Chinese Authorities Admonish TV Stations for Being “Excessively Entertaining”

Chinese officials have been exerting sweeping reform in the entertainment industry to promote their social policies. Among the latest push, the Chinese government is calling for the country’s biggest stations to curb programs that are “excessively entertaining,” and order stations to make major changes in the industry.

On October 29, the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party met with representatives of satellite broadcasters in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Hunan to discuss the overall performance of the stations. While the four major stations were credited for their contribution in promoting mainstream values and spreading positive energy, the stations were also given warnings for being “excessively entertaining” and giving rise to the “star-chasing” phenomenon.

During the meeting, Chinese officials emphasized the need for reform, and the stations are required to follow the government’s current platform. The mandate includes shifting the focus in programming that “create social benefits, increase the promotion of the core socialist values, and center around the country’s hot topics and workers in the new era.”

Receptive of the orders, the stations collectively pledge to increase their role in the reform, and agree to accelerate the transformation and development of high-quality programs that would enhance the spiritual and cultural lives of the public.

In social media, netizens were divided over the new mandate. Some netizens agree that variety shows should not be overly entertaining to limit the negative impact on society. However, many netizens believe that the mandate is too ambiguous and argue, “Who is judging on this standard? There isn’t a metric that can be applied. Aren’t variety shows supposed to be entertaining? I watch them after a hard day because they are entertaining!”

Source: World Journal

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  1. What a bleak future for people that live in China. I agree about controlling fandom but people can’t be entertained. They can’t even enjoy their favorite variety shows after a hard day work, people are literally becoming “leek”.
    I’m so glad I don’t live in China.

    1. This is why Hong Kongers don’t wanna be part of China and neither does Taiwan. The idea of television based on socialist core-values is just downright laughable. You’d think this is a parody or something

    2. I mean, god forbid you have too much fun watching entertainment shows. Citizens should always be bored, obviously.

  2. With all the stress over work, studies and covid, now they cannot even be ‘entertained’ at home, sigh..

  3. They don’t want anyone to watch TV. Not a fan of Chinese dramas. Watched Chuang earlier this year which I thought they did a very good job making it entertaining and the boys were so fun to watch. Now that they’ve banned the boy type that I like and idol survival shows, I don’t see a reason to watch Chinese TV which is really sad because with so many people, the shows could have been creative and break through regular clichés of traditional plots.

  4. All thanks to Kris Wu and followed by all the crazy over-obsessed fans towards their idols that created all the buzz which prompted the government to be strict. They have every reason to do that perhaps to prevent further worst from happening. But is good they do not apply the NK style to their ppl

    1. It’s over-reaction to the excesses of the idiotic fandoms manipulated and/or paid by marketing departments to create rivalry, strife and bullying of rival fandoms/idols.

  5. Ha Ha Ha so funny…I am really keen to watch what is the new Communist approved Entertainment program constitute.

    1. think about the shows they produced in the 70s and 80s and even the 90s. very hard sell propaganda outright. that was why ATV shows were such a hit in china. whereas no one in hk would watch atv b/c they were so darn boring.

    2. State media praised the latest variety show “Call Me By Fire” featuring male entertainers of different generations from HK, Taiwan and China. It was very entertaining and uplifting.

  6. I can understand restrictions on crazy fandom, prohibit TV stations/ celebrities and their agencies from exploiting fans, putting a stop of possible fraud, tax evasion and other illegal activities on celebrities’ salaries, attempts to increase programs and drama quality and fairer salary by putting a ceiling on the artists’ salaries and openly canceling celebrities who have broken serious law or with questionable morals but what do they mean by “excessively entertaining”? Laughing at a funny scene or crying in a touching drama is excessive?
    Besides, shouldn’t they do something about hiring idols or celebrities with zero acting as leading characters in drama after drama which help to promote “star-chasing”? Or start reviewing the guidelines in low quality, silly and brainless dramas being allowed to be aired?

    1. Ikr. I’m thinking they purposely made it vague so that they can use it as an excuse to take down any show.

  7. Wow, CN going back to how Chinese TV shows were in the 70s? Imagine folk/patriotic songs and a group of people gathering together to talk about the good of CCP

    Wonder if it’ll include TVB

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