Fan Bingbing to Marry Li Chen in February 2019 and Retire from Entertainment Industry?

Putting her wedding on hold due to her tax evasion scandal, 37-year-old Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) will reportedly tie the knot with 39-year-old Li Chen (李晨) in February 2019, with plans to retire from the entertainment industry.

Needing to pay back Chinese tax authorities 883 million yuan, Fan Bingbing has been keeping a low profile since the scandal outbreak in June. She has been missing from all promotions and virtually absent from the entertainment scene. She has been dropped from endorsement deals from major sponsors. Putting all her work on hiatus and having dramas pulled from airing, Fan Bingbing’s career outlook is unclear at the moment.

Spotted with her mother in Beijing earlier, it was speculated that Fan Bingbing is planning to have her wedding on February 2 and will retire from the entertainment industry after marriage.

Ever since Li Chen proposed to Fan Bingbing last September during her birthday party, the couple has been frequently showing off their love up until Fan Bingbing’s tax fraud. The scandal did not split apart the lovers, and only strengthened their bond. Li Chen wrote a short Weibo post supporting his fiancée, “No matter what problems we encounter, we’ll face them together.”

Many fans left heartfelt messages wishing the couple a very happy marriage; although they will miss Fan Bingbing, they will be happy to see her live a quiet life behind the cameras. After working for 21 years in the entertainment industry, Fan Bingbing has amassed a 7 billion yuan fortune and can lead a luxurious life without ever having the need to work again.

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  1. I doubt she was planning to retire after marriage if it wasn’t for the tax scandal. She’s a very successful artist at her own right and runs a very established production company. She’s at the prime of her career. I suppose, deep down, she knows her reputation is ruined and that many in the industry no longer wish to associate with her hence the retirement.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if she continues to work behind-the-scenes running her production company and retires as an actress with the possibility of unretiring 5-10 years later like Edison Chen (LOL).

    1. @anon
      Fan BingBing could have earned 20 times more than her current wealth by the time she retired if it wasn’t for this scandal. I think this early retirement will be real torture for her to see her own popularity evaporate and her competitors continue to prosper in fame. For someone so power hungry it will be like being in jail. There won’t be a chance she will ever turn the TV on…

      1. @jimmyszeto
        She has already earned more than enough for her, her current family and future family to live a good and comfortable life. But I think besides the money, she is hungry for fame and power which will crush her if she cannot be in the spotlight anymore as she seemed to love it. For her to retire and become a housewife or working behind the scenes will be like torture and jail for her.

      2. @hetieshou
        Yes,Can’t imagine how she will react when she hears Li BingBing and other top actresses names on the lips of all the fans.She has plenty of money but there are plenty of unknown people with trunks of money in China. Fan Bingbing will just become one of them. A meaningless chinese citizen with plenty of money that everyone would have forgotten in a few years time…

    2. @anon

      I have similar thoughts but after all that she has done, she is already very lucky. Her reputation is down the drain that even years later, I wonder if she will ever be able to reach her prime again? I highly doubt it as fame does not last forever even if she did not have this scandal. This scandal will forever be a black mark on her career and reputation. She can still work behind the scenes but that will be torture for someone like her who loves the attention and spotlight. Time will tell.

      She is getting married pretty quickly after the scandal. I am guessing maybe she will have her tax evasion penalty paid off by then.

  2. This is an excellent example that greed can ruin you. She is losing a lot more $$$$ than the tax amount that she was originally evading.

    1. @dramas4me
      Exactly! My parents taught me and my brothers at a young age to never be greedy as greed will get you into trouble and destroy you as we can see in this case. Money, fame and fortune all come and go, but our good principles and other good deeds that we do stick to us. The more greedier we are the more we will lose.

      1. @hetieshou

        I can’t agree with you more on this. Nothing is free in this world. She evaded taxes, but she is paying it with another way instead. She is paying it with her reputation & taxes any way.

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