TV Drama “The Legend of Ba Qing” To Be Reshot

Starring Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), Gavin Gao (高云翔), and Yan Yikuan (严屹宽), The Legend of Ba Qing <巴清> was one of the most anticipated drama series of 2018. Originally slated for an early 2018 release, the historical fiction series got indefinitely postponed after Gao’s sexual harassment case, which has been ongoing since March 2018. In June 2018, it was alleged that Fan’s then-boyfriend Li Chen (李晨) was in talks to replace Gao in the reshoots.

Rumored for a July 2018 release date, The Legend of Ba Qing was postponed again after Fan came under scrutiny for her tax evasion scandal. From June to September 2018, Fan went off the grid before finally reappearing in October 2018 to release her public apology. While she will be making her screen comeback in the Hollywood film 355, her future in China is still unknown.

Today, over a year since the reshoots, production studio Tangde Fengyi announced that it has signed a new contract with the CGI company Sky Cat Technology, announcing that it will be reshooting The Legend of Ba Qing at the end of the year. It is estimated that this official reshoot will exceed 60 million yuan.

The studios did not confirm whether or not Fan would be replaced, but the announcement stated that Sky Cat Technology will be in charge of the new reshoots, implying that the two lead roles will be replaced by other actors.


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  1. Damn, hope the production’s worth the investment after so many issues. Most FBB’s production’s are OTT and draggy AF.

      1. @msxie0714 Oh, I know. But I question the quality of the production when FBB’s involved (or, was.) Her choices in dramas are always OTT and draggy AF.

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