Christine Ng Joins Cast of “War And Beauty 2”

Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) and Christine Ng (伍詠薇) had a private costume fitting for TVB drama, War and Beauty 2 <金枝慾孽2>. Early in the morning, Sheren tried on her hairpiece and costume. Upon spotting reporters, Sheren covered her face and rushed off quickly. The staff immediately closed the doors and even taped the glass windows to prevent the exposure of the costumes for the time being.

Christine Ng arrived at TVB City during noon time, revealing that she will portray Sheren’s younger sister in War and Beauty 2. Asked whether Christine will be portraying an Empress in the drama, Christine smiled and could not conceal her excitement. Asked whether she will be filming any ambiguous love scenes [lesbian scenarios], Christine noted that the script was not available yet. “If [lesbian relationships] occurred during that historical period, I would like to portray it too. I am a bold actress. I told Producer Jonathan Chik (戚其義) that he can stretch his wild imagination, hoping that he will take advantage of me!”

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Seems as if TVB’s heavyweight dramas, such as War and Beauty 2, Triumph in the Skies 2, etc. had many casting issues, where they had trouble shifting people around. The official costume fitting for War and Beauty 2 should start soon.

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  2. Is Astrid still part of this production or was that just for the sales presentation?

      1. Chan Kei, former ATV actress. She appeared in few TVB series and I rmb she was in God of Honnors as wife of someone.

      2. Fox, you have mistaken Alice for someone else.

        Alice Chan never appeared in any TVB series before. She was NOT in God of Honors. I’ve seen GOH. She was not in the series. Furthermore, there was no way she could be in the series because at that time, she was still with ATV.

  3. I really dunno if this series gonna be as entertaining as the 1st one with all these veteran artists like Sheren, Ada, Christine as lead. I don’t think I can’t stand if Sheren, Ada or Christine are to portray some “kwan Yan” which they were usually age from 16-18 like dat…

    And I can’t stand Sheren and Ada kissing.

    1. Me too ! 😀
      Hope she has an evil role though… she portrays them well like in Beauty of the Game. 😀

  4. i think this is going to be a major dissapointment.. the expectations are very high and i doubt it will live up to standard of WAB 1..they dont even have a script ready yet .. a typical TVB rush job

  5. “the expectations are very high and I doubt it will live up to standard of WAB 1” …….Agree. It is almost impossible to beat WAB 1 ….. only 2 1st class actresses and 1 tier 1 actor.

    1. Acting wise, I think WAB2 exceeds that of WAB. Maybe not as many first line fadans and siu sangs, but christine ng’s and alice chan’s acting is as good if not better than gigi and charmaine.
      Anyway it’s quality, not quantity that counts.
      I look forward to watching any series of Sheren’s.

      1. I don’t think Christine Ng’s acting is that good. She is just an okay actress, and she is not pretty at all.

        Thanks. I know who is Alice Chan then. Her Chinese name is Chan Wai. Remember her face, but don’t remember her acting.

      2. Alice Chan is quite pretty vs. Christine Ng, and she is younger, too.

  6. I could understand why Tvb has to keep the costume and others secret from the idea being stolen by others but if you really plan to keep this P&C then don’t allow ANY reporter in the station at all.

    And what’s the use for covering your face? sheren..People can still see the custome you’re wearing!!

    1. Maybe her make up is not done yet? She doesn’t want people to take her pic without make up?

      1. Yup that must be it. Can you imagine no make up with that custome?
        She’ll never forgive herself!
        TVB will never forgive her…lol….

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