Denise Ho Admits She is a Lesbian Before Cheering Crowd

Above: Anthony Wong, Hilary Tsui, Denise Ho, and Wyman Wong march in gay pride parade.

Hong Kong pop singer, Denise Ho (何韻詩) finally admitted that she is a lesbian, after speculations about her sexuality were rampant for many years.

In the past, Denise has sung many songs about the love of same-sex couples, such as Lawrence and Lewis < 勞斯.萊斯 > and Goodbye, Rosemary < 再見…露絲瑪莉 >. She  has also starred in a gay-themed musical, Butterfly Lovers < 梁祝下世傳奇 >. There were rumors circulating about her sexuality–especially during Denise’s rumored breakup with Joey Yung (容祖兒) earlier this year–but she has never addressed these rumors until today.

Denise Wishes to Fight for Gay Rights

In the past, Denise felt that her sexual orientation is a private matter, but now believes she can add her voice to give a bit of boost to the fight for equal rights in Hong Kong. Therefore, she decided to come out as gay during her first appearance in the Hong Kong pride parade.

“I am proud to say that I am a ‘tongzhi'” Denise exclaimed loudly before a cheering crowd. Denise referred to ‘tongzhi,’ the Chinese slang for gay people.

The theme of this year’s parade is “Dare to Love”. The participants in the parade include a few members of Legislative Council such as Gary Fan (范國威), Raymond Chan (陳志全), and Cyd Ho (何秀蘭).  Denise’s good friends, Anthony Wong (黃耀明), Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈), Wyman Wong (黃偉文), Edmond Leung’s (梁漢文) wife, Karen, and even her own parents were there to support her announcement.

Amidst the cheers of 4,000 parade attendees, Denise said, “I have an obligation, a duty to stand forward for the sake of love and peace. I am officially coming out as ‘tongzhi’.” The crowds cheered for her and all her friends came up on stage to give her support.

Denise addressed the media after her big announcement. She mentioned that she told the executives at her record company, friends and family the day before the parade.  Her biggest concern was her company and her career. Denise said, “We don’t know how inclusive and progressive society is, so high profile public figures like us to have to test the waters.”

After receiving approval and support from her colleagues, friends and family, Denise ultimately decided to throw all her concerns aside and fight for the road to equality.

Denise’s Passionate Declaration

Following disclosure of her sexuality, Denise detailed in her Weibo blog the myriad feelings inside her. She brimmed with excitement towards the overall public support, while hoping to change existing discriminatory attitudes towards gay people.

“The current me, still has not gone to sleep. I am filled with a myriad of feelings.

“I am very fortunate to be living in such an open society, to receive the support from many good friends. I am almost surrounded entirely by positive reactions. I am moved and grateful, but I will remind myself to not be swept away by one moment of happiness.

“A bigger mission looms ahead, in which I will forge with greater effort. I will put more heart; the current me no longer represents myself only,  but to take a step forward for all of us and to advocate for the progress of society.

“The person that I am today versus yesterday is not any different. The only difference is that I have a bigger mission. At this time, we must let everyone know that the label of  ‘tongzhi’ is only a small part of ourselves. Before this identity, we can also assume many outstanding roles in society.

“Others may remark upon my decision today in the following manner, ‘We already knew early on; what’s the big deal?’ Or perhaps others may question whether there is a motive for this disclosure. This attitude may only emerge in our odd-shaped society. In the end, all of this is unimportant. If you do not understand my disclosure, I will use patience to tell you. Or perhaps, I will use the days ahead to show you.

“Because I believe in love. I believe that human nature is inherently good. Similar to what I spoke about onstage today, I believe that the world can change for the better. It only requires our willingness to first sacrifice. It only requires our willingness to first believe.”

Denise Ho Admits She is a Lesbian Before Crowd

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  1. So proud of her to officially admit it even though it’s been an open secret for many years already. I admire her bravery to stand up especially in such a conservative society like HK. Homosexuality is no different from other types of love. I believe that love in any form is still love. Good job Denise! Support you!

    lol wonder what Joey will say?

    1. Miriamfanz,
      In the interview with the press, Denise mentioned that she has often thought about disclosing her sexuality openly. She felt it was the right time now and there was no longer any “burden”.

      She has always been more open about her preferences than Joey. If Denise and Joey are still together now, Denise may feel more of a “burden” to not make such an admission.

      One of the female reporters kept asking Denise about Joey. Due to their rumored relationship, Denise’s disclosure also points to Joey as a lesbian/bisexual.

      I was quite moved by Denise passionate statement on her Weibo.

    2. of course you have a minority that are unable to accept homosexuality but I wouldn’t call HK conservative. Example? Leslie Cheung. People were able to accept his “preference” and so many mourned him when he passed, young and old.

    3. Big deal……so she admits she’s lesbian. If she was really proud of it, would have came out many years ago to admit it……the only reason for admitting it now is because after Joey dumped her for a “real man”, Denise is no longer in the limelight anymore. This is the only way she can get any attention……do you guys think anyone will recognize her for her acting or singing?…..doubt it….Another “woman” – (hahahah) who will never know what it feels like to have real sex with a man….Ha!

      1. Denise is one of few truly talented female singers left in HK. If she wasn’t talented, she wouldn’t be Anita Mui’s only female discipline.

      2. The reason she admit now is because the parliament of HK has denied the setting up of public voting/inquiry for equal rights for people with different sexual orientation. It’s a big blow to those who has been fight for this right and for people in this minority group.

      3. you are pretty shallow to think that denise will come out just because she got dumped or she is releasing a new album soon. if u think this is a publicity stance, you are dreadfully wrong. coming out has long term effects on denise’s image and career, would she just rashly come out so as to have higher sales volume for her upcoming album?

      4. It’s easier said then done. It’s understandable why it took her so long to “come out of the closet”. Theres still a lot closed minded people in this day and age. Especially since she’s a celebrity she’s going to get scrutinized even more.

  2. Like I said earlier I really admired now a day the younger generations never run away telling their fans the truth who they are or even if they are getting married. BRAVO !

    1. The younger generations are more daring and open minded. I admired them too.

  3. I don’t mind gay/les stuff, but damn what a waste.
    She’s a pretty gal.

    1. I can’t even begin to explain how offensive your comment is. A waste for whom? Should only ugly girls be lesbians since they can’t serve as eye candy for males?

      1. I’m not going to apologize for what I said.
        Marriage should be between a man and a woman, and even nature dictates that reproduction is as such as well.

        >Should only ugly girls be lesbians since they can’t serve as eye candy for males?
        I never said that. I said “she’s a pretty gal”, not “why all the pretty gals gotta be lesbians”?

  4. I admire her for having the strength and courage to finally come out of the closet. You go girl!

  5. Incredibly brave of her to come out in such a public way. Here in Washington, gay marriage has been legalized! Happy that society is moving in the right direction 🙂

    1. It was cool that Pres Obama included “gays” in his election winning speech. Society has come a way.

  6. WOW O_O This is big to announce this as a celebrity Live and in Hong Kong. Omg, I hope HK’s netzer do not attack her for her courage. With this in mind, I “fighting!”

  7. Good on her for saying she is lesbian. It must be like a big weight off her shoulder. She never fooled the public and tried to make others feel she date men. Some gay famous stars are always hiding behind a woman or a man, like Sammi and Lee Hom. I had a 22 year old threatened me for saying zhou chuan xiong is gay. I was told he is married and he announced his marriage. What ZCX did was lie and fool manipulate his fans. No wife, wife is a longtime boyfriend. Keep your mouth shut, you do not owe anyone details on private life. You also do not owe fans lies and deceit. Denise, be happy, you deserve to be. Is Hebe next

  8. Joey will feel a slap on her face with this exposure…I am sure..

    1. Joey never tot Denise will say such things. Nothing wrongfr been bisexual. . rite

      1. Even if Joey and C hing break up, I don’t think she and Denise will get back together. I think Joey has decided she wants to be w/ men again b/c she wants to have kids. There is no right or wrong when it comes to love matters.

    2. But Denise mentioned that she asked joey before revealing her sexuality and joey supported her decision.

  9. Good for her!!! life is too short & the truth will set you free. Live, love & smile!

  10. Gay or not, it’s her decision. To me, it doesn’t take courage to pick and choose what to like or not to like. The courage is when a person know s/he is committing a sin in God’s eyes and seeking help.

    I know I’m a minority in this … but I hope my words did not come off as offensive.

    1. I actually have no clue what you mean?? You says being homosexual is its own decision, and it does not take courage to says it in a crowd, but at the same time is committing a sin?? So are you with or against here??

      1. It’s not backward thinking, but a view mostly influenced by religion i suppose.

    2. As a gay myself, i know tht there are certain things that you cant choose. It’s in you and you cant change it no matter how much you wanted to because of the public pressure. Tht’s why i admire denise for doing it. She must have felt so much relief. Good for her!

    3. I appreciate what you’re trying to say. She made a choice. Here, people are applauding her merely for admitting that choice. But real courage is knowing how to face our choices and their consequences.

      I take homosexuality as a sin not because I’m backwards, but because I believe in the Bible. I know many others think differently. But no matter the thought/philosophy…the greater courage is found in the handling, not admitting, the situation.

      1. Thank you Iris, you got my point exactly.

        It’s not a matter of backward or forward thinking but more on where a person’s faith lies.

        @E – I don’t have a clear stance on against or for HOCC’s actions. I do not think any differently of HOCC b/c of her sexual orientation.

        @miriamfanz – Backward thinking isn’t always wrong. Writing a letter may be backward thinking versus typing an email .. but quite honestly, there are pros and cons to each their own. I will assume your comment of backward thinking was not said in an offensive manner.

        @EL – I understand the struggles you are experiencing and I also have my share of struggles. During the time in need, I found God. It may or may not be the answer for you but it was the answer for me.

      2. I respect your right to freedom of religion. You can believe in whatever you choose to believe in. At the same time, I do believe society has moved forward from when homosexuality was thought of as a sin. Homosexuality used to be criminalized in many countries, but is no longer the case today. I think it would be detrimental if society moved back to there.

      3. @Iris — And how do you know that she doesn’t know how to face her choices, accept and handle the consequences? It’s funny how homosexuals have to stand up and face the consequences for admitting who they are. Have we ever asked heterosexuals to do the same? Why should there be consequences for being homosexuals? You believe what the Bible say is true because…?

      4. If you dont like homosexuals thats your problem! stop enforcing your ignorance and stupidity on others, gosh for a person who disliked gay ppl, you sure show up alot on gay threads! i just noticed. if you want to talk about the bible! please follow every scripture then! you cant! you hypocrite! go die.

      5. @pandamao: Sorry if my comment (which I actually used on myself, hehe) came across as offensive. I did not mean it so. I just said that because I knew others who did not take my stand often considered my beliefs to be “backwards.” Just like you, it is God that I turn to…although I understand and respect people who don’t.

        @Lee: You know what, I do believe Denise is ready to accept/face the consequences =) I was just echoing the original comment’s thought that people don’t need to get over-excited with the announcement…when her real test is actually ahead of her. And as for why I believe the Bible…that’s another story that I won’t indulge here on an unrelated thread. Although I’d gladly share to you if you truly want to know.

        @miriamfanz: I respect your freedom of thought/speech as well. Thank you for a civilized discussion =) And I also don’t agree with civil penalties for homosexuality. The choice of homosexuality/heterosexuality is not something under the government’s jurisdiction. I would dread to return to the day where homosexuals could be killed right away.

    4. wells, i believe in God too and my religion does stand against homosexuality, but I don’t think that religion is a reason for any of us to assume a moral high ground and judge others for their behavior. we may not fully agree with their chosen way of life, but that does not put us in a position to say that we live a more superior life and others “need help”. religion is about respecting others and we should not criticise what we dont understand fully. and plus coming out requires a lot of courage, which you do not fully comprehend

      1. i wouldn’t go as far as interpreting my message as me living a more superior life because of my approved sexual orientation in God’s eyes. i believe, we are all sinners in God’s eyes and it takes courage to correct oneself from that sin.

      2. @pandamao. Who the hell is your dog, I mean god? If gay is so bad, why don’t your dog stop creating them.

      3. @manglodinho –

        If my words have offended you, my apologies. I would like to keep this as a mature exchange of opinions and not an exchange of name calling. Thanks.

      4. @chompontvb — I don’t think being gay is something people chose. Would you choose to go down a path where you know you will face many discrimination and glaring eyes? Or would you choose to be part of the norm that enjoys all the human rights and a choice to discriminate others that is different from you?

      5. I second pandamao’s comment…we are all sinners. I have my own sins before the Lord that He has forgiven me for. But though forgiven, I cannot and do not judge beyond what the Bible teaches.

        I do not look down on any gay person as any worse than straight people. I do not agree with the path Denise has taken, but I salute her courage.

  11. It’s all about ATTENTION!!! Gay or Lesbian it’s a mental illness. If I have an addiction to cut my myself because it feels good but Im normal and nice that doesn’t make it right it’s a illness. Having sex with the same gender is just the same no matter if you believe in God or not. It’s simply not natural. BTW gay people you have lots of right/attention but don’t you force me to accept your behavior is normal just keep your illness to yourself and stop spreading your illness into children who are innocent to accept your BS. A society with more gays will create more sex diseases and gay families without a real mother and father role is just a messed up life. I don’t hate gays I just hate he fact they keep thinking that they dkn’t have rights and force people even children to notice their behaviors and action. Since their actions are so forceful I want my thougts to be heard too! Stop brain washing the next generation! Traditional values are not popular but is the right thing. To follow God’s will is hard but it is the right way…

    1. your small-mindedness and bigotry is also a mental illness. Maybe you need a doctor?

    2. It’s amusing how homophobes use the excuse of “tainting our children” when the media is full of racy heterosexual imagery.

      Also, not that it’s going to make a difference in your narrow-minded view of the world, but being gay/lesbian is not just a matter of who they choose to have sex with; it’s who they fall in love with.

    3. Isn’t it hypocritical you are doing the exact same thing. Voicing your beliefs just as Gays/Lesbian’s are voicing theirs, yet you have a right to do so but they shouldn’t be given that same right.

  12. nic you’re just one of the brain washed generation. Very sad the truth hurts…don’t buy into the BS, new norm has been growing but their way of life is empty. Partying, gay life, getting pregnant before marriage the list goes on and on. Sorry it is just all wrong to me…backward way of life. Im not perfect but at least I recognize what’s right and wrong and try my best to do good. But yall just gets a headache when the truth comes out.

    1. You can live your life in whatever way you want but you have no right to say if other people’s actions are BS or not

    2. Years ago, women as a whole, are the ones suppressed. If all people are as “traditional” as you are, today, women will still be without rights, without a voice. Unable to vote? Illiterate? Sharing a husband with 3 or 4 other women? Or having their feet mutilated from young? Yes, that’s where we will be, if people stuck to being “traditional”.

      Is that the perfect “traditional values” that you crave?

      I highly recommend a society suitable for you then. Middle Eastern Islamic nations.

    3. I’m sorry Rei.. you are the one that is brainwashed. What of the number of single parents? Divorced couples? Abusive parents? Being heterosexual does not mean you are golden.

      I think you need to read Mathew 7-1 again.

    4. Gay life = empty life?

      Some gay couples have live together for decades in a loving relationship.

    5. I always knew i was gay when i was 7 years old, since i was a child then, how dare you even try to talk to me like that. I was a child and I had to see homophobes like you everyday of my life.

  13. Totally disgusting. Gutted to get this truth. Remember, justice will be serve soon. Think Sodom and Gomorrah . I’m disappointed at Denise. You’ve chosen your path.

    1. Sodom your butt! Take your stinkin bible and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    2. Uh, Sodom and Gomorrah get destroyed because the people there did a lot of evil deed such as raping people.

      It’s really amazing that so many readers of the Sodom and Gomorrah story focus on gay sex part but ignore the rape part.

    3. Mightysnoopus – if you really know your bible, please rethink what you posted.
      Yes, god does not approve homosexuality but that doesn’t mean we should love, show kindness, and speak about god’s love for us.

      Intact we should show love like how Jesus showed love to everyone, and I mean everyone. Only through Jesus the world is saved. And that’s the gospel. So don’t go around judging but show that you care for the other person.

  14. Miriam i thought you said is about who they fall in love with? so now is about fighting people like me? too. Give me a break…it’s about attentions and forcefully make people agree if you don’t then you are to be call in many disgustig namea. I just don’t accept their butt behavior is normal when is not period. Gym time… To the Veterans Thanks for your service in keeping American safe! God Bless!

    1. It’s about who they love and the right to be respected for their choice. Of course how could you understand that it’s about love when all you think about is sex?

      You say if other people don’t accept gay behaviour, they are called disgusting names. But you have just called those who accept gay people as BS, not normal, brainwashed.

    2. Rei — Veteran fought for freedom. You talked about shunting other people and deny them of their basic human rights. Ironic, isn’t it? Well, if you want to thank the veterans for their services, then honor the one thing in life that they fought hard for.

    3. I doubt that she is seeking attention. Why would any public figure wants to scrutinize her/his life for making a public admission of something is not well-received by the general public. I personally think that she is standing up for her beliefs. I heard that she usually advises her fans to stand up for injustice and inequality. And this admission is her way of showing her fans that she isn’t just preaching. As a celebrity, she is using her platform to stand up for the minority and helping them getting their voice heard. Kudos to her!

      1. Thanks Lee for speaking a word if justice amidst the clutter of hate speech and name calling. Good!

  15. Ask your mom. She will tell you it’s way better than your dad’s!

  16. Okay Nic. Since you like to turn the title into women right etc. I will let you know I believe women have the right to vote and do whatever that is legal. Having the right doesn’t mean you can kill…it’s all about common sense and the right thing to do. To me gay sex is not normal and I don’t like those gay parade being expose to innocent or navie minded children while they’re stilll developing and learning about how the world works period. Have a good one.

    1. Rei,
      “do whatever is legal”
      legality is determined by the governing body in power. I’m trying to tell you, what is legal and common place and the right thing to do now, may not be so in the past. So even if you find woman rights “common sense” now, there are many people in the past who do not. Just look at race equality or animal rights.

      “Common sense” –
      When people had dreams of airplanes, others mock them for being absurd and without common sense. No doubt, some people died testing their creations, but if everyone just had “common sense”, we won’t have planes today. I mean afterall, human beings aren’t meant to fly. But we are flying now.

      “The right thing to do”
      What on earth is the right thing to do? Like animal rights. different groups of people think it’s wrong to eat dogs, cats, cows, pigs, whales, salmon, all kinds of animals. What do you think?
      Condoms and family planning – for or against?
      Gun ownership?
      There are so many issues in the world that everyone have a different view of.

      “I don’t like those gay parade being expose to innocent or navie minded children while they’re stilll developing and learning about how the world works period. ”
      you know what else children are being exposed to by the media?
      – Sexual activities on television, a 10 year old can come up to me and say you have nice boobs.
      – Violence, all those cool looking guns in action movies, that’s gonna brain wash them too.
      Just lock up your children at home, and no tv, internet, school then if you are so afraid of them being exposed to bad influence. But nope, if your child is smart enough, they will be also able to learn something else called discretion and perception. But with your genes, I doubt it.

      1. Nicole, I cannot say it better than you, especially the last paragraph about exposing children to bad influences. Children should not be fed with “that is good, that is bad” by the narrow-mindedness of the older generation. They should be exposed to the world and be taught how to make their OWN decisions on what they think is good or bad.

      2. @miriamfanz

        Some people like rei expect the government, educational system and media to babysit their children, instead of actually equipping them with knowledge and values themselves.

    2. There would not be a gay pride parades if they were treated equally and given the same rights as any human being in the first place

    3. @rei — Just because television show gay relationship does not mean that they favor one homosexuality over heterosexuality. It a way to teach us to respect and accept people even though they are different from us. If the kids who are watching a “homosexual relationship” are heterosexuals, I don’t think they will become homosexuals just because they saw a homosexual relationship.

      What exactly is normal? Who is to define normality? Someone in the thread said something about brainwash…who brainwashed whom? Who is to say that those who do not support homosexual relationships were not brain-washed by their traditional point of views and religious beliefs?

      1. I really like your logic, Lee!!! Likelikelike!! Exactly my thoughts too- the relative theory of morality is as such: just because different ppl have diff views and beliefs doesnt mean any one is right or better than others? Who are we to claim tt this is ‘moral’ and inpose our beliefs on others? Just because something is the majority doesnt make it anymore right that something in the minority.

  17. Proud of Denise. I personally think everyone deserves equal rights. And who are we to judge? You go GIRL!

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