Disney’s Live-Action “Mulan” Remake Has Found Its Male Lead

The live-action remake of Disney’s 1998 animated film Mulan has found its male lead for the legendary Chinese hero.

The Mulan live-action remake, which has been in pre-production for several years, announced in November 2017 that Chinese actress Liu Yifei (劉亦菲), also known as Crystal Liu, will be playing the female hero, who dressed as a man to replace her father in the war. In April 2018, Donnie Yen (甄子丹) was announced to star as Mulan’s mentor.

This week, Disney confirmed that it has cast New Zealand actor Yoson An as Mulan’s love interest. Yoson is a rookie actor, which previous experience in action films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, Megalodon, and Mortal Engines. Yoson holds a black belt in karate and a freestyle wrestler.

Yoson will be playing Chen Honghui, a confident and hot-blooded new army recruit who lands on the same team as Donnie and Crystal.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It turns me on that there’s a western male Asian actor in here. At least they did one thing right.

      1. @msxie0714 Yep I saw Hanson and the Beast and I wasn’t impressed with her acting. However she is a goddess in the looks department and the actor hired to play beside her in Mulan is not on the same level looks-wise.

      2. @msxie0714 Truth is.. and I do like her.. but she is perfect as Ice Queen. Meaning just stand there, look stern and that’s it. I mean she’s not a terribly bad actor, she is just not someone very emotional or very facial looking sort of actress. Ok she is sorta stunted expression wise, so if ever there is Frozen asian version, she can be Elsa when she’s Ice Queen. BUT she is gorgeous. So looks wise, A plus. Acting, if you can accept some actors are just not very emotional people, they are more cold and aloof, then you can probably accept her acting. As Mulan, perhaps first half she should be ok. I would worry when her identity is revealed, she suffers, she has to emote a lot, then there’s issue. It is no bad acting issue, it is the fact that Crystal Liu is like that in real life. Who knows, maybe this movie may be her breakthrough in acting. Maybe the director can slap her 20 times and make her look really really really heart brokenly sad rather than just aloof cold “do I look like I give a s-” sad. Or maybe Disney can say “Crystal, this is your Hollywood chance, cry like you are worth the Hollywood treatment! CRYYYYYYYY”.

  2. Can’t they find a better looking Asian actor? His eyes look.. wonky? Strange? I hope he can act. I mean Crystal can be gorgeous, and he can be superb actor. Balance it out.

    Ok, who’s mushu??

    1. @funnlim his eyed look wonky?
      Also wjat is wrong with his face, with his goof lookingness?. Nothing is wrong. What kind of comment is that… A very nasty one, I’d say. It is do funny I said that Chinese are backward and ignorant with some of their thinking mentality, with your comment being the perfect example, and I got accused of being racist, and no one commented on your comment, go figure.

      1. @bubbletea eyes wonky? And I am a racist? Backward and ignorant? So everyone is perfect beautiful gorgeous no flaw and one can’t say his eyes look wonky or he’s not handsome but you can throw a round words like racist and backward and ignorant? You need some self reflection. It is not always ignorant or backward to talk about looks but it is always offensive to call another offensive labels without reading entire sentence in context.perfect example is your comment on what a generation of bs pc stuff. No one commented because no one feels offended, only those with a chip on their shoulders.

      2. @funnlim so why does the lead male have to be oh so handsome. Why are you saying his eyes look wonky and why couldn’t they get a better looking actor to play the part?. You know how prejudice you sound?. It is comments like these that do represent the backward mentality of the asian culture. What I said is not racist, it is truth and comments like yours are solid proof. They picked who they wanted. Thete are men im Hollywood who by society’s standards are nothing to write home about in looks, but they managed to score leading roles and did justice to the chatacters. Some even took home a new best friend, Oscar. Why is everything in asian society has to be about age, looks, social class, monetary class. Basing love, life, marriages, roles in dramas and movies on these and other things is so outdated. Duh!!

  3. This movie sounds less and less like a Disney Mulan adaptation, and more and more like just a regular random fandom Mulan adaption. Besides the titular character name, Mulan, and the concept of a girl dresses like a man to serve in the army for her father, nothing is the same as Disney Mulan! WTF.

    @funnlim There’s no Mushu. No singing. No “defeating the Hans.” Nothing from Disney original cartoon except two things I stated above -_-; And I agree, she can’t emote any emotion even if her career is depending on it. This chic just stands there in all of her characters. I personally don’t think she’s a “goddess.” She’s pretty, slightly above average but she has no star look, charisma or charm about her; which is everything that Disney Mulan is. DM is lively, goofy, clumsy with determination and heart of strength. CL, this,… all BS.

    I wouldn’t be so pissed if they just make a live action Mulan instead dubbed it as “Disney Mulan” live action adaption. Ugh, rubbish! So sad to see my fav Disney movie is going down the drain 🙁

    1. @jjwong I see. This is the serious version so to speak. Maybe it could be a breakthrough for everyone. Live adaptations except for horrendous beauty and beasts don’t have singing? Cinderella ia a good one, successful and well made with some good additional scenes adding some emotional weight. Mulan may be Hollywood but in the end may make the legend accessible to all. Perhaps in Asian market we expect emotional acting but in Hollywood perhaps crystal dis something right. I mean there are prettier chinese actresses. I am just happy it isn’t jing tian.

      1. @funnlim like i said, it seems like another adaption of Mulan legend. It has nothing to do with Disney cartoon. I’m glad an Asian cast movie will get world wide and onto US market as far as showing, but they shouldn’t dub as a live action of Disney Mulan. Even C-ella and B&tB were true to Disney with some minor addition. This Mulan is totally new direction, and that’s what been bothering me lol.

        Then again, they probably won’t get as mich coverage, attention and release if they didn’t tag Disney name. So uea double edge sword xD

  4. Holy cr@p, I just read some of the plot twists going on with the new Mulan movie and dude, the director of this live action is going to get SO much crap after its production. She’s going to be the next M. Night Shyamalam (him for producing the infamous movie which shall not be named because as fans we deem that it has never happened.) She’s asking for her career to die. I hope she’s aware that even with this ensemble of top stars, she’s not going to be a success if the plot sucks and it deviates too much from the original. But then again, it’s disney. They haven’t had a good adaptation as of yet from what I’m aware. Sucks that Mulan has to be casualty of this catastrophe

  5. I think it’s refreshing they chose an unknown actor as male lead. LYF is pretty and all but she’ll be turning 31 soon so a bit sceptical about whether she can pull it off. Would have been much more interesting if they’d cast a newbie actress.

  6. I like the casting of the Male lead. He has a certain masculinity and ruggedness required for an army Captain.

    Most Asian actors now adays look too pretty, plastic and perfect. Unsuitable for the role. I look forward to seeing him in the army costume.

    1. @dramafan I kinda see a lot of feminine features on his face, so I’m not sure he will look well in army costume, but only time will tell!

    2. @dramafan He’s not a captain, commander, general or anyone with rank. He’s just another recruit (hot temper and rash if memory serves) like Mulan under Donnie Yen camp.

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