Fan Throws Brick at Chen Kun’s Car

Chinese superstar Chen Kun (陈坤) recently shared a strange encounter he had with a fan on his Weibo blog.

On April 8, the 38-year-old actor arrived on the set of Zhao Tianyu’s (赵天宇) new 3D film Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal <钟馗伏魔:雪妖魔灵> and saw a young female fan, around her early twenties, carrying a backpack and waiting for Chen Kun by the film set. She yelled out his name in greeting, and Chen Kun responded with a smile and a nod. After completing that day’s scenes, the same fan who greeted Chen Kun in the morning briskly walked over to him and coldly asked for a photo with him. Chen Kun explained that he would comply with her request after he stripped off his makeup.

A little while later, Chen Kun met with the fan by his car and took a picture with her. Afterwards, the fan threw a large brick at his car, breaking a window, and yelled at him that she was no longer his fan.

Many netizens and fans left comforting comments on Chen Kun’s Weibo. A fan expressed her concern and asked if he was affected by the fan’s sudden outburst. He replied, “I’m fine, don’t worry. Seeing that girl’s expressions, I was quite worried for her, although I was a little bit upset.”


In regards to the fan encounter, Chen Kun’s production studio K Pictures stated, “We thank the fans for their concerns about Chen Kun and the film. Currently, Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal is in the midst of intense filming, and there has been a lot of heavy and strenuous shoots every day. We hope that everyone will not visit the set during shooting periods. Kun will work hard in portraying a better role to repay everyone’s concerns about him. We shall see everyone next year in the cinemas! Once again, thank you!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. what the hell? that was so random feel bad for him. hope he didn’t get hurt. some fans are crazy these days!

    1. U only heard from his side…he must hv uttered something which offended the fan greatly, resulting in her decision to retaliate for it.

      From my point of view, thats karma….yep …that’s right….

      1. True,but unless he did something extremely bad which I sort do doubt he did,for the fan to throw a rock at his car is totally uncalled for.

      2. Sounded like she pre-empted the attack if she had a backpack on her, probably hid her brick in it.

      3. Do you really think he went through all the trouble after a hard day of filming to agreed to take a picture with his fan then just to say something mean to her? If he had a bad day he doesn’t even have to take a picture with her at all and just blow her off.

        You “point of view” is not based on any facts, from the actor or his fan, but something you merely made up in your own biased mind.

    1. What is wrong with you? Would you be even happier if the fan threw the brick at his face and caused serious injuries and perhaps even death? whatever really happened, throwing a brick is uncalled for because it doesnt do crap to solve or make any situation better.

  2. by the way, who is he? he deserved it. why not throw at his head instead of his car? mo tin lei!

    1. If you don’t know who he is then why do you say that he deserves it? Your comment is as bizzare as the incident.

    2. Maybe you’re that crazy fan mentioned in the article, same mentality.

    3. Maubey thevbrick should be thrown at you instead. Retard.

  3. The fan really had mental problems. The fan greeted him and took pictures with him, and then suddenly became insane? What the hell was going on?

    And why there are so many haters here? Does it have anything to do with his boycott statement over Malaysian products and tourism?

    1. That was what I was wondering. Hmm. I wonder if this fan was Malaysian?

      1. Who is to say it wasn’t a crazy mainlander? Aren’t they over the top ‘fans’ lol

  4. ‘Fan’ throws Brick at star.. hmm.. define ‘fan’ in this situation.

  5. He probably grabbed her bottom or something while taking the picture.

  6. This is my theory:

    She waited all morning just to see Chen Kun. When he did arrived, all he did was a “smile and nod,” which may not be what she expected. Maybe she expected him to be more affectionate with his fan, by approaching her, say hi w/ waving hand, have a small talk, and have a picture taken by then.

    However, he made her wait all day until the film was completed. Which may explain why she walked over there coldly and asked for a photo. She was probably already very angry by then. Maybe she traveled really far just to be at that scene to see him, and so she waited and waited until he came out.

    Again, when he came out, he made her wait, saying he had to take off his makeup first, and did put her priority first. This escalated anger inside of her. But she was not about to leave here, without a picture taken with her star, so she took the picture, and then expressed her anger at the car, and yelled at him.

    1. He is filming a new movie and his new image has to remain secret until it premier. That’s why he has to remove his makeup first.I have a friend who went to the set at 象山 to visit him and he was very humble and nice to her. For those who don’t really know him, understand the whole situation befole critizising blantly.

      1. No one is criticizing. I am expressing a possible view from the fan’s point of view to explain her behavior, which is what we currently do not understand right now. I am not saying who is right and who is wrong. I am only analyzing and making a theory.

    2. Peachyogurt,

      Sorry, actually my post is not direct to you. I have just mistakenly click your post. Sorry.

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