Despite Romantic Rumors, Tavia Yeung and Him Law Continue to Praise Each Other

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Currently aired TVB drama, The Hippocratic Crush < On Call 36小時>, continued to experience favorable ratings. Last week, the drama averaged 30 points and peaked at 33 points. Despite the series centralizing on doctors, The Hippocratic Crush bore similarities to past TVB medical dramas, which focused heavily on romantic and family relationships, in which Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Him Law (羅仲謙) fought for the affections of Tavia Yeung (楊怡).  However, the onscreen romantic arcs in The Hippocratic Crush may be more easily predicted than Tavia’s love life in real life!

As reported by the Oriental Daily, Kenneth stated that he was aware of the online community’s support for his relationship with Tavia in the drama, “The later episodes will concentrate more on our romance. At that point, I will be able to win Tavia from Him Law’s grasp!”  Kenneth also claimed that he was unaware whether Tavia and Him were a real life couple or not, as there was no observed evidence.

Promoting The Hippocratic Crush yesterday, Tavia Yeung and Him Law did not appear embarrassed despite romantic rumors. Tavia even suggested that vendors solicit them for promotional activities. Tavia noted, “If a barbeque restaurant were to invite us to their ribbon cutting ceremony, we can negotiate the price!” Tavia’s statement referenced her outing last Halloween with Him, in which the pair was photographed intimately in conversation at a barbeque with friends.  Asked whether her rumored romance with Him had boosted the ratings of The Hippocratic Crush, Tavia replied, “I have always been a solid actress.” Him chipped in, “I have to learn from Tavia; she is a talented idol and beautiful girl!” Tavia returned Him’s compliment and praised him as good looking as well.

When it was suggested that Him should sign with TVB to increase his collaborative opportunities with Tavia, she joked, “If I were his manager, I would suggest Him to do so!” Him joked that he would have poor returns if Tavia were to take commissions from his salary.

Despite the pair’s bantering, it was evident that Him’s popularity rose quickly after the broadcast of The Hippocratic Crush. Him’s character was received favorably and the actor was addressed by his character’s name by pedestrians when he stepped out on the streets.

Images source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: How many people are watching this drama because of Him Law’s rumors with Tavia? 

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  1. Not me. is actually quite a good series. Its got a very interesting cast. Kenneth is doing a great job and Tavia has surprised me. I was sick of her crying scenes in every series, but in this one, she hasn’t cried that much and she plays a very confident dr. she actually quite suit the doctor role, her short hair makes her look mature. Her acting is very smooth and articulate. Kenneth is very charming and handsome, kinda like how I felt about Ruco in . He has a lot of emotional scenes in there.

    Him was also another surprise. What an improvement his made! His character is actually very funny. Despite these Him and Tavia rumors though, i find they actually do have great chemistry on screen. Their scenes are HILARIOUS! Makes me laugh everytime! haha

    I do not find them suit each other as a couple, but more like a sister-brother relationship.

    I was looking forward to Mandy’s character at first, because this may be her breakthrough role but was quite disappointed. Although she did well as “Kwan Yi So” in L’Escargot, her role in didn’t really live up to expectations and her character development and emotions are all wrong and she’s actually getting quite annoying with her ongoing black face. And there’s nothing to look forward to with her character, lack of interaction … just doesn’t click to me.

    Kenneth’s brother is really cute. Actually there’s a lot of good looking ppl in this series. Benjamin Yuen!!! OMG… he is HOT!!! He has improved too…. I think TVB should give him a chance! He’s like the player doctor lol …. Andy On Dik is cute too… Never seen them before but they’re doing a pretty good job.

    Don’t compare it to Healing Hands though…. they got a different budget and the levels of doctors are different. is about interns and registrars more, if you’re in the medical field, you’ll understand this is more a realistic insight into the lives of doctors – not everyone is like the guys in Healing Hands go after work drinks at the bar and have one night stands! I haven’t worked 36 hours on call but 12-18 hours is like the standard day for us. And night shifts are the worse. Start at 9pm and work til 9am the next day. Rostered on weekends and public holidays like Xmas and NYE… its totally not glamorous as most ppl think it is.

    1. OMG, I agree with Benjamin part, he is quite good-looking! I didn’t notice him much before watching this, but I quite enjoy his scenes now. But I think I remember reading that he is going to CTI?

      1. i definitely like benjamin more in “Til Love Do Us Lie”, just because he has a lot more screen time on that sitcom, and i think his hair looks better on that show haha

      2. He’s cute but i think it is just a one off in cti, because tvb is giving good parts to him.

    2. benjamin was quite funny in there.. I lol’ed at him when he said “the girl complained about my “vomitted voice”? sort of? sorry dunno how to that explain in eng but it was funny..I thought he was sad because the young girl didn’t listen to his advice but it turns out different, he was concern of his voice more!

      1. Him him and Benjamin are adorable. They should replace the current oldies who can’t act! These newbies are good and hot!

      2. I think they should start promoting Benjamin more since he has shown he’s capable in acting etc.

    3. I watch a bit of episode 1. Can you explain to me the levels of doctors.

      Mandy and Him are housemen.
      Tavia and Marcus are trainee for specialist
      But they call Kenneth senior trainee or something.

      So, all of them are still trainees? Even Kenneth who already seems so knowledgeable?

      1. Lol now that i think about it im confused too lol

        From the terms i heard in the series i think this it how it goes

        Housemen => Basic Trainee => High Trainee =>Specialist

        (Housemen – Mandy + Him, BT – Tavia, HT-Kenneth, Specialist- Ben Wong, Raymond Cho)

        Mandy and Him were introduced as Housemens which i assume just passed their med exams and are doing an internship. So they are going to get basic hands on experience and be supervised – so i guess foundation training

        Tavia: Introduced as a “Basic” trainee i guess shes finished what Mandy and Him are doing. Shes at the stage of going through departments and getting a feel of department to help her choose her specialization.

        Kenneth: From what ive seen his ONLY worked in Neurosurgery. So i believe his in his final year of his chosen “department” (i believe in the series they said you had to do 3 years in the department you choose)

        ah i dont even understand what im trying to say >_<

      2. Thanks for the explanation Hikaru,

        I think your explanation make sense and it’s really what the series is showing too. At first, I was confused too, i didnt know there are many level of these “trainee” and I thought TY and Kenneth were on same level but I often see Kenneth giving instruction and perform Major surgical as compare to TY who just stand there looking..then I know Kenneth could be higher level than TY but just wasn’t sure but I guess your explanation make it simpler haha thanks!

      3. Found this in the AF forums. I think one of the forum participants work in the medical field – which i think clearly explains the levels of doctors:

        – Mandy and Him are interns (first year out of uni, just finished and graduated from 5 years of med school) – takes one year, work in different departments on rotation.
        – Tavia & Marcus are (final year) residents – takes 2 years – they work in different departments on rotation. After they complete this year, they choose which field of speciality they want to work in and they will become Specialist Registrars in that field.
        – Kenneth is a (final year) Specialist Registrar – so he has already done his residency and have been specialising in Neurosurgery for a few years (4-6 years i think) now. After he completes this year, he will be known as a Specialist Consultant.

        Hope it helps to explain!

      4. Kidd, Kenneth is near completion of his training from what I can see.

        I do know to be a specialist you need a masters in that and less 1 point also you consider having failed the exam. Very very strict. Of course since we are talking about lives here. Ben and Raymond Cho are specialist, Ben a neurosurgeon and Raymond a cardio thoraxic (sorry about spelling) surgeon.

        Everyone starts as housemen and I believe in USA it is called residents? Those who does the 36 hours round. The rest I don’t know and I don’t care. Because no way all levels of these doctors will mix around so freely.

        The scope of the specialists are also very narrow for this series. I believe Lam Sir guy is the Hospital administrator, one more guy older one should be chief of surgery.

      5. I notice that those housemen often hang around “together” chatting and “playing” in the Hospital vacinity in their doc rob!

        There was this scene, i can’t remember which episode, there were like few young housemen eating their lunch and Him joined late due to busy schedule/task sort of..and these “housemen” were like tickling each other and chasing each other in the Hospital Foodcourt?! What if those patients families saw their act? Would the families still trust them by passing the live of their loved ones to these “big kids” hand?

      6. That’s why Veejay I believe in real life this will never happen. I saw Korean series on doctors with seniors kicking juniors. I wonder do that happen?

      7. wow, the korean docs sound like some gangster than real doctor lol..

      8. I think I have seen a few series K-drama where seniors kick the legs of juniors or slap them or shout at them. NOt sure if this is real or not. But koreans are fiercely patriotic and if they can show that it must be real!

      9. @Veejay: It is culture of Korea. In Korea, your boss is your god, until you kick him out and be higher than him, then your ex-boss will become your slave :).

    4. Him’s situation now is like Ron in TITS where he shined and lead a new pack of young actors, but with the natural acting skills of LF.

    1. I’m watching this for the great plot and good characters. There are some great scenes and plots such as the intern with the grandma and many other cute scenes to build characters.

  2. Anyone think Tavia kinda looks like a “Plastic Doll” in the above pic? her face is kinda creepy there… lol

    Anyways, nah i watch it cos its a great series 🙂 Ive always been a fan of medical, police, lawyer, forensic etc dramas basically something case by case

    I also enjoy the “new” faces. I admit it was kind of awkward watching the newbies as they seemed week but they are growing on me

    1. Apart from her skinny body and new nose, she looks abit like doll now..

    2. The newbies in THC are good! Him, Benjamin, Andy and the others They make me grow to them.

      1. Him him is really cute and his acting is surprisingly good but Mandy is a disappointment. She went down from the good acting display as Kwan Yi Sor. Mandy need to improve herself.

      2. Tavia still don’t give a lead feeling and charisma. Her limelight is dim.and stolen by Him him and Kenneth more.

      3. Yep yep i kinda wish Jason Chan was in this series with Benjamin their my fav “underdogs” in TVB land lol

        Yeah i really had high hopes for Mandy but her character is just average we dont get to see her fun side just serious. I think its more to do with the character then her acting.
        Well the second lead is usually sacrificed to make the lead female shine when theres only one lead male (Kenneth. Him, Benjamin etc are more 2nd leads)

        I agree i feel “eh” with Tavia ive been thinking.. imagine if Mandy played Tavia’s character instead?? I think that would have been better.

        I really enjoy the “Bromance” in this series. The guys really win my attention with their friendship. The female casts seem bland and not very fun.

      4. Agreed the women if THC are bland while the males are all adorable and good to watch. I think Mandy’s acting is inconsistent therr are still things she need to improve.

        Tavia don’t have that lead actress presence. She feel like a supporting actress to Kenneth. She maybe don’t have lead actress charisma and most of her news now are just about her rumour with Him him

      5. imagine if Mandy played Tavia’s character instead?? I think that would have been better.

        I dun think Mandy would be better. She still young to play Tavia’s role. Beside I dun feel Mandy acting good in this series. She look so lifeless 24/7 and so dull. While Tavia acted very well in some scene such as the part she scolded Andy . She look convincing fierce senior.

      6. i agree @A-pop!!! Mandy as a lead actress? No way from what I’ve seen!!! For once, she’s too short and (a bit chubby) and she doesn’t have that feminine look in her. I dunno, she just looks very plain to me… And her acting is inconsistent.

        As a supporting actress yes, but as a leading actress…. not so fast. I mean if you want to consider another actress, maybe Fala would suit the role too? TBH Tavia’s not bad in these professional roles though. Kate Tsui would DEFINITELY not suit playing a doctor lol lol.

        If you don’t want to consider the top5, even Selena Li is worth a try before Mandy.

      7. Both Mandy and Tavia can’t lead a series period. Tavia still feel like a supporting actress here.

      8. This series is first bad acting from Mandy since first time I saw her. I think she need to improve her acting before TVB promote her because she don’t have other fctors that will help since her looks is average at best. She’s not Fala who although acting still lacking still have her pretty looks to support her.

      9. @Hikaru

        Mandy playing Tavia’s role? Who are you kidding??? She can’t even act that well, and she can barely carry out her role as it is. Tavia is great at her role, and some of her scenes in this drama really stood out for me. I don’t understand how some of you can’t see her as the lead, cuz imo, this series really emphasizes her as the main lead.

      10. I don’t watch this one but guess Hikaru got this idea due to Mandy’s old performances – which are often be praised.

      11. As a fan of tavia, i could be biased.
        However, at the beginning of the drama (epi 1 to 10), i actually told my roommate that i am a bit disappointed with Tavia’s acting but after epi 10 onwards, i feel that i have grown to enjoy her acting in this series, especially her chemistry with Kenneth. I feel that they are one of the best onscreen couple that i have watched for the past few years. It just feels like their chemistry have slowing increasing as time past by. The moment nearing the end in epi 16 when she was smiling after knowing that kenneth has read her letter gave me this warm feeling. Loving every moment about them in the drama.

    3. Yeah I agree! At first I was like MEH.. quite reluctant in watching the newbies. But heck.. after sometime I actually realize they basically did a great job overthere! 😀 I enjoy watching them in THC. Kyle Tse, King Lam, Nathan Ngai, Brian Tse etc etc.

      Not forget to mention I love Benjamin here!!! 😀 I wanna see him more..he’s so damn awesome lol xD His acting skills is pretty good too now! He def improved alot!! 😀 *claps*

      1. Agreed that the newbie guys in this series are surprisingly good!

    4. Doll? No. Doll is scarily plastic but still beautiful features. I don’t consider Tavia that level of prettiness. But her skin is waxy, I suppose Botox? I suppose thick foundation?

      1. Tavia look like she just got botox above. Its scary

      2. I think it’s too much makeup on Tavia’s face that made it look waxy.

      3. She must have use cooking oil to make it look prettier.

  3. “Him chipped in, “I have to learn from Tavia; she is a talented idol and beautiful girl!””

    Him really is a sweet talker. Not many actor will praise his co-star as beautiful so directly.

    1. I bet he’s a sweet talker too hence the 13 gfs rumour from him.

    2. Who cares ROFL. It makes him cuter with the sweet talk

    3. 13 girls and one can bear his bullies in years – it has some meanings.

  4. I’m watching it because i like the casts n the story not becoz of the rumour lol Him Him is so cute!

  5. I watch because the series is great and inspirational and cute too but I dont like the females acting. The male actors are all great though.

  6. Kenneth sure feels good as the lead in this series since he gets to enjoy the pursuit of the 2 pretty gals aka TY and Mandy. I think TY must be really inloves with Kenneth until she has to write him her daily diary??? prob is does she ever feels bored when kenneth doesn’t seems to return her “love” as of now?

  7. HAHAHAHA OMG. I’m not watching this because of Him’s & Tavia’s rumors obviously.
    THC itself is an interesting and awesome series IMO. IDGI when people said this series is boring, plain blah blah. I feel like slapping him/her lol. Because the first two episodes don’t do the justice!

    I agree the male actors are shining in THC. Meanwhile the female actress are like.. plain and dull but I still like Tavia’s acting and character here! LOL xD

    I LMFAO when Him Law said
    “Him chipped in, “I have to learn from Tavia; she is a talented idol and beautiful girl!””

    Dear Him Law, why are you such a sweet talker and gentlemen? So damn cute! This guy is like every woman’s dream guy LOL at least to me. 😛

    1. Not to me, I feel Irk if a guy compliment me, Just don’t prefer sweet talking guy but I don’t detest them though..I’ll still treat him as normal friend which won’t extend further to another stage.

      1. depends who compliments i guess. Some people really irk me. But not Him. -___- LOL how old are youuu? 😛

      2. same age as LF, Kate, Ron and Ty? lol.. pretty old eh? Maybe I’m seen enough of these ppl therefore I can tell whether the compliment coming out from them are based on honesty or not hehe.

      3. Maybe that’s why I don’t see Him as handsome since he is on the cuter side type of guy and I prefer someone mature looking maybe like Steven Ma, Kenneth, Julian etc hihi.. LF & Ron are getting more mature looking nowadays (maybe age is cathing up on them too) and as for Him, he’s still pretty “green” to me.

      4. I see! Now I get it! 🙂 No wonder! You are way more experience definitely! Def enough experience to justify all these things! Nice one! 😛 I’m Joyce Cheng’s age btw. Thought I was old. -___-

      5. You can’t be older than I still feel “young” outside..and wow! time just flies so fast!! and I hate that hihi..

      6. Yea I agree he’s the cute type aka. “FAH LENG ZAI”. Young, flirty, plays around those kinda guy you can get on the street. Tons of them but none as attractive as him LOL. Anyways he’s still young..Everyone have their times but not everyone is like him. I see it as a nature human attraction actually.

        For LF, Ron yeap they are towards the manly side now. Kenneth Ma is always man and he’s my Fav too. 😛

      7. Give Him another few more years and he’ll become “manly” i’m sure with tvb packaging, Him will have a large fanbase hihi. Ppl will forget about his brutal past soon since humankind are forgetful creature.

      8. Him already have big fanbase now in this website LOL and I saw many news report praising his performance Onion too.

      9. Him got great package. Great face great body and great acting all in one ROFL. Filmko got good eyes.

      10. Acting in THC

        Kenneth: great
        Tavia: ok but look like supporting
        Him jim: great and cute
        Mandy: bad. Step down from Kwan Yi sor
        Andy guy: very good cry well
        Kenneth bro: good
        Other guy trainees: ok
        others: firgettable

      11. Tavia is better in this series than in TT, but it doesn’t mean she’s as good as some fans are raving about. I like Mandy but I have to agree that this is not one of her better potrayals.

    2. It’s hard not to lost by Him’s cuteness. I agree too that in fact his response to Tavia is cute despite being a sweet talking 😀

      1. I really like Him’s character too. It’s hard to find a cute and caring guy like Onion in real life. I’m jealous of Tavia’s character. Him is doing very well 😀

    1. Thanks for the pic a-pop, Yeah agree that Mandy looks scary in the pic, she looks like an ah “So” aunty and Kenneth also look very “leung” outdated in the pic..

      TY looks pretty with her distinguish feature, no wonder HIm also praised her for being pretty, she’s indeed a pretty girl but she REALLY need to gain weight.. she’s abit underweight imo. As for comment about him.

      1. lol u crack me up with comment about Kenneth look ‘leung’ . He indeed look funny with his current hairstyle. Maybe to suit him for his current series ‘Prominent Family’

      2. a-pop,

        You got the point, maybe his hairstyle is for the Prominent Family.. like the “shanghai time” where Chow Yun Fatt comb his hair behind with lot of gels lol.

    2. that’s a REALLY BAD pic of Mandy. She looks really old these days. that type of short hair cut doesn’t suit her. it makes her look a lot older than Tavia!

      Everyone’s cutting short hair: Fala, Tavia, Charmaine… and now Mandy. Maybe successful ppl have short hair? Fala doesn’t like short hair though and took no time stopping in growing out her hair as soon as LOO ended.

      Kenneth looked great in the series, but once outside in his own clothes, i can’t say the same… i think he should find himself a stylist don’t you all think? hehe… I haven’t found a decent pic of him in public appearances.

      1. lol fez, yeah Kenneth seems to have fashion problem. let’s hope he finds someone to match mix for him. kenneth has this “leung” taste imo.

      2. Well, he shouldn’t ask tavia for fashion advice b/c she has terrible taste after hooking up w/ Him Him. It looks like she has 2 dead animals hanging off her sweatshirt.

      3. I thought Mandy cut her hair short for her police film? But yea, I prefer her long hair better.

    3. Him’s really hot … he looks better off screen without glasses …. HOTTIE!!!!! *drools*

  8. “How many people are watching this drama because of Him Law’s rumors with Tavia? ”

    Not me. For one I am not interested in Tavia’s rumours or sex life if she has any. Nor am I interested in Him Him’s life. I watched the series for Kenneth. But now I am impressed with Him Him’s performance. He did very very well. But the story itself is good. Anyone watching this series must not be deterred by Tavia’s nose or their rumours or Kenneth’s over pouting and puppy dog looks. I love the story of how Tavia chasing after Kenneth but am annoyed with the voiceovers. However it has been ages that I felt emotional watching a TVB series and the story of Andy and his grandma nearly made me cry. It was also one of the best scripted episode(s) and wonderfully acted by the main players, especially the guy who acts as Andy. Very sad and yet something hopeful.

    1. Him him is very good. He’s cute and has good acting and can talk.well offscreen I think what he said about Tavia is cute. This is why Filmko ditched the talentless Theresa!

    2. Him him can be the leading TVB siu sang. He’s really good and talented for a newbie and really cute too. It’s time the oldies like old Moses who cant act step away. I almost puke watching him play the MK guy and all his OTT actings in other series and almost vomit too at his nonstop rumours with Aimee.

      1. OMG Vivien dear! U crack me up haha

        I too think Moses is too OTT and yeah can’t stand his lovey dovey shxt with Aimee ewww totally gross

    3. Andy guy… yes he did the crying scenes very natural and well.. and he didn’t overdo it. BUT his other non-crying scenes needs more work. He can’t say his lines properly. he talks like his reading from a book.

  9. Im watching this bc of Kenneth, the great plot and it’s supporting cast. TY is not bad either if you just ignore her nose. Very funny scene where she confess to Kenneth, hahaha

    Kenneth seriously need to find a gf with great fashion sense that can help him out ala Victoria and Beckham.

  10. Can someone give me an estimate on how much the show is focused on the characters’ romance compared to the medical cases? One of my pet peeves is seeing a case-themed drama focusing more on the characters’ romance than the actual theme itself. I like dramas that are similar to the formats of A Great Way to Care, The Other Truth, The Criminal Investigator II, the FOJ and DIF series, etc.

    1. The drama mostly focuses on the character’s relationships/personal/family issues. Not much emphasis on cases at all.

      I was hoping for more of a grey’s anatomy type of drama, where we get to see interesting/strange cases.

  11. I’m definitely not watching this for Tavia and Him’s rumour. I’m quite sick as I feel Tavia is trying to play the rumour to promote herself based on her responses to the press.

    1. It is silly for TY to safe Him’s career. They will both sink in the end.bad move for tavia

  12. In this promotion event, Mandy shows that she really knows how to make herself look as old as possible. She is in her 20s and she makes herself look like 30s. Haizz.

    1. Why is Mandy opening herself to criticism? She’s already being criticized for her character and acting in this series and now she’s inviting criticism for her style? Fox I wish I can tell her to start looking her age.

      1. Yeah, she should try to look her age or try to look younger. It isn’t hard. But I’ve the feeling that Mandy dun really have the sense to change herself’s look.

  13. I also think Him did great. His eyes like head lights ….lol…..very cute!
    Mandy’s character very disappointing. Kenneth should play more agressive roles- he looks really good that way. Yup cant stand his “soft puppy look”.
    Tavia is ok.
    And finally Benjamin got a good role- happy for him!

      1. mandy’s character is so serious that it just comes off as boring instead :l it’s like she doesn’t have any emotions

  14. would someone be able to do a review on THC, like GH.

  15. In the beginning, watching it for no one- maybe for Mandy. But now, Kenneth surprised me with his acting.

  16. I would watch this series because of Tavia as I’ve watched most of TAvia’s TVB series. To say she doesn’t have the feel of THE LEAD or the strength of a leading actress, I beg to differ. IMO, Tavia is now one of the few leading actresses at TVB that truly has the strength and the presence. I’d take her over Linda Chung or Kate Tsui in a heartbeat!! WEll, if we really talk about real talent, not just the looks! Please

    1. agree and like what i mentioned above, her performance just gets better as the show gets on. Cos i did feel that in the beginning, i felt that she was only giving an average level of performance but now, i feel that things are getting better. Her acting cues whenever she is on screen, and her inspirational speech are touching my soul actually.

      1. i mean her acting cues are much better in this series than in Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!

    2. Let’s compare her, at least, with ppl started in the same/similar year with her. Don’t say of Linda and Kate who started after her 5-6 years.

      1. but they’re all considered lead actresses (maybe linda a little less, it seems tvb doesn’t promote her as heavily anymore). i would prefer watching tavia over kate. kate always has the same facial expression and i find it kinda funny how she always answers the phone with “hello” in the same tone in every series haha

      2. We’re talking about talent and the leading power here, not the age nor the years in the showbiz. it’s the power, did you notice that there are actresses and actors who could never take the lead no matter how long they’re in the showbiz?

      3. I mean Myolie, Charmaine, Michelle Yip, etc. I’m mentioning of the ones who have/had leading roles in TVB.

        If talking about talent and leading power, so why compare TY with Linda and Kate but not Sheren, Ada, Maggie, etc. for example :P? I did notice that there are many artists who can’t never have the leading roles and I also see that some of them can have leading power. I also notice that there are some ppl who can do good with supporting but when giving them a leading role, I can’t feel that they do as good as before. The first case’s example is Wayne Lai and an illustration for second case is TY. She lost the charm of her acting since HOG and after MR, it is way clearer. Her expression is limited and her acting becomes counting (the same way of acting) as a result of her long distracting nose and maybe too much botox injected to the jaw. And someone plz tell her to stop trying to look cute with big rolled eyes and pouting mouth. She looks too old to do these stuffs.

  17. and i did not watch this show because of the rumour! 😉

  18. I didn’t watch this series because of the rumour :). I didn’t watch it because of TY.

    1. @Fox

      you can watch the series for him him and Kenneth’s great acting and Him him’s cutesy! LOL forget about TY and the rumour

      1. I refuse the kindness of your invitation because I can’t pass myself :P.

  19. I think Mandy already did good in THC with that annoying attitude of hers lol.. she really managed to make ppl mad watching the progress of kenneth + TY+ mandy relationship.


    in the latest ep of yesterday, knowing her sis TY has feelings for Kenneth, she insisted to “test” and declared her love for Kenneth, making TY stunned for not knowing what to do with her sister also falling for the same guy.

  20. THC is a great series.Kenneth,Tavia and others like Benjamin,Him,Derek….are doing a good job.Especially love Tavia/Kenneth pairing…great chemistry…hope there will be a happy ending.

  21. the first thing i noticed from the picture is her nose. what has she done to herself….

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