Eason Chan Announces He is Bipolar

Despite the success of his career, living life as a workaholic for more than ten years has greatly affected Eason Chan’s (陳奕迅) physical and psychological health. During his recent Life Concert 2013 at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Eason exhibited odd behavior towards the audience.

On July 17, which was the concert’s eleventh performance, Eason openly announced to his fans he is bipolar and has a phobia of large crowds. He said, “It’s a type of mood disorder…I’m becoming more and more afraid when there are lots of people around. I’m serious about this. I have a phobia of large crowds. This is really not a joke…I am a little bipolar.” Soon after, Eason seemed as if he had lost himself and was out of his mind. “I just entered a really weird world. I totally forgot you guys are here. Actually, are you guys really here?” he questioned.

Eason spoke of his condition for five minutes and constantly told the audience that he is sorry. Initially, his fans thought he was simply kidding, but Eason only became more serious as time passed. The crowd soon broke into cheers, while Eason had tears in his eyes. In the end, he promised his fans he would continue to live the best of his life.

Family and Fans Express Concern

Apparently, Eason had already been ill during the fourth stage performance of his concert. He weight climbed to 188 pounds, and he had pains all over his body. With no time to keep fit, Eason could only turn to prescription pills. However, the pills led to a bloated stomach, and he entered the hospital at night to get rid of excess gas.

During the ninth stage performance of his concert, Eason suffered from a bad cold. His voice was hoarse and he coughed constantly. Fans were extremely worried about his condition. Eason’s wife, Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈), expressed, “I supported him backstage. He is seriously ill, and so I’ve been sleeping with my daughter at night.”

An insider reported, “Eason is actually very exhausted this time. The worst thing that can happen to a singer is a sore throat. When preparing backstage each night, he constantly sat by himself and looked into a mirror. He barely spoke to anyone.”

July 27 was Eason’s 39th birthday. That night, Eason’s manager, Katie Chan (陳家瑛), called a group of friends over to the Hong Kong Coliseum for a celebration. “It was a really touching evening. I haven’t seen Eason cry in a long time,” the insider said. When the night was over, Eason’s wife and mother gathered into the car with solemn faces, appearing to be very concerned with Eason’s psychological health.

Source: Face Magazine #323 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. just that photo alone speaks itself doesn’t it? hahaha LOL…

  2. I was never a fan of his because I felt he’s just an arrogant bastard that’s just offensive and rude. Now I understand why he comes off that way. I think he should take a bit of time off just to take care of his health and relax. I hope he recovers.

    1. yeah i cant believe he has crowd phobia. i tot he was those self-center stars. he pull down his pants all the time on stage wen he just came out. he seemed like a lunatic. prbably after he hav kid he need to act different which cause him to trigger an uncomfortable self~ bipolar crash.

  3. Actually he always strike me as someone who has a little mental problem. I saw his interview a while ago, he just suddenly get angry when the reporter asked something about his shoes. He was laughing in one minute and the next he was so pissed.Hope he took care his health before it got worst. Plus I think his relationship with his wife not that great either when he hinted through his interview in Kang xi.

    1. I thought they are both perfectly compatible since even their self proclaimed trendy fashion are so damn weird? ahahh LOL….

    2. Since he has a mental problem, it is more understandable for him to act the way that he does sometimes. I think that is more forgivable then someone who does not have any mental issues but just had a bad attitude.

  4. I kinda noticed his odd behaviour watching some behind the scenes footage of one of his advertisement shoots. Eason definitely has very extreme mood swings…I can’t say that I’m surprised that he is bipolar. It’s good that he not hiding it from his fans anymore. It needs to be acknowledged that many people suffer from various forms of mental illness. Catherine Zeta Jones is also biploar and has sought treatment for her illness. It’s very important for people like them to have very understanding and supportive spouses because the people who care for them suffer just as much.

  5. I am never a fan of Eason. He’s too overrated as a singer simply because he has no competition. His attitude is so wrong on many occasions and he always exaggerates in his singing.

  6. I’ve only seen him in Dream House, the horror movie. He seems a little giggly! 😀

  7. Yup, he seems to have a bipolar condition. So does his wife.

  8. if he has bipolar, then he shouldn’t be working/be in stressful environment, it will only make things worse

  9. At least he is able to admit that he has a mental/psychological problem and is getting help which I don’t find a bad thing at all. There are many that have major psychological/mental issues but yet choose to be in denial or just ignore it.

    1. Because unfortunately, there is still a social stigma to mental illness especially in asia, so many people are reluctant to see treatment. The most common form of mental illness is depression, but if someone in HK or Malaysia goes to see a psychiatrist or psychologist about it, busybodies around them will gossip and say that they’re “cuckoo”.

      1. @Felicity. Uh huh, you got that right. There is aproblem wrapped real tight around mental illness and other things in Asia. You would think that with such widespread literature, the modern age of libraries, tv, the internet and other sources, folks would educate themselves and try not to be in the dark about certain things. Mental illness, unfortunately, is a reality we all have to face as it can affect us or someone we know and love.

    2. Tell me about it. I get frustrated and sometimes distressed when I see people who are so afraid in consulting even their close ones when they speculate there is something wrong mentally. Like any other illness, it’s an illness. If you are ill, you go to the doctor and they help you. Same goes for mental illnesses. I won’t ever understand why some people are so ignorant.

      1. Hi Crystal, long time we ain’t greet each other. There is this very wealthy businesman who is showing the early signs of dementia. He is 56. His family says he is fine, he says he is fine, but when I see him, and interact with him, I can clearly see something wrong, very wrong. His wife said he is well grounded in business and education, and if something was wrong, he and them are. Educated people and they would know. Clearly a case of sheer ignorance or living in denial. What you think Crystal?.

      2. Hello Kaboom,
        I hope you and your family are doing well. 🙂

        I cannot really say much unless the man comes to me and run a diagnostic. But is the man showing signs of memory loss? Moodiness? Both? I mean the kind of memory loss where he does not even know what year he is in, what season we are currently in. Usually when people forget these little facts, it is a small sign suggesting something could be wrong.

        As for his wife using her husband’s credentials to ignore what may or may not be a serious case of dementia…. I usually question the patient “do you want to lose all your pride at once or little by little painfully?”

        I realize a trend where the most successful people are usually the ones who wont ever admit if there is something wrong physiologically or psychologically. Its like a sin to them, almost. If they admit theyre sick, they might be banished or something.

  10. Patients who are bipolar have normal tendencies like people without the illness. It is only when the illness takes over that they hear voices in their heads, they become anxious and nervous and develop incredible strength.

    Medication can help a lot in such situations, especially if the patient sticks to his or her medication and take it without fail. Mixing alcohol with the meds can trigger a bipolar episode as well.

    always thought there was something a bit strange about Eason. Now I know. We should not be fooled though, although a person may be bipolar, they can be still arrogant with a more important than others attitude. Some will even use their illness to mask their nasty behavior. Eason comes across as an arrogant jerk, who is bipolar.

  11. I do have to give him props for coming forward and publicly admitting his illness. Like HeTiehou said, there are so many who have mental and psychological conditions and are too vain to admit it in such a public manner, or they live in denial.
    That is one strange looking photo of Eason though. He looks more like an Elaine than an Eason, lipstick and all. lol.

  12. Bipolar is difficult to live with – I mean for family.

    The manic highs (they could do irrational stuff like make an impulsive buy on a car without 2nd thoughts) and the depressive crash lows. One never knows if they’re coming or going.

    If Hillary is depressed too … it’s probably a result of coping

  13. @Crystal, when his daughter got married, he gave a speech and lost his train of thought and started ramblimg on about how wealthy he is. He even started attacking a black couple invited to the wedding. He then got all angry about an hr later. His mood swings are Jekyll and Hyde to perfection. He gets worried about money and going broke. He says he can’t find his white shoes and they are on hisfeet, this happens wiith documents, wallet, watch, wedding ring, etc. He was confused on the golf course various times. He even forgets the layout of the course. He would eat a six course meal, and he eats enough for three hearty men. Five mins later, he would say he has’t eaten all day and he’s hungry, very hungry. These are just a few small examples.

  14. Has Eason been diagnosed by a doctor or he just thought he has bipolar?

    So, his bipolar suddenly appeared on his 4th concert?

    Maybe he’s just depress he lost his voice on during the concert with gave him a lot of stress.

      1. Eason and his wife both give the impression of arrogant and conceited celebrities who have rude manners. No offense to anyone.

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