Li Chen Replaces Gavin Gao in “The Legend of Ba Qing” Re-shoots

All scenes shot by Gavin Gao (高云翔) in The Legend of Ba Qing <巴清传> has been deleted.

In March 2018, Gavin was arrested for sexual assault in Australia and is currently in prison awaiting trial. As a result of his scandal, the broadcast for The Legend of Ba Qing was put on hold. Gavin is the male lead of the show, which also stars the show’s producer, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰).

Sources have said that The Legend of Ba Qing’s cancellation has resulted in over 800 million yuan of losses for Fan Bingbing and her production company.

But not all hope is lost. It has been reported that actor Li Chen (李晨) has stepped in to replace Gavin in re-shoots for the show. The premiere for The Legend of Ba Qing has now been pushed back to July 2018.


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  1. Gee, re shoots on male lead? That is alot of work?. How long is this drama? Partner steps in to help. Hard to find another male lead in a short time.

    No news on Gavin’s case?

    1. @mangotango Last I heard was that there was new evidence presented in the case, though what that evidence is no one would elaborate. The next court date is scheduled for tomorrow (6/7) so I’m assuming we’ll hear more soon…

  2. Gotta hand it to her…smart lady. Getting her fiance to step in for her at a critical moment. He’s probably doing this for a very low fee too. And she gets to promote him at the same time. Win-win for all involved. Just a bit convenient though

  3. Most likely they will only shoot the scenes where it shows Gavin’s face. Any other scenes where his back is on the screen is still usable, and since she’s the main lead, more scenes of her than him most likely lol.

  4. They should re-shoot it all and sue the hell out of the guy. Going to be horrible. Similar to ‘Game of Death’

    1. @jimmyszeto Not Gavin’s fault that China has such controlling mentality. I think it would not have mattered in the West as Gavin is still on trial and not found guilty yet. Gee, producers should now include ‘good behaviour’ clause in all actor contracts. LOL.

      1. @mangotango
        Not Gavin’s fault? He was born in China wasn’t he so he has a duty to abide by state laws/rules since birth.It wasn’t like the laws were established all of a sudden. If he isn’t guilty then of course it’s not his fault. If he is guilty whether directly or indirectly leading to huge financial losses of the series then he should be held responsible his actions. If so, sue the hell out of him……….

      2. @jimmyszeto Lol the guy is already in extremely bad shape. His reputation is gone. I don’t think any company or establishment would hire him to work any more since China is very strict of public figure being marked as a rapist. If they sue him, financially speaking, I don’t think Gavin Gao will survive.

      3. @jimmyszeto How many abide by China rules in reality? And the rules change all the time. I am not implying that it is fine to commit crimes. But it is unrealistic to expect everyone to be goody two shoes all the time. And some of the expectations may be unrealistic ie. cannot smoke, cannot play bad roles etc etc. Some jealous competitors are using these absurb expectations and rules to defame competitors. I wonder good are those who created these rules? Legally, Gavin is innocent until proven guilty.

      4. @mangotango
        From the few series I have watched involving Chinese court their law is ‘you are guilty unless you can prove otherwise’ so that is their way of thinking. If Gavin is guilty then he is indeed very lucky that it didn’t happen in China,,,,

      5. @mangotango
        After numerous rape charges, Kevin Spacey’s character in a completed film was reshot with another actor. The metoo movement in Hollywood has been a death knell for accused male celebs.

  5. Now that is what I call, her knight in shining armour coming to her rescue. Chivalry isn’t dead in 2018.

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