Chinese State Media Criticizes Leehom Wang’s Behavior

Following cheating accusations during his marriage, Taiwanese-American singer Leehom Wang (王力宏) faces a wave of public criticisms and brand cancellations. Official Chinese state media opined that Leehom should be cancelled in the entertainment industry, as his questionable morality serves as a poor example for the public.

On December 20, China’s Global Times posted on Weibo, It is not enough for Leehom Wang to temporarily withdraw from the entertainment industry. Immoral artistes must be [cancelled]. Celebrities stepping on legal and moral boundaries, give people the impression that this field is already a ‘black hole’ of social morality” and “would lead young people astray.” The outlet lashed out after his ex-wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) accused Leehom of soliciting sex services, sex addiction, and marital affairs.

In a post published by China Women’s Daily, they harshly described Leehom’s immoral behavior as a public figure by “deceiving the public with his good family man image,” citing him as an example of poor communication, support, and self-management. The outlet advised women to be careful of “injuries in the name of love.”

“The topic of ‘desperate full-time housewives’ has shown to receive the most attention among the ongoing discussions about Leehom Wang’s marriage recently, and this has evidently reflected how even though the rate of education and labor participation by women have increased over the years, the prejudice that they are mainly responsible for caring for the family has not changed,” China Women’s Daily advised.

Don’t Give Up Everything For Love

China Women’s Daily also noted that it is a personal choice for women to give up their careers for caregiving. However, they should carefully consider before giving up their careers or dreams to solely build a happy family, when their sacrifices may not be acknowledged and their hard work could be taken for granted by their husbands.

Although they do not believe Leehom’s ex-wife Jinglei sacrificed her career for marriage, it is true that the singer did not acknowledge her contributions towards the family. As such, they advised that full-time housewives should learn to protect themselves by ensuring they stay consistently independent and competitive in their career fields, so they could at least have chances to gain respect, self-worth, and safety elsewhere.

The post ranked first in the most searched list not long after it published, and many netizens left comments including, “Female friends, we must study and work hard so we can seek justice for ourselves when we are wronged,” “A secure job can keep our backs upright,” “Don’t rely on anyone but yourself,” and “Quitting a job for love is risky, so think twice.”

Sources:; Mirror Media

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  1. He is so disgusting. Pls do not take temporary hiatus in the entertainment industry, pls quit the entertainment industry permanently for good. No point seeing him singing all his love ballad songs after knowing all his crap.

  2. Don’t think his songs, movie and others are removed from online platforms although some brands have already stopped their collaboration or will not be renewing the contract with him.

  3. China critizing anybody is such a joke. Remember how they lied when covid first hit? Oh wait, they’re still lying.

    1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether everyone else agree or not is another matter altogether.

      Why would criticism from China be a joke even if you disagree with them? We may not agree with them but we should not stoop to their level by not allowing them to criticise.

      Why you said they lie, do you have proof that they did or you just choose to believe?

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