Daniel Wu and Lisa S. Expecting Their First Baby!

Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) and his wife, Lisa S., have been attempting to have children since getting married in South Africa two years ago. On December 2, Daniel excitedly announced that Lisa is pregnant and their baby will arrive in the summer.

“To friends, fans and the media: I would like to publicly announce that my beautiful wife, Lisa, is pregnant and will be expecting early June next year. Thank you for all your past wishes and concerns. We look forward to starting the next chapter in our lives,” Daniel posted a picture of himself jumping ecstatically behind Lisa on his Weibo blog.

With their strong desires to start a family, the couple had tried various methods to conceive. Daniel was under the care of a Chinese herbalist doctor to regulate and condition his body in order to conceive a baby. Lisa tried many different methods such as gaining weight and charting her ovum production cycle. Their dreams have finally come true, as they will be expecting their bundle of joy to arrive next summer.

Excited and happy to be a father, Daniel will take a year off from filming to personally to take care and witness the growth of their precious baby.

After the announcement, many of his fans sent their blessings on Daniel’s Weibo. Everyone is eager to meet their beautiful baby in 6 months.

Source: On.cc, Sina.com

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    1. it’s always 50/50….

      but good looking couple usually end up with above average looking kids

      1. Hmm, but isn’t there something about bi-racial babies are better looking? Could be a myth, but I thought I read that.

      2. Not really I find most of them are pretty cute, but being a mix baby no matter how the mother or father look they look so cute! But I guess it does come back to 50/50 chance but I’m sure is gonna be a cute little baby!

      3. mixed babies are born to be cute 😀 baby general is cute, congratulation to both 😀

      4. Mix baby has a good chance of being cute/beautiful, so yea, most likely a cute baby

  1. Congratulations to Daniel and Lisa! May she have a safe delivery and healthy baby! So happy for them!

  2. So happy for Daniel, he has been longing for a child for quite some time. I guess he no longer need to feel envious seeing friends having kids.

    1. Sehseh,
      Daniel and Lisa are a beautiful couple that has fun together. Can’t wait to see their little baby!

    1. he seems to like the matured type haha so whatever, this one is ok looking too i guess just a bit too tall next to him.

      1. She’s 5’10” and he’s 6’2″. I think she’s wearing heels.

    2. Heard that Maggie Q is already with someone too so she has found her happiness as well.. Congrats to her and Daniel on both finding their own happiness…

    3. well Maggie left Daniel for Edison so you can’t really compare

      1. no way? she actually left daniel for perverted edison? hahahaa OMG, i had no idea. how tasteless haha

  3. They seem like such lovely couple. I wish them all the best with the pregnancy and baby.

  4. Congrats to this couple ; next year is a snake year for the chinese; if a girl will be very beautiful coz snake represents beauty for girls and dragon year is good for boys power & fortune not beauty.

    1. That is not necessarily true and I don’t think we should believe in that zodiac stuff too much….

  5. awww it’s so nice to hear that they’ve been striving to have a child for so long and it’s so heartwarming to hear that daniel will take a year off to care for the family. that shows a lot about his character and i super admire him for that!

  6. The picture they took to announce the pregnancy is a copy of the Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel wedding photo on the cover of People magazine (where Justin is jumping in the air and Jessica is sitting down). No originality!
    Congrats to the couple nevertheless..baby will be good looking 🙂

  7. All babies are precious and cute but half Asian and half White are especially cute! My daugther 3 and my son 5 are half Chinese and half Caucasian so far they are very cute got lots of compliments from the Asian side…not sure if they’ll grow to stay good looking but I will nurish them with healthy stuff and healthy habits! Congratulations to these two…I admire couples who tried hard to get a baby of their own through natural ways. Daniel to spend a whole year of time with the baby and wife makes him a good father and husband!

  8. haha, things they go through to get pregnant, prefer to let it come naturally, anyhow congrats

  9. It’s good to hear that she’s 37 and pregnant. It’s super hard when you are above 35 years old to get pregnant. It’s always good to have babies when ur young.

    1. 37? She is much older than 37! But anyway, I’m very happy for them

      1. i know, i was gonna say the same thing. she certainly looks way older than 37. perhaps, b/c shes taller than most and let’s face it, lots of caucasians or other races their faces always look older than original age for some reason where as asians they probably have a smaller built n thru looks younger. i have a caucasian colleague who is only 2 inches taller than i am and most ppl think she is at least 6-7 years older than i am when we are actually the same age.

  10. Good for them, but still plenty sad little children in this world needs attention and spport

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