Fan Bingbing Launches Her Own Beauty Brand and Mask

Mainland actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) kept a relatively low profile after her tax evasion scandal broke out and she was fined roughly HKD 1 billion for her “yin yang” filming contracts. Although she was rumored to be paving her way back into the industry on numerous occasions, it was still shocking when she actually made her first public appearance post-scandal on April 22nd in Beijing. The 37-year-old actress immediately became the center of attention when she showed up at online video platform iQuiyi’s ninth anniversary gala.

The timing coincided with Fan Bingbing’s sudden and surprising beauty brand launch, Fan Beauty Secret. Known for her love of using facial masks and dubbed as the “Queen of Masks,” it’s only apt that she created her own mask for the brand. Fan Beauty Secret’s Seagrape Deep Hydrating Water Gel Mask marks her official debut in the international beauty industry.

Fan Bingbing personally supervised many months of research, development, and production conducted by Korean elite researchers. She then announced the product’s launch on Weibo and other online platforms. She was also the model in a series of advertisements for the mask. In pictures, she showed off her slim body and pale skin, contrasting with her red lips. The star also shot a promotional video in which she personally recommended the mask to viewers.


Source: Oncc

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  1. i am not sure about the perfect skin with the lighting and make up…. not a fan of beauty products

    1. @m0m0
      I agree and I find these advertisements about perfect skin so false and misleading. They are just tricking us. Many mistakenly believe them and do all they can just to try to get”perfect” skin which does not even exist at all. But then they realize how fake it all is and get disappointed. People become all ideal just to become depressed when reality strikes. Very sad indeed…

      They are just a quick way to make money and bank on the idealistic thoughts that do not exist. I have seen many of these beauty scams cheating people out of a lot of money.

      I use some beauty products but only if they are cheap and useful. However, I am not ideal. I believe it is in the genes as you either have it or you do not. But you try to take care of yourself as much as you can. These beauty products are only supplementary. They are not miraculous solutions to everything.

      1. @hetieshou
        yeah, i agree it is the genes and lifestyle. i see women using masks for all kinds of skin issues but making terrible lifestyle choices. beauty products work for temp solution, expecting any long term result is simply foolish.

      2. @hetieshou yea 🙁 like the recent l’oreal ads used Nicole Kidman when she was in her 40s, she looks so gorgeous but you know it was a long time ago, and it was mainly her genes, and yet she still used Botox and how it damaged her beauty. Same with FBB, she did PS before, and a lot of her stunning photos are photoshopped. But she needs to make back that 1 million she lost lol

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