Marie Zhuge Continues to Live Luxuriously Despite Husband’s Financial Troubles

Marie and her husband’s spendthrift ways reportedly incurred the displeasure of her father-in-law.  

With many sectors of Hong Kong’s economy hit by the negative impact of COVID-19, Neway Karaoke and the company’s subsidiary Star Entertainment Universe are said to be in the red, allegedly owing millions (in Hong Kong dollars) in debt. Despite this, Neway heir Ernie Sit (薛嘉麟) and his wife Marie Zhuge (諸葛紫岐) continue to keep up their luxurious lifestyles, reportedly incurring the disapproval of Ernie’s father Christopher Sit (薛濟傑).

Luxurious Home in Canada

Around March to April this year, the couple and their children Arthur and Andersen visited relatives in Vancouver, Canada and took refuge from the COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong there, where the Sit family owned a residence. The couple allegedly spent nearly millions (in Hong Kong dollars) on the trip – evoking the displeasure of Ernie’s father Christopher Sit who was aghast at their spendthrift ways.

As shared on Marie’s Instagram posts, the family of four had traveled overseas around end of March. In a photo, she was seen posing in the kitchen with a victory sign while preparing lobster and other delicacies, captioning, “Today’s results increasingly resemble a top chef’s work!”

The luxury residence includes a private theater for their enjoyment, and she is even able to play basketball indoors. Even with a pool table, a corner of the home offered plenty of space, while the balcony outside offered gorgeous sea views besides being perfect for barbecue sessions.

It is known that the residence does not belong to Marie and her family, but is the home of a relative. The bungalow is equipped with lots of entertainment facilities within and offered hours of fun even without leaving home. One photo showed elder son Arthur leading the way while scaling up a flight of play stairs as exercise, as their father looks after their safety behind. Marie shared, “Big Brother gets Little Brother to climb the stairs as training every day. They’re really good siblings.” The two also spent their time playing with rabbits in the backyard and took strolls with their parents.

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  1. doubt that they are really in any financial troubles. usually the riches have multiple streams of income. ktv might be indeed losing money but doesn’t mean they are not able to supplement their spending through other streams. FIL is discontent due to her high profile spending, attracting too much attention thus displeasing both the public and the government.

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