Chilam Cheung Says Anita Yuen is a Tiger Mom

Looks like Chilam Cheung (張智霖) might be kneeling on glass tonight!

On the set of his new commercial, the 47-year-old Hong Kong actor said he still has the mindset of a youth, exclaiming that he would love to exchange cars and update his technology whenever he’s given a chance. Asking if his wife, Anita Yuen (袁詠儀), would even allow Chilam to purchase race cars, he laughed and said, “I have no race cars because we have no space to park them!”

Gushing about his love for all types of automobiles, Chilam said he once passed on the opportunity to purchase a classic car. “I regret not buying it at the time, because that car is worth a lot more now. It turns out that classic cars and art pieces all raise in value in a similar way.”

Chilam confesses that he also has a love for art, and has a habit of collecting painting pieces.

At the mention that his son, 11-year-old Morton, is currently in Beijing for an academic exchange, Chilam shared that his son traveled there without the help of his parents. Has Anita been feeling emotional about her son growing older? Chilam said, “It seems so. She has said that it’s time to let go and let our son free. That must be done.” Asking if Chilam felt the same way, he joked, “As in letting me free too?” Laughing, he said, “That can’t happen! It’s dangerous! (Are you jealous of your son?) I won’t be! My future is in his hands!”

Leaving your only child to travel out on his own can be worrisome for parents, but Chilam said he’s been okay about it. “I feel that I am a rather open-minded parent. Let nature take its course. I’m sure the school will take good care of him. You can’t be so worried all the time, but his mother may think differently. (What about Anita?) She’s a tiger mom!” Realizing what he said, Chilam laughed. “You guys are always doing this to me!” He then added that Anita is a strong mom, and is the stricter parent.


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  1. I think Anita looks that type that would Instill fear into her husband, child and mother in law and colleagues. I don’t think it is worth the risk getting on the wrong side of her….

    1. @passingby

      LOL. that’s exactly what I said. She seems like the prison warden type, despite her outward comments to act flippant.

      There is NO joy though … bec once the cat is away, the mouse will play. Or rather – the mouse finds other ways to play. Is there really genuine joy in that?

      1. @nomad822
        In past interviews, Anita says that she does not care as long as she does not know about it but her actions seem to show that she cares very much. Evidently shown when she has previously visited the filming set of her husband to demonstrate the ‘I’m Here’ statement to Charmaine etr. Also it helps that she is from the same industry because she will have plenty of secret agents working for her and report Chilam’s every movement. There is almost zero possibility of Chilam cheating with a mistress without Anita knowing unless it is a one off in China where her surveillance will be lacking….

  2. How come it’s always tiger mom and not tigress mom and tiger dad? Where the dad at! Most men aren’t seen as the disciplinarian parent which kinda speaks volume about their involvement and concern over their kids’ lives. Or maybe they control another sphere of their kids’ lives, like finances.

    1. @coralie lol because a lot of them are like so doting on their children, they can’t be authoritative lawl! Before our son’s arrival, my husband is like meh, children, whatever. After? My son this and my son that, he could spend hours talk about them >_> and literally cave in to anything my son wants after a few mins!

      In a partner, you need a bad cop and a good cop 🙂 it helps the child knows their boundaries, but still feel love. And you need your partner to rein you in sometimes if you are being too tough. It’s just dynamic really 🙂 also I guess traditionally, men has always used harsh punishment on kids to exert their authority (spanking, etc), but now, that practice frown upon, so the woman takeover?

      1. @littlefish

        Nah men feel less responsibility as a parent. And in a way, less wise (less mature in how they see things).

        And worry less, see less longer term than women.
        Immediate gratification for a child is great and makes men look great being Santa saying YES. Also the short term mindset: don’t worry be happy … it won’t happen/hasn’t happened yet. Stop being uptight paranoid.

        Whereas often women will say NO bec they can see the longer term consequences (habit forming for eg). Maybe part of nurturing instincts?

        There’s consequences for playing good-bad cop roles.
        Discerning kids will realize the diff, but s’times the less discerning will actually grow to dislike the stricter Tiger Mom (esp if dad/MIL is the type to poison with words, to try create allies or there’s just such family dynamics aka manipulation, s’times unknowingly).

        You s’times hear my mom’s a bitch … but my dad’s so sweet from teens. Why? Dad is benign.

        The kid needs to filter/process it properly but it doesn’t always happen that way = personalities are diff. Even with strong difficult personalities – Human Nature prefers the easier route, the sweeter route.

      2. @littlefish

        Playing good cop bad cop can also have repurcussions.

        Fine if it’s a healthy family.
        Otherwise if a MIL, aunt or even dad manipulates (always getting kids to see him as favorite person, and mom as biatch) … the mom-child relationship CAN suffer.

        You see it working with youths s’times. They even see their ‘nice’ dad as the long suffering one in the relationship bec mom is uptight, strict etc. Few would attribute their good habits, good grades etc to a very strict tiger mom.

        Only discerning kids can really filter. Bec it’s human nature to enjoy the immediate gratification, play, yes option dads offer.

        Men – tend to worry less, and think short-term
        Women – tend to say no, bec they see the longer term consequences or see something as habit forming – even before they happen. Maybe won’t happen, but they adopt preventive measures.

        Moms are more nurturing and instinctive about their kids/personalities …
        Dads are clueless. More concerned about what works for the moment, will stop a tantrum etc. – just give in and say yes. Worry later.

      3. @nomad822 every good system has a flaw 🙂 one could only hope you adjust if you see what you are doing is wrong 🙂 not all the time we are bad cop and good cop. It’s rather a generalised statement 🙂 also at least for us, we always try to explain to our child that our partner love him and do things for him 🙂

      4. @littlefish
        Being a parent there are always worries about implementing the perfect system for the kids to make the most of their talent, learn as much as possible and also enjoy their childhood. If there is a good balance of discipline and leisure then it can’t be far wrong,…

  3. Errr, isn’t she also Tiger Wife?

    Asking friends to keep tabs on him, and indirectly also reining him her own way?

  4. she’s getting so many haters for her controlling ways. well, from what i’m aware, some guys like being controlled. if chilam didn’t like it, they would’ve divorced a long time ago. he said it himself, he’s very child-like. maybe he needs a motherly, strict figure in his life to keep him sane and grounded. and anita yuen does that for him so he can keep being carefree.

    1. @coralie

      True, and also maybe true he’d be castrated if he wanted divorce.

      We won’t know unless we’re flies on their home walls. Otherwise everything can be a facade in life.

      Kenix Kwok reads as another who is prob very controlling.

      1. @nomad822 i’m not sure about kenix’s situation because frankie doesn’t seem like a laidback kinda guy. he actually seems like he likes being in control and not the other way around. now that kenix is the non-working, passive party, their marriage might work out. but like you said, it’s hearsay. we won’t ever know :).

      2. @coralie
        Frankie is laidback and it is shown in many interviews. He adores his daughter and can’t bare to let her have her own bed and room. That is the only slight negative from Frankie is that he can’t let go so harder for daughter to develop independence. Kenix is more strict so gets into disagreements with Frankie but like Chilam, Frankie is the one who backs out. This is all going off many of Frankie’s past interviews btw

  5. As long as the family is happy and united. She is doing her best for her family. Well Done

    1. @hohliu
      Yeh.i think parents maintain a good balance nowadays. Much less of the force to study all the time and less emphasis on exam results and class rankings like when we were kids. At least less screaming at children for poor results anyway…

  6. They should have more children! Moses has three children and want a fourth on the way.

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