Dayo Wong and Kristal Tin Win TV King and TV Queen at 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards

TVB delivered surprising, but satisfying results at this year’s Anniversary Awards, which concluded on December 16. Dayo Wong (黃子華) and Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) were named TV King and TV Queen, beating hot favorites Chilam Cheung (張智霖) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣).

In past years, the Hong Kong media often correctly leaked the list of winners prior to the presentation awards. This year, the majority of the winners were “dark horse” candidates since they were not highly publicized nominees.

2013 TVB Anniversary Awards Kristal Tin 3Kristal Tin won Best Actress and Most Popular Female Character awards for her performance in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>. Although Kristal’s acting is highly acclaimed and she already received the Best Actress nod from peers earlier at the TVB Anniversary Gala, the media speculated that TVB would instead recognize Linda Chung, who is more highly promoted. Kristal received 100,614 votes to help her win the Most Popular Female Character award, and she cried emotionally over her double victory. Linda hugged Kristal tightly to congratulate her win.

Absent from the awards ceremony, Dayo was shocked when MC Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) called to announce his victory. Since this year’s Best Actor and Best Actress awards were chosen based on a combination of votes from the public and a professional panel of judges, Dayo defeated Chilam Cheung, who had already won TV King in Malaysia through audience votes. 

Receiving 77,948 votes for the Most Popular Male Character Award, Chilam appeared disappointed that the Best Actor award eluded his grasp. In his acceptance speech, Chilam said, “Does TVB not like me? Is it only possible to win the award through popular votes? Biological children are lovable, but when appearing at the necessary and right time, loyal children are very important too!”

2013 TVB Anniversary Awards Eliza Sam Vincent WongPutting in memorable performances since she joined TVB in 2010, Elena Kong (江美儀) won Best Supporting Actress and hugged Triumph in the Skies 2 co-star, Kenneth Ma, excitedly. Seasoned comedian, Benz Hui (許紹雄), turned out to be this year’s dark horse winner for Best Supporting Actor.

Although still struggling to perfect her Cantonese, Eliza Sam’s (岑麗香) raw talent and charisma helped her snag the Most Improved Actress award over leading competitor Priscilla Wong (黃翠如). Working his way up from minor roles to greater prominence, Vincent Wong (王浩信) demonstrated his versatility this year and won the Most Improved Actor award. In his acceptance speech, Vincent thanked his wife, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤), and former co-stars Damian Lau (劉松仁) and Susan Tse (謝雪心) for mentoring him.

Below are the complete list of winners:

Best Drama:
Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>

Best Supporting Actor:
Benz Hui (許紹雄) for Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>

Best Supporting Actress:
Elena Kong (江美儀) for Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>

Most Improved Actor:
Vincent Wong (王浩信) for Friendly Fire < 法網狙擊>, Season of Love <戀愛季節>,Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰>, A Change of Heart <好心作怪>, and Will Power <法外風雲>

Most Improved Actress:
Eliza Sam (岑麗香) for Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, Friendly Fire <神鎗狙擊>, and The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II>

Most Popular Male Character:
Chilam Cheung (張智霖) for Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄II>

Most Popular Female Character:
Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) for Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>

Best Hosts:
Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) and Tony Hung (洪永城) for Pilgrimage of Wealth 2 <走過浮華大地 亞洲篇>

Best Variety Program:
Three Amigos Bon Voyage <三個小生去旅行>

Best Informative Program:
Pilgrimage of Wealth 2 <走過浮華大地 亞洲篇>

Outstanding Actors:
Suet Nei (雪妮), Mary Hon (韓馬利), Anderson Junior (安德尊), Helen Ma (馬海倫), Lau Kong (劉江)

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Lau Siu Ming (劉兆銘)


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  1. Anyone with direct link to that portion? If got I will do it.

  2. Anyway from my memory and no verbatim this is what I remembered;

    DD: I spoke with Dayo earlier and he already said he won’t be attending.

    And she took out her own Samsung phone and connected it to the system and called.

    DD: Hello..
    Dayo : Dodo? You haven’t called me on this number for couple of years now!
    DD: I am calling to inform you.. that you have won TVB Best Actor award! By the way you’re on the speaker, everyone can hear you.
    DD: Best Actor? Is that the same as TV King?
    Dodo : Yes! TV King!
    DD: Is there more than one?
    Dodo: No! Just one the only one!
    DD: But.. how? How are the votes tabulated?
    Dodo : 50% fan voting and 50% peers voting and you came out at the top!
    DD: 50% fan voting and 50% peers voting? That’s actually… a fair system!
    DD: Where are you now?
    Dayo: Shanghai
    DD: When you come back I will give you your award, ok?

    Can’t remember the rest. After she put down her phone Dodo said “Luckily could get him on the phone. Usually he never answer his phone!”

    And I can’t remember the rest. Dayo really sound stunned.

    1. Thanks Funn! I think many are happy with the results this time and TVB seemed to have learned their lesson and should give the awards to the ones who truly deserve it just like what they did in the distant past. It is great to give to those who deserve if most instead of their favorites only.

    2. Dodo : 50% fan voting and 50% by professionals voting and you came out at the top!

      DD: 50% fan voting and 50% professionals voting? That’s actually very professionals (in a sarcastic tone which means he don;t deserve)

    1. I don’t think so,ruco chan , when his in brother-keeper, he are very very good acting, I really don’t get it why not him is TV KING?? why dayo wong?? it,s not fair!! TVB JUST MAKEUP THIS AWARD FORNOTHING!!

      1. I love Ruco but between Dayo and Ruco, Dayo has my vote. Ruco also has to compete with Francis who has my vote.

      2. Ruco and Kristal are both my favorite actor and actress of many years but no doubt Dayo Wong deserved the award the most! He should’ve won long time ago for War of Genders and To Catch the Uncatchable.

      3. Ruco is good, but I’d choose Francis and Dayo over him. Yes, Ruco deserves an award, but he’s still quite new. In fact, he could be considered a rookie as a nominee for the BA. He still has plenty of chances left. I mean, I would choose Ruco over Kenneth without hesitation.

        Dayo? Definitely deserves the award. Definitely fair. If you actually pay attention, you’ll see his acting is very natural, I sometimes forget I’m watching a drama! I cannot say who is better between Francis and Dayo (their acting genre is very different, one drama and one comedy), but I would vote Dayo.

        Plus, its refreshing to see a winner for BA that acts in a comedy. Its always drama, epic drama and drama that wins the award.

      4. i agreed with you, Ann.. I picked Ruco Chan too. he is such a good actor. he should be the winner not Dayo.. but everyone else is a good win… this year is so fair compare to prior years except for the best actor winner…

      5. I love Ruco…he will be TV King in the future…don’t worry…at least Dayo is deserved it too…

      6. A VERY WELL DESERVED WIN BY DAYO! He did an excellent job in My Lady. He’s hilarious and I loved watching him act!

  3. I,am very dispointed that tv king giving to dayo ,he isnot good at all, should be ruco chan,not dayo wong.


  4. I got to say in these recent years, this year has the most deserving winners especially Kristal and Elena.

    1. Totally agree. Congratulations to Kristal and Elena. Both of them were ATV actresses. TVB seemed to be very generous and elegant this year ……….. awarding former ATV actresses.

      1. Not the first time TVB has award previous ATV actor/actress as well such as Tse Suet Sam for Best Supporting actress and Raymond Wong for Most improved. Many ex ATV actors/actress who joined TVB are 10x better than TVB’s self groomed actors.

        Including Kristal Tin, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Elena Kong, Joey Meng, etc

      2. @sport3888
        Not to forget Kwong Wah, Nick Cheung and Esther Kwan from ATV, good acting.

      3. Yeah, I forgot about Susan Tse and Raymond Wong. Both of them were from ATV. But Best Actress is a big big award vs. Most Improved and Best Supporting. I am glad that TVB did it with class this time.

      4. Wow, there are so many good artistes from ATV. TVB is so lucky to have them all.

    2. I know, I think this years TVB awards was the best compared the ones in the past few years. The results were actually good and not faked or ridiculous. I think that 50/50 thing worked (if it really was real).

      1. In terms of Best Actor and Best Actress awards, I would say that the best results were in 2010 ………… “No Regrets”. Both Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai acted very well, especially for Wayne Lai ……… it was his breakthrough in “No Regrets” and not in “Rosy Business” in 2009.

  5. It seems the 2nd favourite from judges is not popular with fans.

    Wondering who is he? Francis? Ruco?

    1. Me too I was wondering about two things. 1. Who were the judges 2nd favorite
      2. Who were the top 3 for best actor and actress? They should’ve jut announced all the results and what top 5 by judges vs Public were!

  6. I’ve watched Dayo’s War of Genders (2/3 of it), To Catch the Uncatchable (right before Bounty aired), You’re Hired and now currently watching Bounty Lady. I find Dayo’s portrayals of his characters and performances and facial expressions all so similar that I could easily subsititute one of his characters across the series.

    Anyway, congratulations to Dayo!

    1. Agree. Personally I don’t like Dayo Wong’s acting. I think he acts the same in all his drama series. But I know acting is very subjective. Different people have different tastes and expectations. Dayo Wong is only good in comedies and talk shows. He talks more than he acts with facial expressions and inner emotions.

  7. If you can call another artist a drug addict and use that form of language. I question the taste and class of your preferred choice. The class of an idol is clearly reflected by their fan base.

  8. Elena and Vincent both richly deserve their awards. Vincent has improved markedly in the last year. But Dayo? He looks the same, speaks in the same manner, and has the same body language in all the dramas that I have seen him in. I can’t differentiate his characters from one series to the next. And that does not spell good acting, at least not in my books.

  9. Other than Eliza with her Most Improved award (but it’s expected to see her win this year), happy with this year winners.

  10. Overall I’m quite happy with the results. I don’t think Benz should have gotten best supporting actor for his role but there’s no denying he deserves recognition as an actor. Elena finally got what she long deserved. I always felt she was a top contender for best supporting actress in recent years but the media and TVB always seem to overlook her. I honestly feel this year’s awards have more authority. I’m not too sure if the other awards, beside best actor/actress/drama were voted by the group of 807 voters but does look that way. Hope TVB continues to use a large voting pool in the future.

    1. Agree that Benz Hui is a good actor, but I don’t think he should win Best Supporting Actor in “Bounty Lady”. He just over-exaggerated everything and that is what they called BEST acting!? I think many artistes can do it easily.

  11. This was a year of highest fairness. Hope TVB will keep up to it every year.

    Vincent and Elena are of no doubt as there are no any other that are more deserving than them this year for the award category that they have been awarded.

    Not sure why ppl thinks that Priscilla is a leading competitor cos I think Grace should be the one instead. Grace obvious improvement in Bounty Lady. Either Grace or Eliza is still fair. I can see Eliza acting improved in On Call 36hrs 2.

    And Linda as the leading competitor for B.Actress, it should be Tavia. Linda in her BK acting is her all time worst.

    Happy to see at least now the artistes are receiving awards by their acting which it is supposed to be and not by favoritism this year.

      1. In those years, Wayne & Sheren won fairly and the audiences loved them.

        This year, I was happy that Kristal won over Linda. Linda’s performance was really poor in BK, not even sure why people think she was the hot fav. (Esther, Joey & Ada even surpasses Linda)

      2. Talking about overall result, this year is much better than 2009 or 2010. You think 2009 and 2010 have best result just because you are a big fan of Wayne. Look at the overall result of this year, you’ll see the better segments.

    1. Agree that Priscilla Wong should NOT be nominated for “Best Improved Actress” award. This award is given to someone who has not done any important roles, especially the first lead, and the artiste has improved a lot over the years (usually 2 to 3 years), and the award winner will usually be highly promoted to act heavier roles, such as 1st supporting or even 1st lead roles. Priscilla Wong had already done 1st lead roles in “GPS”; “Karma Rider”, etc.

    2. It boggles me why the media chose to hype Linda as a leading contender, since many felt BK was one of her weakest roles. Last year’s hype for Raymond and Kate’s performances in HAL was more convincing.

      1. because linda is prettier la. Where got people can imagine kristal can won it. It means many 35 years also above voting for her. Those teenagers for sure wont be voting for kristal. We dunoo the sampling data of the voters they age and so on, so cannot analyse further..

      2. @Tegan
        Agree! It was really not convincing choosing Linda as the hot contender

      3. I’m just 30 years old but I still voted for Kristal. After all this is about performance, not good look or good image.

      4. Secruoser, I totally agree. I only look at acting not looks or whatsoever because they are actors and actresses and that is it.

        I’m still below 35 and if I am to vote I will not vote for Linda her BK performance is not there, although I have to agree that she’s much prettier. If this is about choosing a girlfriend or wife award then yes, I think she will win without a doubt.

  12. Question now is who was no. 2 and no. 3?

    My speculation for the guys is


    No. 3

    But someone said No. 3 could be Ruco.

    For the girls, hard to speculate but I suppose. What were the scores again?

    no. 2

    No. 3

    1. I think Linda probably placed second but third looks quite hard to predict. The third place actress came in fourth in both audience and professional voting. That suggests the votes were quite split so it could really be anyone.

      For best actor, Chilam was probably second since the second place person was first in audience voting. Third is more likely Francis than Kenneth since the third place person was fourth in professional voting and second in audience voting. I think Kenneth would have placed higher in professional voting since he won the peer votes during the anniversary.

  13. Cant say Im happy with Dayo and Krystal as this years winners. Weirdest winners ever.

    1. haha, if last year that damian lau wont best actor, so its weird anot?

      1. Weird, but I’ll applaud with whole of my heart because Damien is the best thing SSSS has. That series is a flop but thank Damien, it didn’t flopped to the dip.

      2. I don’t understand either why Damian did not win last year (though I know he did not care, but he deserved it)
        . He was the best actor in 2012 and the best actor in SSSS. Without him, I think SSSS would be even worse in viewership ratings.

      3. I remember that Damian said he don’t care those award and don’t want join this race…

  14. This year was a really tough one awards wise cause nearly everyone contending for the awards did a really good job and deserved an award. Even so, TVB did a good job distributing the awards. I was really touched when each winner gave there speach cause it felt real and from their heart (not like in previous years). I felt sorry for Francis Ng though. Cause he specially came to the ceremony, but received nothing and didn’t even get to say a word on stage. He didn’t seem so happy when Dayo, who didn’t even attend, was receiving his award by phone. Unless his usual self is just like Sam Goh.

  15. In fact, I was surprised Kristal Tin got so many votes from the public. She did not seem to have so many fans supporting her vs. Linda Chung’s big fan base.

    However, I am so happy for Kristal because people finally learn how to appreciate good acting instead of adoring their idols.

    1. Linda Chung’s strength is only in portraying innocent, weak and tearful characters which I really got bored with. Her fan base really comes from her ‘good girl’ image but I think people should not confuse that with good overall acting.

    2. me too…I am surprise and happy with the result…I thought Linda has strong fans base…but turn out that Kristal won…I start to believe the vote result from last year was real…I am Raymond’s fan…I thought Raymond has strong fans base but lose to Wayne.

      1. Last year Txb claimed it was pure vote, this year it’s mixed from “judge” and vote (50-50). On.CC posted a picture that Dayo ranked 3rd in fan vote but 1st in judge while Chilam ranked 1 in fan vote.

      2. Well…i am not fans of any actor/actress in this year award…and i am very happy with the result…i think they all deserved their award…
        About last year…of course…i was disappointed (about of Raymond Lam)…but i was not mad…”play the game…follow the rule”…after all…it is the award given by TVB…TVB can give to whoever it want…it is okay!

  16. Wow, I’m surprised. Kristal deserves to win and she actually won. TVB, you sure show me.

  17. I’m surprised that Dayo won the Best Actor. I like him and his performances but professionally-speaking, ‘Heong Kong Nam’ character is not difficult at all.
    As for Chilam, he’s worth the Most Popular Male Actor, but not Best Male Actor really. Again, ‘Captain Cool’ is a relatively easy character that only requires ‘being cool’,’flamboyant’ and ‘handsome’, which Chilam has them all.
    If you’ve not seen Brother’s Keeper, you should seriously consider watching it. Both Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu gave really good performance in their characters and I really vouched for either of them to get the Best Actor this time. Perhaps Krystal Tin has overshadowed both of them and I have to agree that ‘Yiu Man-Ying’ is a really, really good character to act in, and Krystal really got into the character really well. She’s definitely worthy of both the awards she got.
    I think Fala Chen deserves a mention for ‘Holiday’ and felt that it’s pretty sad that she didn’t even get into the top 5. Fala Chen carried Holiday’s jovial and carefree character pretty well.
    For me, the best 2013 drama would be Brother’s Keeper. Great theme song, great plot, and very hardworking casts (albeit not the typical favorites). Brother’s Keeper brought back the reminisce of the good old big conflict dramas back in the days of Gallen Lo. This drama appeared just when I feel that TVB is over-saturated with modern crimes/professionals and old times dramas and felt that a drama depicting the 80′s/90′s is very refreshing. A must-watch.
    Triumph in the Skies II, no doubt is popular among audiences as I’m a fan too, but to me it’s really just about watching the glamour and glitz of airport and cabin crews as well as the exotic travelling scenes. Characters aren’t really challenging, although like I mentioned, Holiday is the only character worth mentioning in the drama. Elena Kong did pretty well and I guess she got it due to the fact that not any woman can act and accept a relationship with a younger guy, plus the kissing scene… 😀 I personally like Elena’s act and think that she did pretty good with ‘Shan Diu’ in Bounty Lady as well.
    All in all, I’d conclude that most fans only voted for the sake of voting but don’t really pay attention to the professionalism in the acting. I mean, the former holds true for Most Popular awards, but for Best Actor/Actress/Drama, it’s more to professionalism than just being favorites.

    1. Agree with you in the following:

      1) Not difficult to portray “Heung Kong Nam” (Dayo Wong) or “Heung Sin Nam” (Benz Hui), and they both got BEST awards
      2) Not too difficult to portray Captain Cool (Chilam Cheung) ……. Chilam deserved Most Favourite Male Character due to his popular acceptance by audience
      3) Fala Chen did a good job in portraying Holiday, and I think she got to the final top 5 (I hope I am correct). Holiday was a difficult character to act with so many ups and downs. Her only drawback was her cry scenes with no or little tears
      4) Kristal Tin did an excellent job in acting “Ah Ying” in “Brother’s Keeper”, and she definitely deserved TV Queen and Most Favourite Female Character
      5) Perhaps Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu were overshadowed by Kristal Tin’s outstanding acting. Both of them did a very good job though Ruco stood out more as a more exciting and glamorous character. I think Edwin acted very well too as a hardworking and filial son. He was not a romantic partner though. It is super difficult to shine when the character is too good and not outstanding (Ah Shun).
      6) “TITS 2” should not get Best Drama Series, but Drama Series with Highest Viewership Ratings
      7) My Best Drama should be either “Will Power” (excellent acting and cast, as well as properly-paced storyline), or “Brother’s Keeper” (middle part was a bit boring to me).
      8) Elena Kong’s acting is good in every drama series, but I did not particularly like her role in “TITS 2” (not her best drama series), but she deserved Best Supporting Actress anyway. It’s overdue for many years.

      1. Reason for “TITS 2” not to get Best Drama Series is: very poorly-written storyline. Acting was good though.

  18. I missed out on this on Astro!! Anyone has the link to full video besides That one couldn’t load for me.


  19. is it possible they gave it to dayo to boost his possible next productions ?

    1. No since he has no possible next productions. The other 4 have for sure next productions. Saw Kate Tsui’s interview and funnily enough she said she called Dayo and said something like (and jokingly) that TVB had to give to Dayo so that he will come back to film for TVB. Now that’s a funny joke. Chilam, yours wasn’t funny.

  20. I would rather Grace Wong or Samantha Ko win. They showed the most improvement to me. Grace was really good in ‘Bounty Lady’. Her tomboy act, her heartbreak moment, her happy moment, all acted well. Samantha Ko’s acting has shown steady improvement since that Moses and Maggie series.

    Eliza Sam was cute and she’s a joy to watch in comedy series. But, her acting is still lacking when it comes to serious moments.

    Anyway, congrats to all the winner, especially Vincent Wong. He truly deserves the award.

  21. Never been a fan of Benz Hui, he always seems like he overacts to me, but it’s awesome to see he won an award.
    I thought they pretty much disqualified older actors for any awards aside from lifetime achievement.
    Maybe in the future we will have more greenleaf actors winning. So sick of seeing the same promoted faces win everything despite not having the talent neccesary.

    1. Agree ………………..”Never been a fan of Benz Hui, he always seems like he overacts to me, but it’s awesome to see he won an award.”

    2. But that is such a contradictory statement. You don’t think he deserves the award for his performance and yet you feel it was awesome he won. If you don’t think he deserves it, why should it be awesome he won? It means the person you think deserves it didn’t win. Isn’t that unfair to you? Just because he is a veteran doesn’t make him deserving. If it is body of work and veteran, the lifetime achievement award is the way to go. If it is for specific performance and you feel he wasn’t good enough, then the results should not be awesome, it should be disappointing and it is even considered rigged because the best actor amongst the supporting for that specific role did not win. If a much younger actor can act much better with better impact in a specific role than the veterans, I feel give it to the young actor. You’re awarding performance and the quality of that performance, not age.

  22. Linda chung is nominated? She is just a pretty face and ok in acting and Chilam? Lol heis just another arrogant guy.. Don’t like his character at all too too proud of himself

  23. Surprised to see that Elena Kong looked so young at the Awards Ceremony. Can’t believe that she is over 40 years old.

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