Fan Bingbing’s Ex, Li Chen, Reportedly Dating Singaporean Heiress

Since confirming his split from Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) in June 2019, Li Chen (李晨) has been linked with two other stars: Seki Junko (石纯子) and Wang Xiaochen (王晓晨). Though Seki Junko, Li Chen’s costar in that drama Seven Days <七日生>, implied on social media that she is close with Li Chen, the actor’s reps have since denied their relationship. Li Chen’s rumors with Wang Xiaochen were also never addressed.

But rumors will stay rumors, as a source has leaked that the 40-year-old is actually dating a Singaporean heiress set to inherit an empire worth over a billion yuan.

The source, originating from Hong Kong, reported that Li Chen and the Singaporean woman has actually been dating for a “number of months”, but in order to protect Li Chen’s acting career, the couple decided to stay underground.

Their relationship was allegedly discovered after the woman accidentally uploaded a picture of herself with Li Chen on social media. Li Chen’s face was not shown in the picture, but his figure was easily recognizable.

Source: Sinchew

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  1. Wow such a lucky guy dated a highest paid actress before now heiress chick? He can dig gold faster than a lady?

    1. @cutie777 lol… u r always so funny and it’s true. Never find this dude even a tiny bit attractive in any way. haha oh well….. some homely looking ones can still find the $$ ones I guess. kind of surprised that he broke up w/fbb or vise versa as they were also so very open and expressive on their dating/intimate history even on talk shows.

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