“DNA Says Love You” Teases to Enthusiastic Response

With a warn reception to its 3-minute teaser trailer, Taiwanese BL drama DNA Says Love You <基因決定我愛你> was listed on “BL France” website’s Top 10 Most Anticipated BL Dramas in 2022 – the only Taiwanese drama to make the list!

Cast Daringly Uses New Faces

Warmly received by fans in France, Spain, Japan and South Korea, the filming of the drama had met with a few hiccups. On the fourth day of filming, eleven crew members were hospitalized after they were stung by giant hornets on Taiwan’s famous Yangming Mountain. The news made local headlines and caused filming to halt for two days; later, just three days before filming was due to wrap, a lightsman fell from a two storey-high light structure, but fortunately suffered only minor injuries.

Starring Eric Lin Hui-ming (林暉閔) of Starry, Starry Nite <星空> fame, Huang Hsin Hao of Love Cuisine <如果没有你> and debuting new actors Leo Guo Yuchen (郭宇宸) and Weijie Lin (林煒傑), DNA Says Love You is director Eri Hao‘s (郝心翔) first BL drama. Billed as a light-hearted BL comedy-adventure, the story’s theme of self-exploration in a changing world aligns with its focus on a mysterious site in the mountainous region of Taiwan’s North Coast, rumored to bless couples who visit with an unexpected reward.

Producer Ben Tsin shared, “Asian BL dramas have performed well on the global front in recent years, and Because of You <2020 因為愛你> filmed in 2019 also had outstanding results on the global stage. It had good rankings when aired overseas in Thailand, Philippines, Japan, US and Europe. Even before filming started, Japan’s ABC Frontier had already expressed interest in acquiring the series, while there’s a high chance that Thailand’s Channel 3 will acquire rights for a local adaptation.

Watch 3-min Trailer:

Source: WorldJournal

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com

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    I can see thrm already pairing off these men in this drama as couples in real life, and there is nothing no one can say that can change their made -up delusional minds. This is actually the lighter part. It gets darker, much darker.

      1. You miss rhe point of the craziness of these pathetic delusional fans. You said there are crazy fans of straight men who act in movies anď I agree 100% . Hello?????. However, 99% of the men in BL are straight. It is the fans fighting with and blacklisting fans who dare to say these hot blooded men are not doing one another offscreen. Do the crazy fans of the non BL movies write colums and say these men are living together, do they write fanfics that can be considered XX RATED of these men using their real names? Do they say they love each other, they are in an offscreen relationship? Can’t hear you…..So you miss the point. You need to go to youtube, Twitter, instagram, tumblr, redditt facebook, weibo and many other social media platforms and see what I am talking about. Instagram, redditt and twitter are the ones to really focus on. You miss the point. It is pathetic wishing two men to be together when they have no intetest in such a relationship, refusing to believe they have wives or girlfriends, writing things like those are their honeymoon photos, that is their family photo if they are photographed with a child or dog. They mean it, they really do. They ban you, blacklist you if you dare to attempt to burst their delusional bubble, and they run crying to other fans and the celebrities themselves to blacklist you and ban you. You miss the point. Just go to these social media platforms and see for yourself. The messed up delusional emotions, and the mentality and actions of these fans are out of conttol. Time to ban BL MOVIES AND DRAMAS.

    1. There are crazy fans with hetero actors, lots of them. Lots. Even if BL is banned, crazy fans will continue.

      And it is hard to pinpoint numbers, but it is unbelievable to think only 1% of actors are gay. The entertainment business has always drawn gay talent since the age of Greek dramas and probably even before that.

      1. You miss the point too. I never said that one percent og actors are gay or bi. I was referring to BL ACTORS FROM ASIA.