Christine Kuo Goes House Hunting

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For the last two months, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) was rumored to be the third party in Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and Lynn Hung’s (熊黛林) seven-year relationship, which ended earlier this year. Christine broke down in tears when she was confronted by these allegations, and Aaron even came out to voice his support for Christine. However, Christine definitely emerged as the ultimate winner in the scandal.

The rumors boosted Christine’s popularity and recognition levels, and it was reported that she managed to earn over $1.6 million HKD in the last two months, after the outbreak of the scandal.

3 Weekly reported that Christine is currently eyeing two properties in the prestigious Tseung Kwan O residential areas, LOHAS Park and East Point City. Both neighborhoods are known for housing famous Hong Kong celebrities – Tavia Yeung (楊怡) resides in LOHAS Park while Kara Hui (惠英紅) owns a flat in East Point City. An 800-feet flat from both LOHAS and East Point would cost at least $5.7 million HKD.

In May, 3 Weekly reporters caught Christine boarding a mini-van immediately after her function. The van took her to Tseung Kwan O’s East Point City, where she met with a real estate agent. After looking through a home on the seventh floor, Christine, her manager, and her agent, went to look at another property in LOHAS Park. Christine herself appeared to be more interested at the fancier and larger LOHAS Park, which guaranteed better privacy and more residential benefits.

A source leaked that after her scandal with Aaron, many reporters came poaching around Christine’s old residency in Sai Wan. Lacking privacy and far away from work, Christine decided that moving to Tseung Kwan O is the most strategic choice.

Christine has not specified if she would move into LOHAS Park, but her goal in finding a new home in Tseung Kwan O is a definite.


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  1. pepe69 says:

    she is the ultimate sexy-goddess of all in TVB now…guys just cant look away from her or stop fantasizing her in making *%#^%*

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    • Larry 3 replied:

      She is sexy EXCEPT, she SUCK at acting! Be a model, just dont be a actress.

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      • clamine replied:

        Larry 3: “Be a model”
        Only if Christine can control her weight. Maybe stressed about her weight Christine seems to have put on weight.

        “At a recent brand car show, the executive’s introduction of the exhibited car as having a slim line just like Christine Kuo’s promptly elicited snickering from the audience.” 期间汽车品牌高层介绍名车与苟芸慧同样线条都很修长,即引起台下不少人发笑。

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      • Nicole replied:

        She can be a face model, not a runway model

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  2. brucelee decendent says:

    i love her. can i Christine? better love me than that idiot AK coz im more handsome, powerful than that idiot AK. use broom to swept AK out of your house.

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