Denise Ho: “I Dated a Boy, But Didn’t Like It!”

Ever since Denise Ho (何韻詩) came out as a lesbian in front of an enormous crowd during a gay pride parade last week, speculations about her rumored ex-lover, Joey Yung’s (容祖兒), sexual orientation has been the talk of the town.

When Denise was 15 years old, she had dated a boy, but did not have any feelings of love towards him. Discovering that she had a crush towards a girl instead, Denise struggled with her inner feelings.

“At the time, I was in deep pain and did not know what to do. Fortunately, an older Christian male friend helped sort my feelings and I was able to put down my burden and accept myself as a lesbian,” Denise revealed.

A Bad Influence for Youth?

Although Denise’s disclosure has been met with support from her management company, friends, and fans, some were worried that her status as a pop singer will easily influence the sexuality choices made by youth in society.

“My idol, Anita Mui (梅艷芳) was heterosexual, but this did not influence me. Many of my fans are already married and will not be affected by me.”

Looks Forward to Marriage and Adopting Children

As a Canadian citizen, Denise is able to get legally married with a same-sex partner in Canada. She looks forward to building a family by adopting children. If her partner did not mind, Denise is also willing to disclose her identity. However, Denise dodged questions on whether she is currently living with former costar, Deng Jiuyun (鄧九雲).

Denise’s Response Caused Trouble for Joey

Earlier, when asked whether Joey is bisexual by the press, Denise gave an ambiguous response, “It’s very hard to respond. I am unable to respond.” This comment left Joey, who is dating singer, Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍), in the center of the paparazzi’s frenzy.

Despite feeling the pressure from the media, Joey has kept silent about this matter. Joey’s manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希) reported that the controversy surroundinpg her sexual orientation has caused Joey to be emotionally distressed, and she urged Denise not to bring up Joey again when she speaks to the media.

No Intention to Create Trouble for Joey

In a radio interview, Denise said she never wanted to create trouble or any emotional distress for Joey and blamed the media for dragging Joey into the picture. In addition, Denise was very worried that her disclosure regarding her sexual orientation would cause many problems for her once rumored girlfriend. This was a major reason why she did not not make the disclosure sooner.

The media has created many false stories about the purported couple, and it was very difficult for Denise to explain herself. Before her disclosure, Denise had forewarned Joey about her decision.

Not Believing Joey is Emotionally Distressed

When she received news about Joey’s emotional distress, Denise said, “The media always exaggerates the story, and I don’t have any reaction to it. I will not be affected by these rumors and I will not believe that they are true. I will only believe it if the person confirms the authenticity of the story.”

Denise will not respond to questions regarding her relationship with Joey and Wilfred. She said, “I will respect their requests, so I will no longer make comments about this topic. The three of us no longer bear the same relationship.”

Denise emphasized again that it is very difficult to answer questions about her former friends. She said, “Silence doesn’t mean that I am a coward. Deep down, I am a strong person.”

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  1. HK media is strange, unable to understand HK people that complaint, it is not a crime to be lesbian or bi.

    Wonders why now?

    1. No it’s not a crime to disclose the lesbian stuff, but Denise is doing it simply to get some media attention now that she’s no longer attached to Joey. At least Joey was smart enough to go straight and get back to liking men……..too bad Denise is using these cheap tricks in disclosing her lez stuff to get attention……her career can only go downhill from here…..we don’t need more lezzies in the entertainment business….women should be women and men should be men……

      1. What we need is less people like you. Being a woman and a man does not mean they have to be attracted to the opposite sex. They’re not hurting anyone by being gay. So who cares?

      2. I feel that too! She is a has been who is seeking attention. After Anita Mui left us, who is she?? Without Mui Jie, she is nothing.

        so create smoke out of nothing lo!

        But I only disagree with you Abt LGBT in the biz, it is none of our concern. Each is entitled to their life choice and not up to us to comment

      3. Your thinking attitude is ignorance.

        Too bad the rest of the world does not work that way and there will forever be Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals amongst us. Did you also know that there is also that animals can also be born that way too? Of course I’m not saying all, but a percentage. It is a natural occurrence that no one can change.

  2. everybody is gay nowadays. this is a disease! If you think they are born like that, you don’t know jack crap!

    1. Daren I totally agree with you…but you should keep it to yourself or else tons of nasty names will be called on you! The word love has been so miss used and due to love you can basically do anything dispite rather it’s norm or natural. What’s next? Marrying a dog because I fall in love and my doggy loves me so why not?Get it straight it’s a mental disorder!

      1. @ mei

        I don’t wish this on the poor kids. Imagine a gay kid having a parent like this. It might push him to suicide.

      2. Usually not parents driving gay kids to suicide but fellow so called friends. Family usually don’t know. It is the bullying.

    2. I don’t know why everyone thinks being gay is a disease. That can pretty much turn it around and say being straight is a disease too. If you can be born straight I don’t see why others can’t be born gay. Again they’re not hurting anyone by being gay so ppl should just treat them like everyone else.

    3. I’ll just re-post what I’ve replied to a previous poster.

      Your thinking attitude is ignorance.

      Too bad the rest of the world does not work that way and there will forever be Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals amongst us. Did you also know that there is also that animals can also be born that way too? Of course I’m not saying all, but a percentage. It is a natural occurrence that no one can change.

      Also, please study a bit of biology to get your facts right. Please don’t make me laugh at your poor source of belief and education.

      1. Let me tell you guys why it a disease. 20 years ago there so few gay people and they actually married to the opposite sex and had kids. They didn’t like it but they endured it. Society wasn’t open as it is today. Nowadays gay are widely acceptable and not ridicule nor repressed anyway. I wont’ speak for all but when i was young i had this slight feeling for a boy my age. it was just a few seconds thought. i quickly brushed away and didn’t foster that thought. Today being gay is fine so when young people have this slight feeling for the same sex, instead of chase that thought away they nourish that thought thinking they must be gay. And since society doesn’t condemn such ill thinking, they continue cultivating that thought. It then grows big enough for them to say they are gay! What society does has a tremendous effect on your youngsters. If society teaches respect and say what is right and wrong, kids will learn to tell the difference. If society says being gay is fine, your child wouldn’t know it’s wrong to be gay. If they don’t think it wrong, a single thought of misstep leads to a path of astray. There are people are born gay but that like 1 in million! Nowadays they everywhere! It a disease!

      2. Darren,

        You have failed to establish why being gay is wrong and considered a disease. You stated that society is more open and therefore allows gays to express who they are. That is a good thing. Society should not be repressing the true desires of its citizens. I know people are going to argue what if the desires of citizens is to rape or murder people. Well, that’s a different story, as I explained in other posts, since those actions such as rape and murder will actually harm other people. Whereas a homosexual relationship between two consenting people does not harm anyone and frankly should be no one’s business. Forcing people to be something they are not is not something that a free society should do.

      3. Well said Darren – to your earlier comments and your subsequent replies about gay and lez being a disease… glad that some people are looking at this world in a straight way and being frank about it…..Can you imagine if the world had a growing population of these gays and lezs?………what would happen to humanity? it would eventually become extinct!!!!!!!!!so to all those other morons who condone gay and lezs’……..think about what happens when male and females don’t reproduce anymore…..!

      4. To people blaming gays/lez for a falling population:

        Hello? The world population is increasing every single second. Don’t believe me? Check out this: The human race is in no danger of being extinct any soon and if it ever does become in the danger of being extinct, it won’t be the fault of homosexuals. It’ll be because of what we do to destroy the earth.

        The fact of the matter is homosexuals are a miniority and will always be. There are still plenty of heterosexual couples out there to produce babies (as you can tell from the ever-rising world population). Why don’t people blame infertile heterosexual couples then? Why don’t you blame perfectly fertile heterosexual couples that choose not to have babies? Blaming homosexuals for a “decreasing world population” is just plain stupid and just goes to show that you are an ignorant homophobic.

      5. Why on earth is a falling population even blamed on gays and lesbians? How did people even get to such a conclusion? We are in no way in danger of humans dying out. In fact, overpopulation is more serious, so you crazy people who think humans are going to get extinct are nuts, or else why would China have the one-child policy? If we are gonna go extinct shouldn’t they encourage as many births as possible?
        Our ecosystem will not be able to support our population growth in due time, so Darren, rei and Akarihoshino should thank all the gays and lesbians for restricting population growth. Sounds ludicrous? Yes, just as sound an argument as yours up there.

      6. “. There are people are born gay but that like 1 in million! “

        And you get this ‘fact’ from?

        “20 years ago there so few gay people and they actually married to the opposite sex and had kids. They didn’t like it but they endured it. “

        Those who didn’t like the opposite sex but has endured it due to society’s pressure should be included in the gay group. Gay include those in the closet, not just those who has already announced it.

        ” I wont’ speak for all but when i was young i had this slight feeling for a boy my age. it was just a few seconds thought. i quickly brushed away and didn’t foster that thought. “

        Well, you successfully brush it away, so it’s just a moment of confusion. Let me ask you, did you have to force yourself to like the opposite sex now? Did you have too foster/nurture your feeling towards the opposite sex? Are you enduring’ being the opposite sex now? I think the answers to all these is a resounding ‘no’.

        Denise has tried dating a guy, but, she didn’t have the feeling, and I get her attraction towards the girl lasted for more than a second and couldn’t be brushed away or she wouldn’t be so in pain.

        ” If society teaches respect and say what is right and wrong, kids will learn to tell the difference. If society says being gay is fine, your child wouldn’t know it’s wrong to be gay. “

        And you are the absolute authority of what is right and wrong.

      7. I think the following factors will cause human to extinct faster than homosexuality

        1. Extreme change or whether like those ice age era.
        2. Another species develop intelligent that surpass human and hunted us down to extinction.
        3. Alien invasion.
        4. Evolution where humans change so much that they do not resemble the human now. So different that scientist in the future give us a different scientific name.

        “..think about what happens when male and females don’t reproduce anymore…..!”

        Why would condoning gay and lesbian make everyone gay and cease to reproduce?

        You really don’t need to worry about human extinction via homosexuality. There are still many young people practicing unsafe sex and giving birth to unwanted babies. Only last year, I’ve read about junkies and young girls dependent on welfare keep on giving birth so that they can get more welfare money.

        If world population really is decreasing, we can always ask China to lift the ‘One Child Policy’ ban. I’m sure the population will grow again.

      8. And lastly, I disagree that we should force that minority who are born gay to deny their true self and live in self denial and unhappiness for the benefit of the majority.

      9. Kidd,

        Three factors all combined will cause human to extinct faster than homosexuality ..

        prejudice + stupidity + ignorance

        I understand the apprehension about gays and such. They do no harm, maybe except to their parents who has other expectations. But seriously, if 2 consenting ADULTS want to engage in a private relationship in a way which affects on them 2, it is none of my business. I mean why fear it? A disease? You fear it will spread to you, one whiff of gay air and you will suddenly crave to have sex with same sex partner? That potent?

        Ignorance is a disease more potent and scarier than one’s sexuality.

        However the moral issue is understandable. In many countries homosexuality is banned and punishable by law. Mostly because religion is a factor in legal aspect. Some laws do contain an element of morality.

        But between gay rights and transexual rights, I feel transexuals are more ignored. And some do have a medical condition that justify a change in law in countries where your gender is what you were born with. That to me is terribly unfair.

        For me gay rights is more of a lifestyle choice right now. No need to outlaw it, but to legalise it, why not move your attention to one which is medical in nature which is some who are man trapped in a woman’s body, vice versa, did surgery changed to become who they are and then could not marry, are seen as gays, freaks, can’t adopt, and can’t even change the gender on their birth certificates without going to courts for many years and wasting money and publicising something very private.

        As for bisexuals, I am always of the opinion do be sure who you are. You’re either heterosexual or homosexual. To be bisexual is terribly unfair to both sexes. Just make up your mind.

        But imagine, next thing zoophiles say they want to marry their pets. Their pets consent to it, etc…

        What a mess. Maybe it is true; maybe we should live in blurred lenses, where love is between a man and a woman of consenting age. Period.

      10. Darren is a typical stupid ugly moron. homsexuality has been happening everywhere. from ancient Rome to China etc. there will always be gay people in this world. if you want to stop that then! people don’t have kids. I love my gays! if heaven doesnt alow them in! i dont want to go~

    4. I have never heard of being gay as a disease before… Whoever thinks that is not only ignorant but are prejudice as well.

      1. You guys are too liberal too have any persuasion. Being gay is a disease in a sense that it catches on like a fashion trend. Being gay nowadays are so cool and hip that being gay is fine. No biggie. Yup too many population why don’t we have more gay couples so we can stop producing. In a 100 years, there gay everywhere. Humanity going to be doom. Ignorance is when you don’t know what right and what is wrong. You think being gay is fine and since society is open and not the 1930, it fine for them express themselves. That is expressing themselves in a form of bad examples. There a fine line of expression. Anything taken to the extreme is always bad!! I do not HATE gay people but i don’t condone gay marriage nor do i promote gay relationship. You guys can say what you guys want about me but that my stand.

      2. “Humanity is going to be doom”: darren are u a clairvoyant over here predicting the future? And btw, people do not simply “become gay” because it is fashionable cuz it is a tough road for these people. So please dont over trivalise matters.

      3. ” You guys can say what you guys want about me but that my stand.”

        Points taken. It’s your stand. Not truth or fact. Just your opinion.

        So, the stand of the liberals are no more right or wrong than yours. Just different stand. That, I agree.

        “In a 100 years, there gay everywhere.”

        I doubt it. There are still many Rons and Edisons around. No need to worry.

    1. Canada is a gay place anyways…… you can keep your gays and lez.

      1. I’m glad I live in a diversity loving country that embraces all kinds of different people, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. I’m glad I live in a country where the rights of individuals are respected, where the principle of equality is upheld, where people can express themselves as they wish.

  3. gosh, are lesbians supposed to dress like that after they come out? haha…she does look VERY MUCH a lesbian in the above pic. i remember she was in a tvb series before if it was here, she was normal looking chinese girl back then.
    HK media is forgetful, now they dont have any scandal to report, wait until some other scandal comes along, they will forget about this so called love triangle in no time. Like ppl really care whether or not they are gay or bi.

    1. In the latest CNY movie, Denise potrayed a tomboy who’s in love with a sissy guy potrayed by Bosco.

  4. I think Wilfred Lau seems to be the scumbag here for announcing to the world he’s dating Joey and looks like he’s doing it for his drama publicity.

    1. Wait until Joey dumps his a$$ and he can go back to being that unknown singer, but now without the support of Goo.

      1. Absolutely. From Joey’s response she doesn’t look happy with Wilfred’s solo announcement and it broke the Joey-Denise relationship totally.

      2. I have a feeling Mani Fok exaggerated her comments about Joey and try to put blame on Hocc!

  5. i think mani shouldn’t comment anything even she needs to protect joey, it just make things worst.

    it really makes me wonder did denise and joey dated.. in the latest ming pao, denise admit dating a diva for few years

    1. Agree. Mani’s comment made everything worse and further points towards a relationship once existing. I think she wanted Denise to shut up about Joey, but it definitely back-fired in her face. I think there is fairly convincing evidence that Joey & Denise once dated.

  6. I didn’t know she was Canadian? When did she became Canadian?

  7. I hope we can come to the day when being a homosexual isn’t treated as a piece of news, but just one human being loving another. Totally unrelated to Denise here, but…

    I hate it when some people claim to be gay/bi/”experimenting” (even if they know deep down that they’re hetero) in order to court controversy – to be rebellious or to differentiate themselves from the norm. It disgusts me that some phonies would use this as a mean of gaining attention, especially as non-heterosexuals have had a hard time coming out over the centuries – some even get persecuted to this very day! Am I being too cynical? Are they genuinely gay? I just feel like you can never underestimate the power of the human mind; some people do stoop that low…

    1. Completely agree, it shouldn’t even be news. The human mind is a funny thing. It seems people are more forgiving, tolerable and accepting of cheating scandles like Shirley Yeung and that molesting incident with Joe/Benny/ and that other girl I can’t remember her name. But when someone says they’re gay and didn’t hurt a fly they’re condemned to going to hell. Makes no sense whatsoever.

      1. It should be in the news. Did you know how many people out there who are struggling on their own without anywhere or who to turn to? Thanks to technology, media and celebrities like Denise, the struggle in the early age can be lesser because you know you are not alone or ‘weird’ in this world.

      2. What I/we mean by this is homosexuality should be treated as a normal part of life. In an ideal world that is… You don’t see people treating heterosexual relationships as “controversial news”.

      3. I agree with skinnymocha. From listen to ‘We Are Family’, I gather that that’s the ultimate aim of gays and lesbian i.e. their sexual orientation should be a non issue.

  8. We all like different things and food so of course we are attracted to different people. There is nothing wrong with it. There are some animal species that have a third or forth sexual orientation or no sexual orientation.

    1. Please put the animals aside. But we can talk about other human beings sexual preferences like asexual, etc.

  9. What a waste as I always think Denise was and still a pretty girl.

  10. There has been gay people since there was life on earth. homosexuality just exploded these pass decades, historically speaking. yea Rei you stupid F*****. I will bash you! if i see u in real life and you say such thing! i will call you out! My doctors gay, I have gay friends w,e! its their life! not yours! people are so obsessed with other people’s lives. Remember they are human beings also, they are equal.

    1. I don’t think homosexuality has exploded in the pass decade. I think, it’s socially more acceptable nowadays therefore more ppl are coming out. I can’t imagine someone being gay and coming out pre 70s and have a fulfilling life. It great people are more toe tolerant.

      I’m kind of shock to have read some many negative comments with this story. How would u feel if you are discriminated because of your race?!??

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