Crystal Fung Touted as a Tiffany Tang Lookalike

Miss Hong Kong 2016, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), is one of the more popular winners in recent years. The 23-year-old beauty has been touted to resemble 33-year-old Mainland actress, Tiffany Tang (唐嫣).

When complimented that she resembles Tiffany, Crystal expressed, “Actually, the first time I heard that I looked like Tiffany was during the Miss Hong Kong pre-screening. After my photo was posted online, a lot of people also said I look like her. Many of friends and my mom would say that, from some angles, we look alike. Actually, looking back at photos, I think there are some similarities, especially the eyes and smile.”

Some netizens even went on to praise that Crystal is more beautiful than Tiffany. To this, Crystal humbly responded, “That is definitely an overpraise. I think she has very nice facial features. Her eye are big, nose bridge is high, and jawline is sharp. I think where we are different is that I am still a newcomer and inexperienced. When Tiffany takes photos, she is very experienced and every angle is exquisite. But hearing my name mentioned together with Tiffany makes me very happy. I wouldn’t dare think I am prettier than she is.”

Other than looks, does Crystal think she can take on Tiffany’s role in The Princess Weiyoung (錦繡未央)? “In the drama, Weiyoung starts off as a young girl and eventually becomes queen. She is a smart person and can resolve crises. Even though I’m not extremely dumb, I don’t think I can control the wit and cleverness of the character yet. Tiffany graduated from acting school and trained for long time. I’m still a newcomer. Although I’m taking several acting classes right now, I still need more time. Even though I may look like her, I need more time to learn about demeanor and expressions.”

If Crystal does not think she can portray the character of Princess Weiyoung, which character does she want to try out and challenge the original actress?  “I’ll like to try portraying Li Yitong’s (李一桐) character of Huang Rong (黄蓉) in The Legend of the Condor Heroes <射鵰英雄傳>. Although I may not look like Li Yitong, a lot of my friends comment how the way I talk and smile is similar to Huang Rong. I think this character is quite lively and cute. If I had a chance to try [portraying a character], I’d want to try that! Actually, I’ve always wanted to film an ancient drama, but I haven’t had the chance yet.”


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