New Dramas “The Untamed” Cast Will Be Starring in Next

With the positive reception of Chinese drama The Untamed <陳情令>, Sean Xiao (肖战) and Wang Yibo‘s (王一博) gained tremendous popularity. Though they shared the spotlight, other supporting actors in the drama also caught the eye of many viewers.

Besides Sean and Yibo possessing four and two new dramas respectively, supporting actors Wang Zhuocheng (汪卓成), Liu Haikuan (劉海寬), Cao Yuchen (曹煜辰), Li Bowen (李泊文), Qi Peixin (漆培鑫), Zhu Zanjin (朱贊錦) and Xuan Lu (宣璐) also have a fair share of exciting upcoming projects.

Sean Xiao

Upcoming: – The Wolf <狼殿下>, Joy of Life <慶餘年>, Douluo Continent <鬥羅大陸> and The Oath of Love <餘生,請多指教>

Sean will be playing as the second male lead in both The Wolf and Joy of Life. He portrays a chivalrous bounty hunter who is secretly a Jin prince in The Wolf and an undercover spy in Joy of Life. He will be the main lead for Duoluo Continent and The Oath of Love, in which the former is based on a fantasy martial arts novel, while the latter is about a sweet romance between a stern doctor a cute graduate student.

Wang Yibo

UpcomingSuper Talent <超凡天賦> and Private Shu Shan College <私立蜀山學園>

Yibo will portray a proud but highly talented swordsman in urban xianxia drama Private Shu Shan College and a young superhero in Super Talent.

Wang Zhuocheng

Upcoming – Sword Dynasty Fantasy Masterwork <劍王朝>, Cupid’s Kitchen <舌尖上的心跳>

Currently AiringWalk into Your Memory <走進你的記憶>

Portraying as a playful rich second generation in Walk into your memory, his straight-forward pursuing style caught netizens’ interest as they laugh how his character will never get a girlfriend.

Liu Haikuan

UpcomingFarewell to Arms <烽煙盡處>

Hai Kuan plays as a Peking University student who joins lead Hans Zhang (張翰) in the anti-Japanese battle.

Cao Yuchen

UpcomingWe Are Young <青春創世紀>

Yuchen plays the second lead who gets involved in a love triangle with his high school friend (portrayed by Wu Jinyan 吳謹言) and her boss in the e-commerce industry.

Li Bowen

UpcomingLast Cook <末代廚娘> and The Memory About You <半暖時光>

Last Cook is a modern motivational drama also starred by Zhang Tielin (張鐵林) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and The Memory About You is a youth romance drama.

Qi Peixin

Upcoming The Chang’an Youth <長安少年行> and Sweet Tai Chi <淑女飄飄拳>

Peixin acts as a kind but unloved second prince in The Chang’ an Youth and Sweet Tai Chi is heard to be a new xianxia idol drama.

Zhu Zanjin

Upcoming – The Entangled Life of Qingluo <蔓蔓青蘿> and The Legend of Ba Qing <贏天下>

Zan Jin plays the youngest and highly skilled lord out of the five princes in historical romance drama The Entangled Life of Qingluo.

Xuan Lu

Upcoming We Are Young <青春創世紀>, The Love of Hypnosis <南煙齋筆錄>, Wen Tian Lu <問天錄之少年鍾馗>, Hours Eye <天使的眼睛> and Rainbow Gravity <彩虹的重力>

Appearing in both modern and historical dramas, Xuan Lu will portray a variety of characters. In Hours Eye, her character will have the power to see peoples’ souls.

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