Crystal Fung Shops for New Home

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Crystal Fung Shops for New Home

Since moving out of the apartment that she co-owns with her ex-boyfriend Martin Chung (鍾文浩), actress Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) began renting a place alone in Sham Shui Po for $20,000 Hong Kong dollars a month. However, her parents are worried about 26-year-old Crystal living alone and decided that it would be better if they bought a bigger home for all of them to live together.

On Father’s Day, Crystal and her family went out to celebrate as well as look for a new home at the real estate sales office in Hung Hom. Dressed in casual clothes and a face mask, Crystal queued up with her family to tour the model unit of CK Asset Holdings’ new real estate project in Tseung Kwan O. While waiting on line, Crystal kindly obliged when some children recognized the actress despite the face mask and asked to take pictures with her.

After some time, Crystal and her family were given a tour around the demonstration unit. They were seen discussing with the realtor about the price and details of the home. The actress was particularly fond of the larger three-bedroom and four-bedroom units – valued at HK$11 million and HK$18 million, respectively.

Willing to Help With the Mortgage

When reporters reached out to Crystal about her home shopping experience, she expressed she was accompanying her family to look at properties on Father’s Day because her parents are interested in owning a property. When asked if the new home was a gift for her father, she said, “No, it’s not really a Father’s Day present, but if I can lessen the financial burden, then I will contribute to the down payment or the mortgage. Either way, I will help out in getting a new home, so my family can live happily and comfortably.”

In terms of locking down their desired properties, Crystal expressed that it depends on the entry ticket, and she will let her father decide on these matters. She continued, “But there are too many people! We might not even get chosen. But if we do happen to be selected, we would buy at least a three-bedroom unit. The location is very convenient for me to get to work. I mainly prioritize properties with locations that are good for work.”


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