“Death By Zero” Ending Spoilers Dropped

The final episode of TVB’s smash hit Death By Zero <殺手> is ending on Friday, and viewers are impatiently waiting to know what will be the fates of their favorite characters.

On Thursday’s episode, the Assassin Hunter is on the search for the next target. As Nana (Katy Kung 龔嘉欣) is familiar with Parker (Brian Tse 謝東閔), it is highly likely that she would be next. Dino (Anthony Ho 何遠東) extorts the Assassin Hunter, on the means that he will reveal his true identity. Feeling threatened, Park kills Dino.

Meanwhile, Yama (Wayne Lai 黎耀祥) uncovers a secret code in the letter left behind by Bingo (Lam King Ching 林景程). Zero (Moses Chan 陳豪) discovers items left behind by Man Man (Kaman Kong 江嘉敏) as he rummages through the Assassin Hunter’s things. In a rage, he goes to seek the Assassin Hunter for revenge. Yama, realizing that his daughter may have been kidnapped by the Assassin Hunter, stops Zero doing further damage. The Assassin Hunter uses this opportunity to kidnap Cash (Ali Lee 李佳芯).


Airing Friday, the final episode centers on Yama, Zero, and their final battle. Fung Sir (James Ng 吳業坤) confronts Zero, claiming that he has evidence that points to him being a career assassin. Charlie (Timothy Cheng 鄭子誠) arranges an escape route for Zero, also saying that his fate will be decided by only one choice. Yama seeks out Zero for a final battle.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. ****Spoilers****

    Parker *tries* to kill Dino. I don’t think I actually saw a scene where he successfully managed to kill Dino?

    Some aspects of it was still a bit cliche/predictable, but that was due to a lot of foreshadowing beforehand, i.e., the constant focus on Kill Bill, Ah Bing, etc. which usually means they’re gonna die especially since they’re support characters only. I think the only part that I didn’t like was how easy the antagonists died. Those scums deserved worse; Zero’s attack was honestly too gracious.

    Overall, I think the drama concluded things on a reasonable note. Everyone had their happy ending – wrapped up in a pretty bow. It even felt a little too tidy. But I suppose that’s better than a messy end.

    1. @coralie I really enjoyed the finale and think that the script writers managed to balance it between keeping the plot going and giving everyone a good ending. Elena Kong is so underrated. I don’t know why Katy Kung is getting more hype than she is despite having a better developed character and far better range of emotions.
      *Spoilerss* …… I’m so happy Cash didn’t die. Yimo had to do what he had to do so it was all good.

      1. @bubbles23 agreed that Elena Kong is so underrated. out of all the characters in this show, she’s the only one who never did anything wrong, but didn’t get a happy ending. i was hoping Wayne might’ve left her insurance plan money (even though he already said he’s ineligible for it), because she still needs to make a living somehow. her persona in the drama vs her in real life is such a big gap that i’m astonished she isn’t appreciated more.

      2. @bubbles23 Elena Kong is soooo underrated. She always nails her characters so seamlessly and has great chemistry with all her costars. I really like her acting.

    2. @bubbles23 **Spoilers** honestly if cash died, the drama would’ve ended for me lol. she’s too charming to be killed off and not have a happy ending!

      the entire cast was actually pretty charming and i don’t think anyone wanted any of them to die. but the ones who did die, their deaths were foreshadowed, at least.

      1. @coralie Yeah the character set up for everyone in the show is very good by tvb standards. I have a newfound appreciation for Moses as an actor.
        ****Spoilers kinda: Well at least Elena’s character gets Siu Bing’s inheritance, plus Ah Gi likely inherited all of Parker’s wealth.
        The only plot hole is like how did Cash heal so fast since she probably got a concussion and broken bones lol.

      2. @coralie Agree! I love Cash. She should be an assassin in the sequel with Zero!! Love their chemistry and fun banters. Cute couple!!

      3. @ace818 Cash and Sophia were so cute as mentor and mentee as well. But srsly Cash + Zero make the perfect couple. I wish there were more scenes of them. Makes me look forward to Amelia’s Rhapsody so much.

    1. @anon this series is so laughable, and the article declaring it “smash hit”, okay. Even TVB “assassins” are messy and low standards as their series. Assassins are invisible these idiots in the series are far from that.

  2. ***spoilers****

    I think Parker died one episode too early. Or at least his death could have carried over a few moments. I also wish they mentioned why he was the way he was.

    It was a good ending for TVB standards lol because they always f*** it up some how. The scene at the end with cash and zero was cute. And yim mo, I’m glad they gave him a heroic ending.

    Not the best series this year but better than most so far. EXCITED FOR AL CAPPUCCINO next week. Previews for it have been looking really great

  3. It was a fun series. Ending was a bit predictable and anticlimactic. Wayne’s character had the best arc and he got to show off his excellent acting. I am impressed how cool he and Moses were able to fight at their age. Always love Elena, wish her character had a bit more to do. She and Wayne had the most believable bond.

    My problem with the series is that the story was disjointed. There’s Wayne’s story and Moses’s story, rarely they cross with much significance. It would have been more emotionally impactful if there was a better link. When Wayne’s daughter recognized Cash as the kidnapped victim, I had to remember whether or not they have even met. Yeah, only for a brief scene.

    Ali was very charming. She brings the chemistry with Moses. Ali isn’t graceful for fighting scenes, which I guess fits the character, but I really enjoyed her training scenes with Sophia. Wanted to see more of that and her back story. What did she do that caused her to have a bad record? I wanted Cash to have more “wins” because towards the end it was one pathetic bad thing after the other. I had free time and rewatched Legal Mavericks. Cash and Never are so different but equally likeable.

    It took me over half the series to warm up to Katy’s character. I was worried that they would go the romantic route with Wayne, thank goodness that didn’t happen. But the initial innuendoes made it hard to like her and find her relevant. Her very last scene with Wayne is well acted.

    This series did really well at writing fun and interesting characters, whether main, supporting or even baddies. Timothy was so funny. Samantha’s nerdy cleaner, Bingo’s puppy dog dorkiness, Ali’s crass mom all added flavor. Even though the husband and wife bad guys were awful, I liked their commitment to each other and their craziness. Didn’t like Dino. I like this actor but I hate the stereotype of the gay guy being bad. Brian Tse was unexpected and very creepy. They wasted Jimmy Au.

    Over all, great ensemble cast. Moses really shines in this playful suave role. Storyline is disjointed, but watchable.

    1. @potatochip if you meant what Ali did re bad record, she put up on her IG a post re registration as voter in HK. It caused many to believe she’s pro independence and thus a traitor of China. (Never mind the voting was called by HK government).

      1. @conan2209 No, I mean in the series. Her character can’t get a decent job or apply for immigration because she had a previous criminal record. I wonder what she did.

      2. @potatochip I think it was assault because when she was at the cop shop after the luggage incident she said it was similar to “last time”.

      3. @potatochip oh! Well, too many things remained a mystery. I just watch this like I would with an anime or a marvel show. Most importantly, to watch Ali onscreen!

      4. @conan2209 LOL. Very true. Ali was a main reason why I tuned into this show. She’s so versatile and I found myself grinning along with her. Really great cast overall.

    2. @potatochip oh gosh yes they wasted jimmy au. Moses and Wayne did a good job as assassins but jimmy was made to be a killer assassin that is actually believable and all they did was put him in a wheelchair and killed him pathetically. What a waste.

  4. This series started off promising but deteriorated into a show that made no sense. Parker’s transformation was stupid. Dark Angel was a real bad ass character in the beginning then got really weird. Zero turned from a really good assassin to one that kept missing. This was very disappointing despite the star power.

    1. @canadian I was thinking the same with Zero shooting with the accuracy of a stormtrooper.

      Perhaps I’m giving them excuses but they said that once a career assassin has “feelings”, i.e. a relationship (emotional burden) then they’re no longer effective as an assassin.

      1. @kuks well he did want to retire for Cash, but had to seek revenge for his friend’s daughter, so really didn’t want to be an assassin anymore. I guess the excuse is valid

  5. My favourite characters were: Siu Bing and Charlie. Charlie especially so funny hahaha made the series more comedic and enjoyable taking away all the death involved.

    Things left unanswered:
    1) What happened to Dino? Parker didn’t kill Dino there was no scene of this.
    2) How is Cash alive or fully recovered? Parker legit smashed her head on a concrete floor and hammered her leg as well as step on it numerous times. How can she walk and be okay after just sleeping at Zero’s house? She should’ve lost her memory or died.
    3. How did Ah Jee survive the bullet and Parker did not? How did Ah Jee forget her memories? Her head was not injured at all.
    4. What was Wayne’s character last words to Elena Kong’s character?
    5. What happened at the end of the battle with Zero and Wayne? You can tell Wayne got caught in the blast but how did that happen did he just shoot the gas tank and throw himself at it?
    6. More context of that Overbeck app, so does that mean the Assassin world still exists?
    7. How come Parker couldn’t kill that Triad Leader and needed Wayne’s help when later he can easily kill assassins? What happened?
    8. Why did Wayne die.

    Overall a very enjoyable series. I cried when we discovered that Wayne donated his parts to his daughter especially the eyes.
    I agree on that wheelchair guy how little his character was in the drama he couldve been more. Also how each villain was killed so easily and the death so fast wasn’t enjoyable.
    So was Parker originally just a psychopath? Did the torture he suffered from Fuk Yeh caused by it or he just loved the thrill of killing from the very start?

    1. @oligodendrocytes to answer your question about Parker, he had a monologue when he was in the abandoned building. He was talking to his scared wife. He said that essentially when a tiger is raised as a dog, he grows up thinking as a dog since everything he’s learned is that of a dog. But once the guidance of being a dog is gone (reference to his Uncle dying) then the dog one day realizes he’s really a tiger. When the tiger starts acting like what he truly is, then it makes more sense. Parker was basically saying he’s been wanting to be a killer all this time but he was raised to be the opposite. He gets a thrill from killing. I hope that answers your query. My Chinese is decent, so when watching that scene; that’s the take away I got from Parker’s ‘confession’.

      1. @jackjackbug Yeah I remember that scene. I didn’t understand what he meant with his metaphor it sounded jibberish to me since he’s not right in the mind so I thought he was just having a psychotic thought. Thanks for clearing it up!

  6. I really enjoyed this series! It was fast paced, the soundtrack was fun, and the characters were interesting. The plot of underground assassins with agents, no less is a pretty unique story line.

    Moses and Ali has great chemistry. When I watched them as a couple in ‘My Ages Apart’, it was so apparent that their rapport was so natural. Elena and Wayne had the more believable relationship and I wished they had more of a story. Elena and Wayne also had great chemistry.

    The rapport between Charlie Chan and Zero was so good. It was a bromance right before our eyes and I’m for it! I really wished Wayne and Moses had more dialogue and more of a friendship in the series.

    I enjoyed watching these actors but didn’t care for Mun Mun or Teet Yun (Jimmy Au’s Character). His character was too short and the writers wasted good talent on a ‘throw away’ role. Dark Angel was too extreme. I like Katy Kung’s ‘look’ but the portrayal of her being ‘crazy’ was too extreme.

    This series was one of the better ones for 2020, IMO. I’ve so far really enjoyed ‘Brutally Young’ and ‘Life After Love’. All three series, though different in plot and story structure was all enjoyable to watch.

  7. Loved this show, very good potential to have actual spin off for it, for each of the main characters, prequel and or sequel.

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