Crystal Fung and Ruco Chan Share Intriguing Romance in “Sinister Beings”

Starring in Sinister Beings <逆天奇案>, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) portrays a computer hacker in the TVB drama, with an intriguing romance with lead actor Ruco Chan (陳展鵬).

So far, their characters clash and their scenes are filled with tension whenever they run into each other, most notably in episode four where Ana (Crystal Fung) gets drunk and harassed by another man while Hui Chun Sum (Ruco Chan) runs up to her and criticizes her bar-hopping lifestyle. However, Hui Chun Sum always has a soft spot for Ana and worries about her safety.

“Our relationship will have an unconventional ending, not the typical happy conclusion. It’s a very modern romance that doesn’t emphasize pursuits, but there will be many bizarre twists along the way. These ups and downs will hook the audience right until the very end before unveiling who Ruco’s character’s will be with,” Crystal said mysteriously when commenting on the love triangle she shares with Ruco and Rosina Lam.

Also starring are Ben Wong (黃智賢), Joman Chuang (蔣祖曼), Johnathan Cheung (张颕康) and Moon Lau (劉佩玥), Sinister Beings will delve into the blurred line between good and evil. As it was Joman’s first time working with Ben as an onscreen couple, she was initially nervous about how their chemistry would work out, but everything turned out well. Ben found their onscreen romance interesting, since his police officer role would often have conflicting interests with Joman’s lawyer character, leading to on-off tension in their relationship.

“Sinister Beings” Episode Highlight

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    1. @coralie Among the recent Miss Hong Kong winners, Crystal really stands out for her vibrant personality. She knows how to generate buzz for herself, and she’s really suitable for being a reality show star. TVB understands her strengths in variety shows, but still casts her in dramas to maintain her exposure.

      1. @jayne @coralie Crystal made it to the top by herself. She knows how to create news for herself to stay in the spotlight. She also seems very hardworking, as seen in the new dubbing show. She is truly made for the entertainment industry.

      2. @luye
        No doubt Crystal has all the attributes for the entertainment industry. Confidence, Talent, dedication. She is as moved away from the stereotypical Miss Hong Kong with her outspoken views. The dubbing show proves her talent and hard work. It’s a pity Mathew came up against Crystal because he is has the biggest potential on the make side at TVB. Also dedicated and ambitious. Crystal made easy with of him.

      3. @luye after watching the dub of war, I genuinely felt like she was trying and actually cares about her career whereas before I didn’t get that impression. Perhaps she was young then and now she’s starting to mature. Am I her biggest fan now? No but I do have to agree that I genuinely feel like she’s trying.

  1. Crystal is smoking hot in this drama, even hotter than when she was playing gangster in Applecolada. Her acting is still a different story though. Also hate it how TVB and many other drama and movies portray hacking lmao. Type random crap on laptop=hacking!

  2. Glad to see Ruco still being around he popularity sure have gone downhill…

  3. She is everywhere these days lol… I mean good for her she’s getting work but her acting in this show is oof, rough. This was filmed a few years ago right?

    1. @tt23 yea, I can’t watch her. She exaggerates too much when she speaks. Like her mouth just moves in all kinds of directions lol

  4. I have 3 qualms about this. To start, Crystal was given the wrong role. Yes, her looks fit. However, she can’t play someone in their early 20s. Her role in AI Romantic is a better fit as a 30 year old. Highlights look good on this girl. Her actual age is 26 BTW. Second, her personality in Sinister Beings is too close to her actual personality, so she’s not acting but emulating. Thirdly, her upbringing is a different story. IRL, she comes from wealthy parents and she admitted her father buys her Hermes as an investment. In Sinister Beings, she’s an orphan who has survived the streets. She’s not convincing as a clubbing girl nor a hacker, but she’s convincing as the girl who attracts Ruco’s character. Even Rosina, Ruco’s on screen gf, say Sam Sir and Ana are alike.

  5. I am only about 6 episodes done with the Ruco series, so can’t make a complete judgment, but Crystal’s character is very likeable. She’s believable as the flirt and she has chemistry with Ruco’s character. She does get a bit whiny when she talks about being an orphan. There’s definite improvement compared to Al Cappuccino, but perhaps it’s a more relatable character.

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