Eliza Sam Announces Arrival of Son, Jacob

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Eliza Sam Announces Arrival of Son, Jacob

Eliza Sam (岑麗香) announced the arrival of her son, Jacob, on Instagram today. Marrying Canadian-Chinese Joshua Ngo in 2016, Eliza has been eager to start a family. She left TVB last year and successfully became pregnant after scaling back her work schedule.

The 34-year-old actress wrote on Instagram, “Welcome to the world my little BabyBooBoo! Everyone meet baby Jacob! We feel so happy and blessed to have you in our lives, you truly are our greatest gift from God. Now we have a complete set of Rock Paper and Scissors! We’re also so grateful to Dr. Wong and the staff at Union Hospital for everything they have done for us. Apologies in advance that we can’t reply to all the messages lately, but we are so thankful for all your blessings! Can’t wait to see you all very soon!”

Prior to giving birth, Eliza has been reading childcare books to make sure she is prepared to take care of her newborn son. Having celebrity mom friends such as Leanne Li (李亞男) and Sarah Song (宋熙年) to ask for advice also gave Eliza a lot of reassurance.

Busily caring for her newborn son, Eliza has not been able to return press calls yet.

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Eliza Sam Announces Arrival of Son, Jacob

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  • 9 comments to Eliza Sam Announces Arrival of Son, Jacob

    1. chena says:

      Love how they make it sound like childbirth and raising a kid is rocket science, LOL. People have been doing it since the beginning of time.

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      • joyce replied:

        @chena I know, every time I read an article about celebrities giving birth and taking care of newborns, they make it sound super hard and super important, they make it sounds like they’re only people need to know how to take care of the babies. I mean, human been thru it all. Back in the day, our grandparents gave birth to like 7-8 kids, they didn’t need to read books, go to class to learn all those stuff and their kids still grow up healthy. I raised my 2 kids the old fashion way and now they’re 2 healthy, happy & smart teenagers. And I didn’t read or learn anything in any baby classes or books. I still use my own way to teach & discipline my kids.

        Login or Register before you can reply to joyce
        • janet72 replied:

          @joyce babies are all different. reading up may help to prepare a little but in real life, they behave differently.
          it’s really play by ear because no one can expect what they will do. my 2 kids are in their teens now – 15 and 19. totally different characters. I am still the parent and never attempted to be their friend because they will forget the boundary.

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    2. potatochip says:

      Congrats to them! Cute baby!

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    3. cutie777 says:

      Jacob looks exactly like his father.

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    4. anon says:

      I don’t get why her and Linda Chung are still in the news for what seems like every week.

      Linda Chung would be understandable as she had achieved some degree of success during her tenure at TVB.

      Eliza Sam on the other hand has little to no talent, and accomplished little to nothing during her time at TVB.

      HK entertainment is just getting lamer each day.

      Login or Register before you can reply to anon
      • 1piscesish replied:

        @anon hk entertainment is lame but people will always be nosy and read about it. it doesn’t matter if she has talent or not…it doesn’t take much to become an “artiste” in hk. she is considered to be a “goddess” and is well-liked by most hk audience, therefore her life is newsworthy. period.

        Login or Register before you can reply to 1piscesish
        • anon replied:


          “is well-liked by most hk audience”

          This appears more like an opinion than a fact.

          I am certain that the majority of HK people don’t even know who she is since many don’t even watch TVB series anymore.

          Login or Register before you can reply to anon
        • 1piscesish replied:

          @anon well, obviously i’m referring to people who watch tvb and know her. i’m not talking about the entire hk population here! and people who pays attention to hk entertainment news would have likely heard of her. in general, she is well-liked by the audience and media and has a good image.

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