Christine Kuo Deflects Verbal Attack From Anna Kay

Above: Christine Kuo’s weight has reportedly shot up to 140 pounds.

Recently, model Anna Kay (葉熙祺) offered some derisive words when asked to comment about rumored love rival Christine Kuo (苟芸慧). Although both women’s careers were affected by their rumors with Aaron Kwok (郭富城), their post-scandal lives are drastically different. While Anna Kay enjoys a lavish lifestyle, Christine continues to struggle with her weight issue, doing everything she can to regain her former fit physique.

Soon after Aaron and Lynn Hung’s (熊黛林) breakup in April, Christine became involved in a love scandal when reports surfaced claiming that she has been dating Aaron in secret. The gossips continued even after both parties denied the claims, causing Christine to suffer from extreme stress. Close sources revealed that Christine was constantly nervous about the media’s ruthless questioning, worried that the public would think that she is taking advantage of the scandal to self-promote. Unable to manage her stress, Christine finds comfort in food and has ballooned up in weight.

Trying to salvage her goddess image, Christine has been taking all measures to lose weight. While the public has yet to see any evidence of progress, the 30-year-old has been trying her best, taking Chinese medicine and practicing Muay Thai. She has even spent a five-figure sum on weight-loss drugs, and has reportedly taken a month off from filming to focus on her weight loss efforts.

Shortly after Christine’s scandal, mainland model Anna Kay took over the spotlight when she implied her relationship with Aaron with ambiguous statements. Seen entering Aaron’s residential building and remaining for over 30 hours, Anna Kay suggested that she has received gifts from Aaron and even hoped to marry him. Since then, the media has been in a frenzy to publish the latest speculations about Anna Kay and Aaron’s relationship, even calling her the new Mrs. Kwok. Although Aaron wished to maintain a low profile regarding his personal life, he publicly declared that he is single at a film premiere in September, effectively bringing an end to this strange love triangle.

Despite this, Anna Kay continues to speak freely about her encounters with Aaron, saying that she had received a text message from him during Mid-Autumn Festival. She also insists that she is a victim in this tale, threatening to take legal action against all false rumors. Although surrounded by negative gossips, Anna Kay appears to be in a good mood, frequently sharing personal photos on Weibo. She is also living in a luxury residence in Beijing that is reportedly worth millions.

When asked to comment on Christine’s weight gain, Anna Kay mockingly said, “Is she sick? If so, she should take a break!” Reporters reached out to Christine regarding Anna Kay’s comments, Christine replied, “I’m not sick! I will no longer comment on my health condition. My current mood is as if I have traveled to Maldives. Thank you for your concern!” She added that she will use Anna Kay’s comment as motivation, and vows to do her best to slim down before her next public appearance.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. I don’t like Christine, but as a woman I can understand her unhappiness for putting on so much weight. Her face looks fleshy. Is easy to gain weight and hard to lose.

    1. This is my 1st impression when I saw her pictures!
      Although many will say she looks good with her current weight and bla bla bla but it’s also not a good sign for someone to balloon in size in a short period of time. I mean, we just saw her on A&E an also the TC2 promotions, she still look radiant then suddenly she turns to be so much bigger @@!
      She does need some help, I mean if its stress, she needs to find professional help to de-stress.
      Spending so much on those medicines to loose weight isn’t the right way and even exercise if u do it the wrong way, u’ll get MUSCLES!

      1. I wouldnt be surprised if she discovered she has developed a form of eating disorder just from the pressure and stress she has been receiving and enduring from the media. I mean, there is no stopping the media from gossiping…but come on, give this girl a break. If it’s notbrumouring about her relationship life, it’s rumouring about being enemies with other female colleagues and now her weight…anyone sane would eventually be driven to insanity aving to be constantly pestered by media’s questions no mattter how many denials and clarifications of false rumours.

  2. You know what, despite the constant attacks from the media and their spreading of rumours of her, she still manages to stand up in front of them and address these comments/questions from the media with confidence time and time again- this I respect.

    As for Anna Kay’s comment, there is karma in this world that will eventually bite her in the back.

    1. Do not be too sure since karma does not always work nor is it always logical. I used to really believe in it but not as much since I have seen many cases where it does not work at all… Karma has many holes and unanswered questions and isn’t as simple as I used to think it was.

      1. It doesn’t have to work right away. I prefer people to believe in it, whether it’s logical or not than to start having grudges or revenge on people

      2. Believe in karma. Some people get their karma now or years laters, but eventually they will get it. It doesn’t always mean the person that you hate is gonna get it, it could be their close family or close friend. Karma can be something simple. For example, you make fun of your friend cuz she has a pimple. Then next thing you know you gotta pimple the next week.

      3. I know how karma works and all, but I just do not believe in it as much I used to. If karma really worked, then how come some really nice and great people die early, get killed,etc… while there are some that are selfish, evil, and all are enjoying a great life?? Of course we should not get revenge and all, but I have seen many cases where karma does work but many cases where it does not work. Basically, it is a lot more complicated than you guys make it out to be.

      4. I some how agreed with HTS.
        All I see from news nowadays are the wicked get richer and the poorer gets poorrrrrrerrrr!

      5. ” If karma really worked, then how come some really nice and great people die early, get killed,etc”

        Uh, karma from past lives?

      6. Yes, karma is very complicated and karma is dragged through from many past lives. Whatever good/wrong one does now, one does not have to take the reaction instantly; it may get ripen much later and may not even realised in this lifetime. If there’s no karma, there will be no differences, everyone would look same and act same. Some people are born beautiful while others are so-so or even ugly. Some have intelligence and talents while others struggle to even learn the basics …

      7. @Kidd,
        I knew someone would say that and what you said reminds me of what my mom and aunt always say since they are really religious. I used to really believe in that until recently. We do not even remember who were and what we did so why are we entitled to enjoy the rewards of those good deeds and have to pay for the bad deeds from the previous lives???? That is not fair is one thing but it is no longer logical to me. My thinking when it comes to karma and all have really changed but I still believe in it.

      8. God will not let bad things happen to good people forever. A day will come when he will bring justice to victims and renewal for those who trust in his son, Jesus.

        Christians believe that this life on earth is only the land of shadows and that real life hasn’t yet begun.

      9. Sorry but we do not need another person preaching about Christianity here.

    2. Anna Kay will get karma when Aaron dumps her for being too old, lol.

      As for Christine, I just feel sorry for her. She has gained quite a bit of weight so I’m guessing she’s the type to stress eat.

  3. omigod! is Christine Kuo maintaining her blimpiness so that there is NO way that she could possibly be keeping assignations with Aaron Kwok? That’s one way of deflection – she can’t get braces on her teeth, right?

  4. strange,,,why in TVB lighting ceremony, i thought pic shown her in fit physique and not as chub as this? or is it wrong person?

    1. “she looked like a whale at the starhub awards” …………. I guess when compared to other slim actresses.

      1. nooooo, she was reaaaalllllly huge, the other slim actresses looked like toothpicks next to her.

      2. Speaking of slimmness, I can’t believe how slim slim actresses are. I mean you see them onscreen and you think they are slim already, then you see/meet them in real life and get a shock-they are even thinner than you could ever imagine. I met Shirley Yeung once, and OMFG i couldnt believe my eyes how thin she was in real life. It’s almost as if a light breeze of wind would be able to knock her over D;

      3. @clementine becos the camera magnifies you, so if you look slim on tv, you’re on the thin side IRL. Normal sized people will look plump and fat people will look like blimps.

      4. Agree with the above poster, it’s known that the camera make you look wider so those slim actresses are actually very skinny.

    1. In fact, it is no good to take so much weight loss drugs. It will do harm to a person’s health sooner or later.

      1. It’s entirely possible that those drugs are what has made her ballon up actually. I remember than Mainland actress Ying Er was deemed to fat and they put her on some pills that made her weight shoot up. There’s simply no short cut. It”s diet, exercise and if you have the money, liposuction.

  5. Im quite surprised she’s not managed to lose any weight still since it is so critical for her career. There definitely must be some form of clinical or psychological factor preventing her atm (all the extra media stress dosent help).
    I hope she manages it, if not to only shut the prattling paps up.

  6. No matter how much she’d gained tvb still promote her which is a shame cause she is a horrible actress, i’ve been given many chances but disappointed that her acting is still pretty bad & her cantonese is crap as usual. To me Christine Kuo had no talent at all….. All she got is a pretty face and thats it!!!!!!

    1. Honestly, I feel that Eliza is much more better compared to Christine.
      U can see the determination and efforts Eliza put to play her role in Sniper Attack.
      I really love watching her in Sniper Attack.
      Her character is the only one that make sense in Sniper Attack!
      The worst got to be Kate character @@!!
      After Raymond Lam be the IronMan in H&L, now Kate is the Iron Lady?!!
      She got bombed so many times and each time she survived with just some dirt on her face @@!!

      1. “..She got bombed so many times and each time she survived with just some dirt on her face @@!!..”

        I thought I was the only few who noticed o___O must not touch that face ~ it seemed as if she was prepping up for a fashion runway show everytime she appeared onscreen. Never can imagine how femininised a female cop can be T_T

      2. LOL YES THE BOMBING !!!
        Sniper Standoff is a pretty horrible show…
        I can’t stand her duck lips. :s

      3. LOL and why is Kate always wearing such fashionable high heels on dangerous missions?

  7. 140pounds = 64kg
    Honestly I’m not sure of Christine’s height.
    But my friends who’s 163cm and 65kg, she does look a bit fleshy.
    I’m only 155cm and weight 43kg. I once weight 50kg and yup, I’m the type that when I gained weight, my face will be the most obvious part @@!!
    And of course I quickly cut down my fast foods intakes ( I had McDonalds three times a day ) and do some light exercise (the hulla hoop)
    And in just 2 weeks times, not only my weight goes down but also the inches of my body.
    Losing weight is terribly easy! That’s what those diet pills does! Makes u go to toilets numerous times and bommmm..few kgs gone but it’s useless.
    it’s the inches that we need to get rid of.
    Honestly I really feel hulla hoop is the best, u can play with it while watching a drama.

    1. EVERY body is different- just because it’s easy for you, does not mean it is for others. You may cut down on junkfood and do exercise and see big results within weeks, others may do the same and might not even see any results or little results at the most. You can’t just question and state how ‘terribly easy’ losing weight is. losing weight isn’t just about eating healthy and being physically active, it’s also genetics as well as a person’s mindset/thinking.

  8. For Christine, if she’s really 170cm tall, it’s understandable if her weight falls around 55-57kg, she would look healthy like Bernice Liu. But ballooning over 65kg is definitely bad. And worst if she was shorter.

    It really shows in her unedited pics, especially her arms and thighs. Unfortunately being a celebrity, she would be judged on her weight compared to thinner female celebrities (I would say many are stick thin too).

    1. I don’t think she is 170cm. She looks so much shorter than many. That is why she looks big, or rather round. Yes she must lose some but she seems to be under a lot of pressure. It might backfire. Or she might go for stapling her stomach which to me is wholly unnecessary but she could be desperate. Imagine she does muay thai and all and suddenly she is not fat BUT muscle bound, which means she still look big. Again I am sure criticisms will go her way as well.

      1. Based on her MCI profile, she’s on the dot 170cm. She has to do intense cardio instead of building muscles.

      2. Female that does martial arts will only lose weight. They won’t become “muscle bound”. Even if a female does weight training, she will only get lean, toned, and look great.

        The girl loves her food and that’s why she is fat. She needs self control and dedication to avoid eating so much and lose all those weight.

  9. Apologies, this post is not related to Christine but more to the common female issue of overweight, gaining weight, looks going downhill etc. I have just watched Jessica Hsuan in The War of Beauties. She not only looks her age which is 43 going onto 44 but matronly too. Casting her against those 2 young male leads who look more like her much younger brothers than lovers only make her look worst.This is the curse of females

  10. 140 is not that big but she does look big in the photo above! Hope she’ll be able to lose some weight and be healthier again.

  11. There’s nothing wrong with having some fat might maybe she’s put on a bit too much

  12. Christine looked terrible at the starhub awards… partly because of the hideous dress she decided to wear.

    She openly discussed her weight gain at the awards show, and stated that the gain is from the pressure of trying to adapt to the differences between Hong Kong and Canada as well as dealing with the pressure and constant negative news. She said she’s getting stronger, and is working out regularly to try to regain her form.

    I don’t think she’s as tough as she needs to be to fight the Hong Kong media and netizens… and she wasn’t expecting things to be as rough. Being away from her family, always facing rumours and negative comments, she did what many do in that situation and look for comfort in food. Given that the diet is very different, her body didn’t react well to it!

    I do think she’s showing a healthy attitude though, but not shrinking back and hiding from the public… nor is she just denying that it has happened. One comment I liked from her was the following:

    When asked what her ideal weight would be she responded :

    “This, you have to ask the viewers. But I believe that every woman should be healthy, and not be as skinny as a board.”

    What many who spit vitriol her way seem to forget is that she is human. Wishing her success and above all else, happiness.

  13. The only feeling that goes through my mind when I see her above pic and read the article is compassion 🙁
    The poor girl was accused as third party but did not snare the dirty old man. And now another publicity hungry lady is after the same old man and is trying to ruffle more of her feathers. To top it all off, the paparazzi wouldn’t bugger off. No wonder she’s stressed and having weight problems.

  14. Sorry Christina, as brutal as this sound..but… With only a pretty face as asset to your actress career, you must the lose weight.

  15. She’s probably under a lot of stress and on antidepressants, which can cause weight gain. I think her being healthy is the most important thing.

  16. Instead of taking weight loss drugs and Chinese meds, which is all a waste of money, perhaps she should consider seeing a doctor. A lot of people gain/lose excessive weight all of a sudden as a result of thyroid issues. Get a blood test, and if it’s thyroids, get medicated properly. If it’s due to stress, then (cardiovascular) exercise is the best stress reliever and the most effective way of losing weight. Try to eat as healthily as possible, but don’t go on a diet. Diets are toxic, and by denying herself, she’ll want the ‘bad’ food even more. And I really hope she doesn’t starve herself. Studies have shown that people who starve themselves gain weight because the body stores fat when going into starvation mode. Her money would be better spent on a good trainer, good quality food (a good chef wouldn’t harm either), and a treadmill.

  17. I think all these actresses can hardly eat anything to remain thin in this business!

  18. I never really like her acting skill but she is after all still a newcomer. I start to pity her after a series of negative publicity on her. If she is happy and healthy with her current weight, then let her be. Let’s focus on her sincerity and effort in improving the acting skill.

    Christine, do not let the negative publicity affects you. What matters is your family. Just focus on acting well and be happy. Cheers!

  19. She got really nice milky skin. Look more like water retention or something. Hope she can focus more on positive things rather than weight. Some women tend to gain weight faster, while some not able to gain even 1 kg.

  20. She looks like a young version of Gee Mimi…piglet…LOL

  21. Even Aimee is thinner than she!!! She looks more pregnant..

  22. Weight gain/loss issues isn’t only a physical problem, but a lot of it is emotional/psychological. I hope she works out the ‘mental’ side of it first or else it’s easy to fall into the gain/loss cycle. All the best for her.

  23. Why doesn’t she just exercise instead of taking weight loss drugs?

  24. Well b seeing ur healthy n beauty image in ur next photoshoot goodluck Christine kuo!

    1. With Anna’s verbal attack, I am very sure she will slim down fast!

      A woman will do just about anything to win the other woman.

      1. Not Christine. Through thick and thin, she still love her food.

  25. I don’t think Aaron is the type to settle anytime soon.

    Jayne, the Apple Daily link is incorrect 🙂

  26. Maybe she has a thyroid issue?

    Frankly, her weight must be heavier than 64 kg because I weigh 64 kg at 155cm and I look petite in pictures and even smaller in real life. I carry my weight well, and it’s hard for me to believe that Christine would not considering her frame. She is WAY taller than me, so she’d look pretty slim at 64 kg.

    1. I’m 167cm tall and a little less than 55kg, and my colleague (a korean) frankly told me I’m considered fat for their standards.

      Countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Korea set high standards for beauty, especially weight. Celebrity life is a hard life when it comes that physical appearance.

      1. Please you are a nobody. We are not interested in your height and weight.

  27. During Marilyn Monroe’s days Christine would be considered as sexy. Fools think it’s attractive to look thin and idiots accept and aim to lose weight to become a bag of bones. Would anyone want to eat steak with less meat?

    1. Do you say that Christine Kuo looked gorgeous in the above photo? If you do, perhaps Christine will have to listen to you and forget about losing weight.

      1. she has a nice face.

        i think the dress absolutely did not compliment her body. blame it on the dress.

  28. To borrow a phrase from TVBfanatic, ” … every woman should be healthy and not be skinny as a board.”
    Does Christine need to pressure herself to lose weight? Even with a little bit of meat she still looks good.
    If a person feels good about him/herself and is comfortable in his/her own skin then this person wouldn’t care what people think/say. People always have something to say be it good or bad.
    The only person you need to please is yourself. If you wanna lose weight then do it for yourself. Eat moderately, healthily and excercise at your own pace that is not forcing yourself to take weight-loss drugs and whatnot to see fast result.

    1. I personally don’t agree to take weight-loss drugs. There will be a lot of side effects. Eat a healthy diet with less fatty food and do a lot of exercise to burn your calories.

      However, being a celebrity, sometimes she does not have a choice but to keep slim if you want to maintain your image, status and popularity.

  29. Some years ago there was this Singaporean actress who took Chinese medication to lose weight which caused damage to her liver. Fortunately, her fiance donated part of his liver to her.
    Models who make a living off their figures are most likely need to lose weight to stay in their excessively skinny forms.
    Christine should pay less attention on regaining her former svelte figure and concentrate on acquiring acting skill. It will do her a world of good at the release of the struggle and the pressure she has been feeling. Surely, she’ll feel much better mentally and emotionally.

  30. She should just eat out less, avoid fatty foods (most asian food in HK is fat) and hit the gym. Simple as that >< No need to resort to chinese medicine, weight loss drugs etc

    1. Agree. That is a very formula to maintain minimum weight but stay healthy.

      To work on her acting skills is another good suggestion. If she has good acting skills, people will not put all the focus on her pretty image.

  31. Wow she is a real fatty now. Hopefully she wont be like the late lydia shum tin ha

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