“Eternal Faith” Director Ran Away?

Upcoming boys’ love (BL) drama, Eternal Faith <吉星高照>, seems to have hit a rough patch. Filming started in July, just as Chinese authorities’ scrutiny over BL adaptations intensified. Director Chan Ka Lam (陈家霖) is also said to have walked out on the project after being dissatisfied with its filming progress.

The drama is based on web novel Heaven’s Official Blessing <天官赐福>, which is written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (墨香铜臭) of Mo Dao Zu Shi <魔道祖师> fame.

Starring Zhang Linghe (张凌赫) and Zhai Xiaowen (翟潇闻), Eternal Faith is the biggest BL project announced this year. The drama is expected to turn Zhang Linghe and Zhai Xiaowen into the most-sought-after actors from the new generation, despite initial worries over the script adaptation and the imbalance in their book characters.

Director Ran Away?

Eternal Faith initially assembled an impressive production crew. Production design is handled by Han Zhong (韩忠), who won many awards for The Advisors Alliance <大军师司马懿之军师联盟> and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace <如懿传>.

Hiring director Chan Ka Lam (陈家霖), the genius behind The Untamed <陈情令>, seemed to also guarantee that Eternal Faith would be a success.

However, chaos erupted when an Internet rumor broke that “the director ran away” this week. Chan Ka Lam is said to be upset with the current shooting effects, and gathered his team to walk off the set. It is also reported that the crew had stopped filming Eternal Faith temporarily until a new director takes over.

A netizen revealed that Chan Ka Lam will be directing a new production starting in October. Although social media discussions are on fire, Chan Ka Lam has not responded to the rumors yet.

BL Adaptations to Be Banned?

Originally announced to be 60 episodes, Eternal Faith would film for eight months. Although many Chinese dramas are creating shorter formats to condense the story and attract a larger audience, with ancient idol dramas typically now lasting around 30 to 40 episodes. Eternal Faith‘s 60 episode-format would make it the longest BL drama, as The Untamed was only 50 episodes.

However, its original intentions may now face cutbacks and revisions due to The National Radio and Television Administration’s (NRTA) criticism towards BL dramas and its negative impact on society. In order to secure broadcasting approval, it is unclear whether Eternal Faith will see drastic changes to remove the romance between its male leads.

Sources: World Journal, Sohu

This article is written by Kiki for Jaynestars.com.

BL Dramas Try to Navigate Around Censorship

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  1. This is a Hot Iron… Many famed directors will not want to take this on… And would this even get screen time? That is still debatable. And if the 2 boys are styled as the above, this drama will definitely be shelved!!

    I bet this drama’s investors are cutting their losses… Not worth the risk and investment.

  2. not a fan of BL dramas but these two boys are my type. would like to see more of them.

  3. I am not a fan of BL dramas…but I really enjoy a Drama on guys with strong Friendship… Not Boys love.

    1. @Hohliu agreed, I lean more towards strong friendship, than romantic bromance. This is my preference as someone who’s heterosexual, but I feel by saying I don’t mind less BL, I’m doing a disservice to those who are in the LGBQT community, who has finally found a small representation of themselves onscreen. I feel terrible for them, yet I’ll face it and say, at the same time, I am glad more resources are being invested back into heterosexual dramas as that’s my preference. It’s a struggle to reconcile. (For those saying I could just not watch the BL dramas…they are also taking timeslots away for heterosexual dramas which would’ve otherwise aired, so there’s still a conflict of interest.)

      1. @Coralie I am with you on this. To be honest, I have many very good friends and families who are part of the LGBQT community. But we do not exhibit sexual conduct in public when we hangout. Thus even as a heterosexuals or others, we are just good friends that enjoys each others companies and hang out together… There is no discomfort.

        To be honest, many of my gay friends are very put off by the BL novels/dramas…. They say those stories are written for female readers…it does not represent the Gays community. Which is very true… And the BLs fans are commonly females… But this interest does help raise more acceptance towards the LGBQT community. Which is very good.

        But friendship is beyond gender. Thus a good drama about friendships is more appealing to me.

  4. Isn’t drama longer than 40ep is banned anyway? I thought they are not allowed to make long drama anyway more?

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