered was too low and even said, “Huh, so little? My usual asking price is way higher than that.””

    Was the reporter hiding under the table when Chilam and TVB were discussing the terms?

    1. Ok, read the rest of the article. So, Chilam was joking to the report.

  7. I dont know why I dislike character in wheelcheer because I always think they will have lesser of love relationship/stories involved. Nothing against handicapped ppl!

    1. Veejay,
      “I dont know why I dislike character in wheelcheer because I always think they will have lesser of love relationship/stories involved.”

      I found Raymond Lam to be involved enough as Mou Ching in “The Four” despite being in a wheelchair. It’s harder to act because he can’t use the rest of his body for body language expression. Ah, I like Raymond Lam in characters with restraint. He plays intelligent characters well. I may be the only one who likes him as Kingsley King hehe.

      Anyhow, Myolie will be getting a nice break if she can sit while filming most scenes?

      1. I liked Raymond in “A Step into the Past”, “Eternal Happiness”, “Survivor’s Law” aka his older dramas. But yes, Mo Ching is possibly one of his better recent roles.

      2. I was gonna comment on Ray’s character in a wheel chair in the drama “The Four” too after reading Veejay’s comment. Ray and Kates love relationship was pretty good in that drama. I loved that drama cause the 4 guys were such good brothers. Especially Ray and Ron. Hopefully Ron and Ray can be good brothers too in Triumph in the skies 2. (but I’m sure with Ray’s busy schedule, he won’t be able to film this)

      3. Also about Kingsley, almost forgot about to comment on that. I did like Ray’s character as Kingsley. He did do a good job of being very boring and calm and slow or peaceful. But I have to say, Kingsley is a nice guy, but no thanks if he’s gonna be my boyfriend. Way too boring for me and I am not a fan of Science or Math. I just can’t stop laughing at the things Kingsley does in the drama especially infront of Tavia (forgot her character name). LOLs

  8. Such a good looking and young looking cast for “Triumph in the Skies 2.” Chilam looks awesome in pilot uniform. The women look lovely in their red flight attendant uniforms. Such eye candy!

    1. My fav is Nancy w/ her long legs and black pantyhose. She looks so much better now compared to part 1, more womanly.

      Poor MC Jin looks so out of place. He might be more believable as a flight attendant or work at the airport like lam hiu fung (ah Lo) did.

      And wondering, would a handicapped woman wear high heels?

      1. Why not? A handicapped woman can’t be glamorous and have fashion sense?

      2. @lol:

        That sounds nice but is it realistic?
        Permanently wheelchair- bound people have atrophy of the leg muscles and have no sensation in their feet so a heel can easily slip off. It would be more sensible to wear tennis shoes or booties that stay in place.

      3. Yeah, MC Jin does look misplaced. I think he looks like one of the chefs in the food department for the airplane companys. Just imagine him wearing a white chefs outfit. It totally matches his look. Another thing Jin can be is a rapper who was hired by the airport to perform in the airport to boost the amount of customers to go to the airport for shopping. I heard that a few airporst around the world actually do similar things so more people will go to the airport to shop!

  9. Daniel Chau seems to be the twin with the more filming offers.

    1. I see it too. In LOO too Daniel get the bigger role out of the two and is better than his twin.

  10. Lol not Myolie first time in wheel part one of Triump in the Skies she was in a wheel chair..funny captions

  11. I don’t think Chilam’s that good of an actor to begin with and it will be interesting to see how well he will carry this series. As for the female actresses, none of them has the ability to carry the weight. I believe TVB should hire a veteran actress to pair with Chilam. Jessica, Maggie or heck even Kenix. Also, Kate is simply out of place in this series. What is she going to be? Some prostitute or some “I’m too sexy” character? Whenever I see Kate, I just want to puke.

  12. chilim is so overrated man. i watched ripling blossom and half of it i fell asleep. he’s so not worth even 80000HK.

    1. The fell asleep part in TRB is Laughing and Tavia part. Chilam’s part is cute and funny ROFL

    2. I don’t know how you can feel asleep during Chilam’s scenes and think he’s overrated. Chilam is very good. If you say Michael Tse is overrated I can agree.

    3. Well, I would say that to many Charmaine scenes, but somehow a lot of people disagree with me. I like Chilam a lot, but I feel you.

  13. I wonder how much a family with parents and 2 kids need to earn to have normal life in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong was considered to have very good standard living, although expensive as I recall. However, recently when watching TVB modern series, I see Hong Kong being kind of chaos (old,ruin houses and buildings). This is very different from I saw in old TVB drama. Maybe, I missed something?

  14. If you look at Kate Tsui’s shoes, she is definitely not a flight attendant. All flight attendants are required to wear closed toe shoes whether heels or flats. She is a “no-go”!

  15. Is Raymond Lam gonna be in this, it was said before that there would be a love triangle between him, Myolie and Chilam. I was looking forward to a Rayolie pairing!!! 🙁

    1. I don’t like myolie, so I don’t want the love triangle, but I do want him to be in this and be brothers with Ron.

  16. Not a huge fan of Chilam, but it would be sad if TITS2 ended up with no star power at all.

  17. I like Chilam he is cute in TRB he looks smart in the pilot uniform

  18. when are they gonna have another boscolie drama!?!??! and is bosco a confirmed cast in this drama?

  19. I also like Chi Lam very much and hope that he accepts the role. Was really disappointed that Kate Tsui would be in it also – do they never do any dramas without her anymore? Its as if she is in every single drama nowadays. I just hope one day she may take a vacation or something – it would be so very refreshing to watch a new series WITHOUT her in it…. urrgh…

    1. Take a card and cover her face, or fast forward her parts. There are many way you can do. Kate isn’t in every single series now. She has less series than many ppl :P.

    2. bc she is one of the devil’s desciples, haha

      i just stopped watching series with her in it since they are mostly rubbish anyway nowadays.

    3. They never do any dramas without Kate and Ron together. I do like Kate and Ron individually and together, but hopefully TVB doesn’t over do their pairing like they always do with anything that’s getting popular (ex. Laughing and Liza and the Gods).
      I would be nice to see Ron and Kate together in 1 drama each year but not same relationship all the time. Would also like to see Rayda back too and see how things have changed since they last worked together.

  20. Don’t worry – I’ve already done that. I mean I always fast foward whenever she comes on…

    1. Well are you watching FH3 right now? You better not have fast forwarded the part in FH3 where she has a weird and funny expression on her face when looking at Ron who was doin plumming at her house (and a bunch of other stuff). It was so funny and especially Ron’s hair! Lols!

      1. No I am not watching FH3 simply because of Kate Tsui and also Moses Chan’s girlfriend; Aimee, think that’s her name. I can’t stand those two and I only watched Lives of Omission because I liked Michael Tse and Bosco so much that I had to overlook Kate Tsui. Even then I did a lot of fast forwarding but not all the scenes. I just can’t stand her, Aimee and Shirley Yeung. They are my three very very total dislikes.

  21. I wasn’t really complaining but just pointed out a fact that she seems to be on TVB series all the time. I hope I have not upset you by saying what I feel as I always thought that we are free to say what we like here as long as its within reason of course. I did not call her names or any nastiness about her just pointed out a fact. I could lie through my teeth and say how much I love her just to please others but I am not like that and I don’t like lying. I know the truth from one’s heart is not always a good thing and some people would just along and say “yes, yes, yes, I think he or she is great and wonderful etc…. just so to make others happy but I am not born like that. Strange as it may seem to you.

  22. Chilam is cute & goofy but not good or heavy enough to carry this show.

    I’ll hate to see Myolie in a wheelchair.

  23. I really want triumph in the skies 2 to follow triumph in the skies 1 where it left off which shows zoe and sam’s married life
    it fine to bring in new cast members but at least have more then half of the old cast back
    It’s OK if Isabelle “Belle” Lok (樂以珊, portrayed by Flora Chan) does not comeback because her husband ,Vincent Ling (凌雲志, portrayed by Joe Ma died in triumph in the skies 1 so there is no point for her to come back

  24. in triumph in the skies 1 Samuel chan ‘s character left the Solar because his dad’s business was falling and that he wanted to help his dad to get back on his feet again so why is raymond replacing samual ‘s character name Donald Man did Donald man return to solar.
    and I read some where that Michelle Ye is not with tvb anymore
    I really want for the love story of zoe and SAM to continue now who is with me
    I want for the male actor and female actress that play ron’s parents to come back

  25. sequel usually follow close to the story orginal story , with story lines and characters but this does not seem like the case for triumph in the skies 2

  26. Drama TV shows are lengthy, one good artist cannot carry the whole show. A least artists have fans, altogether, their fans can boost the rating.

    Kate has appeared too many series recently, kind of annoying. However, I do not see Kate’s roles as leading but high supporting ones. Live of Omission for example, not significant, her role only to add seasoning to Bosco’s role. Most TVB actresses can do that role, even the sex-repay one.

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