Crystal Liu Dating Korean Actor Song Seung Heon

Mainland Chinese actress Crystal Liu (劉亦菲) and Korean actor Song Seung Heon announced yesterday that they in a relationship. The two met when filming the romance movie The Third Way of Love <第三種愛情> in 2014, though they did not begin officially dating until recently.

A few days ago, Crystal and Seung Heon were spotted in Beijing, enjoying a late meal with Korean director John H. Lee, who helmed The Third Way of Love. Although Crystal and Seung Heon did not communicate during the meal, they were later photographed getting into the same car and heading to Crystal’s house, where Seung Heon stayed overnight.

The next day, Crystal and her mother were seen at the airport, where they were sending off Crystal’s maternal grandparents. Although Seung Heon was not present, netizens surmised that he had already met Crystal’s parents.

In an official statement, Seung Heon’s representatives stated that he and Crystal shared favorable impressions of one another after collaborating on The Third Way of Love. Though they had few opportunities to meet after filming was completed, they would often contact one another by phone or text message.

The statement went on to say that because their romance is currently in the beginning stages, Seung Heon hopes that they can gain everyone’s blessings. However, he denied having met Crystal’s parents.

When news of the relationship broke, Crystal updated her Sina Weibo with the image of two hearts and thanked fans for their support. Currently 27 years old, she is 11 years younger than Seung Heon.

Seung Heon Previously Hinted at Admiration of Crystal

At the beginning of the year, Seung Heon confessed on a show that he had fallen in love with an actress he had worked with before. He also revealed that the actress was a goddess-type beauty who had both sex appeal and a pure personality. Afterward, netizens immediately guessed that he was talking about Crystal.

In June, Seung Heon insisted on attending the Shanghai International Film Festival, even though many Korean celebrities declined their invitation due to the MERS outbreak. At the time, Seung Heon was seen sharing a meal with Crystal.

Seung Heon also shared that after his close friend, Korean actor Bae Yong Joon, tied the knot earlier this year, he looked so radiantly happy that Seung Heon himself began thinking of getting married. However, he insisted that he and Crystal are not yet at the stage to discuss marriage plans.

Crystal and Seung Heon’s movie, The Third Way of Love, opens in mainland Chinese theaters on September 30. When contacted about the relationship news, a film representative expressed great surprise and said that it did not appear like the two were creating hype for the movie’s release.


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