Edison Chen Chasing 18-Year-Old Girl After Splitting from Vincy Yueng?

After appearing as a guest performer at Famma’s recent Hong Kong concert, Edison Chen Koon Hei held a sixth anniversary party for his company, CLOT. Many of Edison’s family members and friends, including Eason Chan Yik Shun and wife, Hilary Tsui, were present. However, Edison ’s girlfriend, Vincy Yeung (niece of EEG’s Albert Yeung) was not present.

Edison did not respond directly as to why Vincy was not present at the CLOT celebration. Allegedly, Edison and Vincy may have separated several months ago. In April, Vincy took a break from studying in the United States to attend her grandmother’s funeral in Hong Kong . When prompted by reporters, she did not respond to inquiries regarding her relationship with Edison .

Edison may even have a new romantic interest in actress-turned-socialite, Lo Koon Ping’s 18-year-old daughter, Fiona Tong. Attending school overseas since she was twelve, Fiona is currently a student at the University of London , majoring in International Management. She often attends balls with her mother and elder sister. Allegedly, Fiona is interesting in pursuing a career in modeling and has appeared in a catwalk fashion show alongside Angelababy.

In response to the dating rumors between Edison Chen Koon Hei and her daughter, Fiona Tong, former actress-turned-socialite, Lo Koon Ping said that Fiona just returned to Hong Kong from London . She did not ask Fiona who her friends were, but expressed confidence in her daughter’s judgment.

Compiled from Tom.com, Takungpao

Jayne: Given Edison ’s dating history, it doesn’t seem as if he stays with one woman for long. He also seems to prefer extremely young girls. ? I guess his hard partying ways have not slowed down yet.

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  1. Why is it in every picture lately Edison is pictured with a huge pout-ish look? Why? WHY?

  2. I’m not surprised he picked Fiona…her & her sister are party girls…they seem to fit the type of girls Edison goes after.

  3. Just curious, what does a ‘socialite’ really does?

  4. Jayzemine, shop, attend fasion shows and concerts, attend balls and cocktail functions with hubby. Chat with the wives of the other rich men and keep up good relations? If there are kids, then keep watch over them too. It’s mostly a lot of socializing to keep up a good network of contacts.

    Michelle Reis is now a socialite. Is this a boring lifestyle or does the money make it more thrilling?

  5. Funn, lol the media does like to print unflattering photos of Edison.

    IMO, I don’t think men really care about a woman if she is 10 years or plus younger. Physical attraction is still number one and some guys consistently date a certain age group even as they age because they want to have fun. I think guys may date or get married for lust, love, or companionship, but not necessarily be looking for a partner for deep reflective, philosophical reflections on life. Which is why men can tolerate dating women so much younger than themselves.

    That’s why women need their best friends, sisters, mothers or even daughters to bond.

  6. Jayne, being a socialite is probably most women’s dream because a socialite is first and foremost someone who married rich, no job needed so fills her time with charity work, attending functions, mingle and chat, etc. There are socialites who married not so rich. Basically socialites means those who mixes with the rich and plentiful?

  7. Between, I got a bit confused with the comments structure, when I realise the top is the now the recently posted comments. A bit confused for a while!

  8. I prefer to old structure. Now I need to read post from bottom to top instead of top to bottom.

  9. Thanks Jayne-that sounds like a very “challenging” job-LOL I suppose some pple are just born to be a socialite while some prefer to actually make their own money and be independent. Wonder which type of woman is smarter, the socialite or the independent careerist?

  10. Funn and Jayzemine, I think having enough disposable income so you don’t have to worry about monthly living expenses and allowing you the ability to dine out once in awhile is good. Enough money to take 2 or 3 week long vacations of your choice. And still be able to put aside some savings of course.

    Although everyone complains about work sometimes, I still prefer working than being a housewife or socialite. The lifestyle of a socialite implies keeping up a facade to the people in the elite circle.

    As long as we make enough to have a certain degree of financial freedom, I believe that a life in moderation is probably more happy that the excessive habits of being rich.

  11. Why am I not shocked to hear this?? Edison Chen is a guy whore that cannot stay and be faithful to just one woman. I think he is going to stay this way for the rest of his life. IF he ever got married, I am sure that it will not last…

  12. Why am I not shocked to hear this?? Edison Chen is an unfaithful guy that cannot stay and be faithful to just one woman. I think he is going to stay this way for the rest of his life. IF he ever got married, I am sure that it will not last…

  13. Sorry for the double post and for my choice of words. I get so sick and tired of hearing about how bad Edison is… sigh… No offense to any of his fans.

  14. Socialite do a lot of charities, right? I wouldn’t mind being a socialite then. She’s still doing something for the society.

  15. I just don’t like this Edison, no offense to any of his fans

  16. I agree with you Jayne. I rather make my own money and be independent than have to pretend to like someone because of networking etc…

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