“Come Home Love” Cast Shoots Final Scene Together

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“Come Home Love” Cast Shoots Final Scene Together

The first and second generation cast members of TVB’s sitcom Come Home Love <愛·回家> have shot the series’ final scene. The sitcom, a story centering on a modern Hong Kong family and their friends, is slated to air its 995th and final episode on April 1, 2016.

come home love final 3The old and new cast members were welled with mixed feelings while shooting the final scene, which is a double wedding banquet for the characters Tracy (series regular Angel Chiang 蔣家旻), Tung-ho (guest star Leo Lee 李豪), Lok-yi (series regular Katy Kung 龔嘉欣), and Anson (series regular Owen Cheung 張振朗). When the director yelled the last cut, the cast sang the sitcom’s theme song “Embrace Love” <擁抱愛> together while taking a group photo.

come home love final 1Angel Chiang, who has been part of the Ma family for four years, described her feelings as “complicated” when she was asked about how she felt while shooting the wedding scene. From being a university graduate to a newlywed bride, Angel said the cast has literally watched her grow throughout the show. She said she would keep in touch with the cast and plans to treat them to a meal once the project is over.


Katy Kung, who did not join the sitcom until its second series, was teary-eyed while shooting the wedding scene. “I hugged James Ng Yip-kwan (吳業坤) and Owen Cheung a lot. The series is almost done, and it’s difficult for all of us to say goodbye.”

Although the show ends with a happy note, Katy was unfortunately sick with a fever while doing her final scenes. “39 °C. I had to go to the hospital yesterday and received over ten shots. I’ve never gotten this sick while working before.”

come home love final 2Lead actor Lau Dan (劉丹) said his character, Ma Fu, has lived a full life in Come Home Love—not only does he get to witness his granddaughter’s marriage, he also gets to be part of the early years of his great-granddaughter’s life. Everything has truly come full circle for Ma Fu.

While shooting the wedding scene, Lau Dan thought about his own real-life granddaughter “Little Sticky Rice.” He expressed that he will work hard to stay healthy so he can live to see the day of his granddaughter’s marriage.

When speaking about Little Sticky Rice, who will be turning two years old in June, Lau Dan happily shared that she is now old enough to say “grandpa.” He said with a huge smile, “Sometimes I’d ignore her on purpose just so I can hear her say ‘grandpa’ a few more times. She’s such a sweet girl and warms my heart!”

come home love final 4

Louis Cheung and Priscilla Wong return for the final episode.

Asking if Lau Dan has been urging son Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and daughter-in-law Yang Mi (楊冪) about having another child, Lau Dan said, “They have their own plans, so I will not pressure them. But of course, I’d definitely like another grandchild!”

On shooting the final episode, producer Law Chun-Ngok (羅鎮岳) said, “There is an end to everything. I took over this series halfway into its broadcast, and it’s been such a happy experience. Because many of our actors also have other jobs, it was hard to get them together to film this final shoot. I’m very happy to know that we managed to get most of them together.”

come home love final 5

“Ma Ka-ho”, Joey Law’s infant daughter in the series, is portrayed by Tsui Wing’s daughter Tsui Sam-yee.

Asking if the final episodes of Come Home Love would feature any other special storyline aside from the group wedding, the producer teased, “Actually, the wedding won’t be the final episode. On April Fool’s Day, we’ll be focusing on the series’ other female lead — the young and cute Ma Ka-ho will go missing.”

Come Home Love will air its last episode on April Fool’s Day 2016. A new sitcom starring Teresa Mo (毛舜筠) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), temporarily titled Seated at 8 <八時入席>, will take its place.

Source: IHKTV

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. jaylee says:

    Correction: Katy Kung was in the first series as Kenny’s sister.

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  2. krys327 says:

    What about Alex? Did she come back to film the finale?

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    • bearbear replied:

      @krys327 Doubt so since the article didn’t mention her (or Joe Ma’s love interest) and she wasn’t in the photos above.
      Being my fav couple in the show, it is disappointing that they end up this way.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @krys327 Nope…Queenie Chu said she wasn’t invited back to film the finale, which is odd given how much audiences loved her pairing with Lai Lok Yi as well as their storyline together.  I know the 2 of them already kind of filmed the ‘ending’ to their storyline awhile back ago, but still – if they brought everyone else back, why not her?  I wonder if there is something amiss in terms of Queenie’s relationship with TVB….

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  3. llwy12 says:

    Interestingly enough, the ending reminds me of Kindred Spirit’s ending back in 1999 (which also ran for 4 years and also featured a wedding at the end with a huge cast reunion) – difference being of course that TVB totally butchered Come Home Love by deliberately changing the cast and story. In any case, will miss the Ma family and the chemistry the cast had.

    With all that said, I am actually looking forward to Seated at 8, since I like Wayne, Power, and Teresa and would like to see them collaborate again. Oh, and Anthony Wong participating in the sitcom in a cameo role (already announced last week) will definitely be an added bonus, even if he will only be in a few episodes.

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