Chilam Cheung Stars in Web Drama, “Eclipse Storm”

Chilam Cheung’s (張智霖) new web series Eclipse Storm <蝕日風暴> will premiere on ViuTV’s OTT platform in August. Starring Fiona Sit (薛凱琪), Toby Leung (梁靖琪), and Sunny Wang (王陽明),  the drama was produced by Youku and Media Asia with a $180 million HKD budget. The drama was shot in several countries, including Hong Kong, Hungary, and Malaysia to name a few.

Chilam and Fiona tackle the small screen as a couple for the very first time. One of the still shots released from the series even showed the two sharing a passionate kiss together.

Promising excellent CGI, captivating fight scenes, and thrilling action, producer Tommy Leung (梁家樹) expressed his excitement over the release of the show. Confident that Eclipse Storm will perform well, he said, “The investment budget was fairly heavy and the storyline alone is very interesting. We have extremely high standards with regards to the filming process to ensure that each scene’s details are done to perfection. Also, we filmed in many different beautiful locations – everyone has faith in this production. We sincerely hope viewers will enjoy the web series.”

“Eclipse Storm” Trailer


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  1. Lol he looks so much like when he was in warm blood cold heart (fashion wise), just older xD Toby looks great! Will check this out for sure xD

    1. @hannah Go to viutv’s website ( and create an account. It’s pretty easy and so far, from what I can see, overseas (non-HK) audiences are able to access…and it’s free (for now).

  2. Regarding this series — technically not a ViuTV series, since they didn’t produce it, only bought the rights to broadcast it. Looks like they are buying more HK series now (it was mostly Korean and Mainland series previously) — not necessarily a bad thing as long as they balance it out with their own in-house produced series. With this series, I like Chilam and I know there will be a boatload of veterans in this (I had read about the filming of this series awhile back ago, just didn’t know at that time which station would air it), but unfortunately, this sounds too much like typical TVB-style drama, plus the stuff that Tommy Leung has produced since he left TVB hasn’t been good (the last Media Asia / Tommy Leung production was that TV series remake of Infernal Affairs that had aired on TVB — sorry, but that series sucked…). I’m assuming this series is going to be more of the same…

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