Drug Scandal Prompts Eason Chan to Divorce Hilary Tsui?

Hilary Tsui’s (徐濠縈) recent drug scandal did not sit too well with Eason Chan (陳奕迅). The couple reportedly argued bitterly over the scandal and put their 6-year marriage on the rocks.

Hilary Tsui is rumored to be one of the celebrities caught on tape taking drugs at Kenny Wong’s (黃浩) restaurant. Appearing at a marketing event yesterday, Eason refused to talk about the scandal. Rumor has it that Eason was extremely upset at Hilary and even cursed at her.

The normally tough Hilary decided to take the silent approach and left for Japan.

During Grace Ip (葉佩雯) and Eric Kwok’s  (郭偉亮) November wedding, Hilary was noticeably absent at the wedding although she is close friends with Grace. Eason was one of the groomsmen and attended the wedding by himself.

Two days later, Hilary posted a photo of her arch-enemy, Kenny Wong–who reportedly has a video clip of the drug taking incident–on her social network page to mock him. The photo was commented on and reposted by friends and finally exposed to the public by none other than social media king, Edison Chen (陳冠希). Instead of letting the scandal blow over, Hilary, with the help of Edison, actually added fuel to the fire.

Hilary Went Packing

Eason was not amused at his wife’s behavior and asked Hilary what was causing all her childish behavior. The lack of remorse from Hilary allegedly triggered Eason to start yelling at her. Hilary decided to leave home for a while, so she packed and headed to Japan.

During last week’s press event for his concert tour, Eason managed to hide his misery and put on a huge smile. While he was busy at work bringing home the bacon, Hilary was vacationing in Ginza, Japan. It was reported that Hilary did not even let Eason know where she was heading.

A friend finally told Eason that Hilary had left Hong Kong. The source also told him that Hilary knew she was in serious trouble, but she acted like nothing was wrong.

Failing to get anything out of Eason, the Hong Kong media decided to go after his 8-year old daughter instead. They asked Constance outside her school whether her mom and dad were arguing and where her mom is now.

Constance’s answer of “So bad! So dumb!” were somehow twisted by the reporters as reflecting her support for her daddy.

Source: Sina.com

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  1. wtf is wrong with HK media?! Leave children out of such a thing, don’t drag them into the freaking spotlight.

    1. exactly, there goes her childhood. thanks to mommy dearest & the wonderful hk media.

  2. Divorce her already. She’s a druggie. Either she get help or a divorce. She’s scary and weird.

    1. yup agree, Eason should just divorce her and stop all the finance support for her trip to Japan. that will teach her a lesson. She seems arrogant and wasn’t showing any sign of remorseful at all. She needs stern warning for real.

      Pity their kid though who have to endure her mom’s childishness etc..

      Also, Edison Chen is really good for nothing, he only knows how to add for fuel to fire aka a trouble seeker. That guy is really useless.

      1. Yup, well said………..Hillary is a piece of garbage and EDC is just a lower-level piece of garbage.

  3. she tries so hard to be avant-garde but major fail!!! please stop encouraging her non-fashion sense.

  4. I cannot believe thet Hilary would act like this… I pity their daughter and the press is really heartless to approach their little daughter to ask if her parents are arguing?? what the heck??? that is a really low thing to do just to get some news.

    1. I think Hilary is quite a rebellious woman from day one. She is not an easy going person and does not follow the rules. Feel sorry for Eason Chan.

      1. For some reason, I don’t think Eason is “clean” either. Ever since William so, kelvin kwan, and jill vidal got busted, I suspect a lot of singers do drugs.

      2. I agree with josie. Eason does not look that clean. I won’t be too shocked if he needs some ‘inner-self’ time as well.

  5. Wasn’t it revealed that she partied a lot and spent excessively ? I’m assuming she’s a stay at a home mom yes? I also heard that Eason Chan’s father required a lot of medical assistance and we all know how expensive health care is in HK.

    1. Yeah. I heard about it, too ……”she partied a lot and spent excessively”. I admired that Eason could stand her all these years. I think she changed quite a bit after her marriage. She used to be Eason’s good girlfriend. I think they even talked about a divorce some years ago (the rumour that Eason had with Kate Tse On Kee).

  6. This women got no hope alrdy yeah divorce her if I am Eason.

  7. For a long time I knew that HK media lack of ethics as they only asked dumb questions (e.g. when are you going to have a BF/GF, when are you getting married, when are you going to have baby, etc) but to harassed a 8-year old kid is really over the line! Leave the kid alone for goodness sake!

    As for Hilary Tsui, she really has too much free time. She has absolutely no fashion sense but she thinks she’s some kind of fashion guru! She should have use all her free time to help the needed community and set a good example for the daughter instead of wasting the husband money being an idiot in the face of the public!

    1. Agree. I don’t like Hilary’s fashion sense either. Too trendy for me!

      I think, since she has so much free time, she should spend more time taking of her daughter and Eason’s singing career (at least not to bring shame to him).

  8. I used to like Hilary Tsui when she was still an actress. She’s not conventionally pretty, but, I like her look. She doesn’t look good now with her current fashion. She looks better before.

    1. I know, she looked so tomboy and healthy in “a taste of love”. Then suddenly she became too “chiu” (trendy).

    2. If she is really a drug addict, drugs can ruin a person’s looks.

  9. Wow such a**holes, why go after a child and ask questions? Do reporters have no more ideas of getting news that they need to go after an 8 year old for answers. >>”
    And good job Eason! His wife needs serious help

  10. Divorce her already. She’s definitely a bad role model. Although I can’t be sure if she’s the artists in the drug case, but her actions of insulting Wong Ho already proves she might be somehow involved in it.

    1. Anyway if Hilary wants her husband, Eason Chan, to be a good and popular singer, she should maintain a good image in the entertainment industry. After all, Eason is a good singer with a healthy image (unlike Edison Chan).

      1. I don’t think Eason’s image is healthy. His hair is messy and he dresses crazy. Maybe “artistic” fits h better.

      2. When I said “healthy”, I meant that he did not have many rumours with female artistes.

      3. If you did pay attention then you would know Eason had a lot of rumors with some female artistes. This is just news speculated by the media, shouldn’t be too judgmental about it.

  11. Doesn’t sound like a responsible parent, to take off like that. That is more disgusting to me than the drugs.

    1. Feel sorry for their daughter who is already 8 years old. She should be able to understand the situation at this age.

      1. The child is way to young to understand why her mom is taking drugs or taking off and leaving the family without saying a word. The most immature is the wife who is not acting like a responsible parent. I am sure that Eason has to reassure their daughter daily and tell white lies to cover up their current marital situation to lessen the stress and pain for their child. How unfortunate.

  12. Edison Chen and scandals is like flies and rotten garbage.

  13. Edison’s purpose of existence is to ruin his friends’ lives — unintentionally and intentionally.

  14. Lol whats up with all the EDC haters? He’s actually a pretty chill guy, met him a few times when he collaborated with some clothing lines here at NYC a lot of ppl like him…..but anyways why everyone is all aggressive over unconfirmed rumors, calm down

  15. I didn’t realise my opinion of her could go any lower.

  16. divorce means he don’t forgive her alread, i think she must be afraid and feel so alone right now, he should support her to come clean, everybody makes mistakes including eason and hilary, they must change their lifestyles for their daughter and themselves, see how drugs changes a person’s countenance, am sure they know it’s not good for their child to grow up in that environment, best of luck to them

  17. Can someone explain this to me?

    If Hilary could just go abroad like that, does that means she is no longer the object of investigation by the HK police?

    Or is it just the HK police’s incompetence that they had forgotten to make her surrender her passport while investigation is still under way.

    1. Can HK police go after recreational drug users? Jill Vidal (sp?) didn’t get arrested, right?

      1. Jill did drugs in Tokyo and not on HK soil. If she did drugs on HK soil, she would’ve been arrested.

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