Ethan Ruan’s Sexy Photo Circulates

Taiwanese heartthrob, Ethan Ruan Jing Tiang attended the Hong Kong film premiere of “Monga” the day before. He attracted female fans spanning all ages, including Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Marie Zhuge, and Vincy Chan. Nancy hugged Ethan tightly, while Vincy and Marie both said they wanted to find a boyfriend just like him! Sporting a Dior Homme suit at the “Monga” premiere, Ethan was a true “lady killer!”

Nancy was originally scheduled to appear at an awards ceremony at the APM mall, but she arrived early in order to see Ethan. When reporters prompted Nancy to shake hands with Ethan, he gave her a big hug instead. Nancy blushed and said, “I was about to faint!” (Was Ethan good material for a son-in-law?) “I thought you would ask whether he was good boyfriend material! Yes, he’s okay and very cute!” When Ethan gave Nancy a birthday hug earlier, Nancy joked that she lost sleep for two nights. The pair had discussed meeting up at the “Monga” premiere previously and Nancy’s support was a gesture of their friendship.

When Ethan heard that Nancy was about to faint after their hug, he laughed. “We can hug more frequently. With more practice, then there will not be any more fainting.”

An old photo of Ethan revealing his pubic hair has been circulating the internet. Ethan revealed that the photo was taken in his early modeling career. Does he intend to reveal his pubic hair again in the future? “My company would likely prohibit it. The photo was taken when I was a newcomer. During the photo shoot, I felt very free and high.”

If the box office results for “Monga” are ideal, perhaps Ethan can reveal his pubic hair at the celebration event? “No, it’s not my personal accomplishment.” (Perhaps the [male] cast can reveal themselves together?) “We will ask Director Doze Niu to represent us, since he has the best figure.”

Ethan noted that he will not be collaborating on projects with girlfriend, Tiffany Xu, to avoid affecting their relationship.

Vincy Chan indicated that many of her friends were mesmerized by Ethan. She praised his personality and said he was good boyfriend material. “He is 100% perfect. He’s strong and tall. You might need to meet one hundred men first before you come across a man like him!”

Marie Zhuge also praised Ethan for his acting and good looks. She did not want to discuss her relationship with her boyfriend. Marie was unaware of Ethan’s old photo revealing his pubic hair. “I would love to see it!”

Mark Zhao expressed disappointment at the Berlin Film Festival earlier, but he hopes to have another representative work showcased at future film festivals.

After the “Monga” premiere, Nancy wrote an entry on her blog later that night. “I saw the man of my dreams tonight. Can anybody guess who it is?” Despite their age difference, it was surprising that Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam was also a follower of Nancy’s blog. Elanne correctly guessed Nancy’s reference to be Ethan. Aside from mesmerizing hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong’s young women, Nancy Sit was also an Ethan Ruan fan!

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Ethan Ruan is a rising star to look out for. Due to the release of “Monga,” now it makes me wonder whether the earlier rumors about him checking in a hotel with a woman was a publicity stunt? It may very well be, since he seems to be leading a “bad boy” image anyway.

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