Eric Tsang and Wong Cho Lam Introduce New TVB Variety Shows

In an effort to ramp up its variety show content, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) is stepping in as TVB’s Deputy General Manager while Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) will be Chief Creative Officer. Since the official announcement was made in January, Eric and Cho Lam have been busy brainstorming ideas for new variety programs. New upcoming variety shows were announced before the press.

Parenting Show “Mommy’s Voice” <日日媽媽聲>

A new parenting talk show will air on April 10 and will be hosted by celebrity mothers Mimi Lo (羅敏莊), Candice Yu (余安安), and Grace Chan (陳凱琳). It has been a while since the three celebrity-moms have appeared on the TVB’s program and viewers can look forward to hearing the hosts’ experience as mothers.

Singing Competition “The Voice of the Stars” <星夢傳奇>

Music reality show The Voice of the Stars will be making a return where a group of young hopeful singers will be vying to win a recording contract. The program will be hosted by Sammy Leung (森美), and Hacken Lee (李克勤) will be appearing as a mentor.

Live Music with “Music Lobby” <演鬥廳>

Another new music program is coming in June where new up-and-coming musicians will be given a chance to perform live and show off their musical talent. Viewers can expect to discover new artistes and be wowed by different music styles.

Jade Solid Gold < 勁歌金曲>

TVB’s long-running music show Jade Solid Gold < 勁歌金曲> will now be hosted by Eric Kwok (郭偉亮)、Kandy Wong (黄山怡) and Oscar Xu (徐毓麟). The three hosts will be greeting audiences on April 11.

Voiceover Competition

In May, Liza Wang (汪明荃) and Louis Yuen (阮兆祥) will be hosting a new competition to find the best voiceover artiste through a series of challenges. The contestants will be judged and mentored by professionals in the industry.

New Variety Show Helmed by Liza  

TVB will be introducing a new live variety show titled Happy Variety <開心大綜藝>that is similar to classic program Enjoy Yourself Tonight <歡樂今宵> but with a modern twist. The program will premiere on April 11 at 8 p.m..

New Documentary Series: “Finding People” <尋人記>

TVB upcoming news-centric show will be led by news anchors as they reconnect with people who made news in the past years.

Talk Show with C Kwan and Luk Wing

The program will be hosted by comedy duo C Kwan (鄭詩君) and Luk Wing (陸永). The program’s premise revolves around finding TVB’s next top host to replace Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲).

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Eric Tsang’s Return Rocks TVB Management

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  1. Okay yay I was waiting for this post to discuss this announcement. To be honest, most of these shows sound unappealing.

    I really enjoy Liza’s On Line — I think the games are fun and make me thing rather than mindlessly watching people do stupid things to hurt themselves so I hope they keep some of those aspects for her new variety show. The voiceover show sounds odd though.

    I also like Dodo’s show with Ckwan and 6wing but I guess she’s walking away from it since they want to find someone to replace her? I definitely will watch that show because I love those guys, so funny.

    They need to replace the girl host (her name escapes me right now) on Master’s Talk. She’s so annoying but Bob should continue to host. I love Bob.

    1. @tt23 I was expecting more ambitious ideas for new variety shows, since one of the reasons for hiring Eric Tsang and Wong Cho Lam was due to their experience in China and their pledge to make higher quality shows to appeal to a wider audience. Among the proposed shows, three are music shows which already has limited appeal. It seems to be TVB’s answer to ViuTV, which has been holding their own music competition shows.

      Too many talk shows. Since each episode features a different guest, viewers would not consistently watch every episode and just tune in randomly. It’s better to take an extended reality show format for continued viewership. Creative editing can make it more entertaining to watch. Also we can get a deeper dive into celebrities’ personal lives. It’s very doable for a parenting themed show, and there are plenty of HK stars who are new parents who can participate.

      1. @jayne

        I wonder what kind of recording contract will be awarded to the winner of “The Voice of the Stars”. Will it be a contract from one of the big music companies in HK or just TVB contract. TVB has never been good at promoting its singers.

      2. @kidd TVB has arranged for the recording companies to be part of the weekly guest so they can pick the singer they want as they watch.

        It sounds like great opportunity for the contestants

    2. @tt23 ooh I think you are talking about Christine Ng. She can be annoying, but I actually like how she slips in questions that not many interviewers would ask. Since she has 地位/power, she can ask a daring question and it wouldn’t be awkward while other hosts can only ask questions on the surface (not that it’s bad but rather boring and there are just way too many talk shows that repeat the same questions)

      I was hoping for something similar to Super Trio. I miss that show so so much. I just had high expectations since Eric and ChoLam are acknowledged experts at these creative ideas and such. So far, I’m only interested in Talk Show with Ckwan and 6wing. I love music, but competitions are too routine.

      1. @mi520

        “Music Lobby” sounds good provided it really is live with no after show editing.

        This show really can let the new singers show their talent and skills. I hope they invite a lot of independent singers with no big company backing. These are the singers that need exposure most.

      2. @mi520 not Christine (I don’t mind her but don’t find her to be a great host), I mean mak ling ling I think that’s her name? Not tiger talk but it’s called Master’s talk with Bob, airing right now. She talks about ppls fortunes based on when they are born, etc but she’s SO annoying and talks over the guests. It’s terrible

        I agree with you about super trio! Aside from what people say about Eric tsang — that show was my childhood. I watched it at my grandparents every weekend growing up. They have clips on YouTube and I love watching them. Still so same funny.

      3. @tt23 oh her! Yeah, I agree! Although I’m not a believer, I like to listen to fortune-telling, but every time she talks, she’s either speaking at the wrong time or the things she says are doubtful. (body movements, way she talks)

        My childhood too!! One of my favorite games is 茶餐廳. I think that’d be a game they could play for these covid times haha no bodily contact.

      4. @mi520 i dont think she has any power per say (she is not Dodo or Liza). More like she is rich enough to care less about what her employer has to say

  2. All of these shows are recycled garbage

    If this is what Eric and Wong jo Lam can only come up with,

    Not impressed…

  3. when i saw voiceover i was thinking of dubbing. is it dubbing or singing?

  4. I’m cool with the music shows, it’s funny it all seems to be coming from Eric and nothing from Cho Lam…even though he’s in the creative seat.

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