Edwin Siu and Raymond Cho Travel to the Future for New TVB Comedy

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Edwin Siu and Raymond Cho Travel to the Future for New TVB Comedy

On October 4, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Raymond Cho (曹永廉), Matthew Ho (何廣沛), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), Grace Wong (王君馨), John Chiang (姜大偉), Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), and more attended a costume fitting press conference for their upcoming TVB drama Time-Traveling Officials <超時空男臣>, a sci-fi comedy that centers on a time-traveling trio from the late Ming Dynasty.

Produced by Marco Law (羅永賢), Edwin Siu stars as the Ming dynasty hero Yuan Chonghuan who, along with the imperial inspector Zuo Guangdou (Raymond Cho) and the eunuch Li Jinzhong (Matthew Ho), get transported to the future as they attempt to search for their princess (Grace Wong). The trio land in present-day Hong Kong, where they end up as background actors in a film studio.


Edwin Siu and Law Lok-lam

At the press conference, Edwin appeared as his character Yuan, wearing a general’s uniform and a large beard. He said, “I’ve never looked this outstanding and heroic before.” Asking if his girlfriend, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), has seen his look, Edwin said, “She asked me why I sent her a picture of Law Lok-lam (羅樂林). And honestly, I do think I look like him.”

Raymond said, “Law Lok-lam caught the shingles too. What a coincidence!”

Last month, Edwin shared that he was suffering from shingles due to overwork, but has now recovered. “I’m surprised to hear that a lot of people at TVB have also caught the shingles,” he said.

Reporters asked Raymond if he too had suffered a similar fate. The actor laughed and said, “I never had shingles before!” Edwin quickly butted in, “But you’ve had many other things! And they’re all infections too!”

In regards to their heavy period costumes for the show, Raymond said, “We’ll be shooting this in the winter, so it’ll be a lot more comfortable. If we shoot this in the summer, all the snakes [shingles] will come out.” Catching Raymond’s sarcasm, Edwin refuted, “Raymond’s been working out a lot. He was fat before, but for this show, he dropped ten pounds.”

Kristal Tin Responds to “Brother’s Keeper 2” Dismal Ratings

time traveling officials costume fitting 3Kristal Tin, who portrays a present-day character in Time-Traveling Officials, appeared at the press conference in pigtails. The 39-year-old actress joked about her outlandish look and said, “I’m playing a youthful character. Strange, right? Don’t you feel like you’re watching a horror film?” Kristal said she has already read the script, and is quite pleased with the story. Though Time-Traveling Officials will be Kristal’s third collaboration with Edwin, she doesn’t think their team-up would be boring to the audiences. “Edwin and I are playing different characters now. Edwin’s a very funny guy in real life, so he’ll have no problem with comedy.”

Sharing that her character is a third-generation successor of a restaurant, Kristal will wear clothes that have a traditional Chinese style. Asking if her husband Chapman To (杜汶澤) has seen pictures of her costume fitting, Kristal said, “I’m afraid that he’s going to want me to wear them home!”

Her series with Edwin, Brother’s Keeper 2 <巨輪II>, is experiencing dismal ratings with poor critical reviews. The drama received an average rating of 21.1 points last week, reaching less than 1.37 million viewers per episode.

“It’s a bit disappointing,” admitted Kristal. “It wasn’t an easy drama to do, and the crew worked really hard. I hope the ratings will slowly get better. I’ve tried my best as Chan-kai Ying and I’ve completed my mission. I am satisfied with my performance.”

Source: Oriental DailyHK01

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

13 comments to Edwin Siu and Raymond Cho Travel to the Future for New TVB Comedy

  1. dramadrama says:

    Why Edwin again…..Loved Grace Wong though.

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    • siro112233 replied:

      I agree with you. And i don’t like the casting except Raymond Cho. I think the first lead person they want was Ruco. Because “the aliance’ he turns down this one. Edwin was second lead and Raymond who was playing the eunuch (gosh!! He is good playing that role!) promote to second. Finaly!! Another Grace Wong perfomance!!

      About Kristal role. Why don’t they ask Priscilla? Kristal can’t play those role anymore. Zoie Tam or Moon Lau is more suitable.

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  2. funnlim says:

    Did Edwin Siu bribe some executive or made a deal with the devil? Why is he being so promoted when his series is doing badly? Why is he continously in leading character? Why? WHY?!

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    • dramadrama replied:

      Tvb should really stop promoting Edwin. He can’t really act, and sorry, but I can’t stand his face. He doesn’t seems convincing as a good person, but can’t act bad enough for a villain. At least when he was a villain, I can see how he was beaten up in the end.

      Tvb should have promote his gf, Pricillia instead.

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  3. vodka says:

    Deja vu story plot “King yesterday tomorrow” but comedy is always welcome, but wait if Ruco and Linda didn’t left Brother Keepers 2 the serie would do much better

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    • tiffany replied:

      @vodka Yup, but Edwin doesn’t have Kong Wah’s swag lol

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  4. hannah says:

    oh my why Edwin leading again?? I’d prefer Raymond cho as lead . Also why Krystal , wouldn’t she been too old for the role lol

    Happy to see Grace wong again!

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    • went replied:

      Both are NOT leading material. Average acting even after all these years. Krystal? Awwwww…NO…lol…

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  5. isay says:

    Woah! Am I seeing double? Edwin does look like Law Lok Lam haha! Sounds like another crap series. Edwin may have a few dramas under his belt but none worth watching.

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  6. ricky721 says:

    Edwin and Kristal, again…. hmmm….

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  7. jane626 says:

    Edwin is bad, always over acting and exaggerating.

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  8. kidd says:

    I hope the series won’t make an idiot out of Yuan Chonghuan (the series being a comedy). The historical Yuan Chonghuan has quite a lot fans and is fairly respected.
    If the series make him too goofy, TVB might get complaint letters for insulting such a respected historical figure.

    Interesting Yuan Chonghuan’s trivia 🙂


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  9. diana80 says:

    I’m a fan of time-traveling drama. But why not other lead actor (eg. Vincent Wong) to lead the series with Selena or Priscilla as the female lead instead?

    Btw, as i’m not watching BK2 ‘religiously’…lol…may i know in which episode does Nana’s character being raped by her adopted father? I want to see how good is Grace’s acting in that scene. & will Ruco come back for the last few episodes of the series?

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