Li Chen’s Mileage was Hacked and Stolen

After reports surfaced that Chinese actor Wu Lei‘s (吳磊) flight miles were stolen online, Li Chen (李晨) grew curious about his own account. After checking his account status, he was shocked to realize that it was also breached and his mileage stolen by others.

“The airline found some unusual activities and locked my card. However, my mileage card had been breached since June 2018 and a large number of points were used to redeem many flight tickets.”

While Li Chen was shocked by his misfortune, the actor issued a warning to his hackers, “I really want to ask these dozen of friends who are ‘enjoying’ their free trips: your names and ID number can be traced. You weren’t able to buy flight tickets, but can you buy a few movie tickets to support me?”

After Li Chen shared his experience, many celebrities and netizens posted their disappointment with the hackers, including Chinese singer Vivi Jiang (江映蓉) who implied she was also a victim. The singer wrote on Li Chen’s Weibo, “Defend your rights–we also called the police.”

Many netizens felt angry for Li Chen and chided the hackers for their rash and inconsiderate actions. They also urged Li Chen to be firm with the hackers and to take legal actions.

Source: Udn

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  1. I still don’t know how it’s possible. I have millage point as I travel alot for work. Many times I tried to see if I can transfer my families point to mine since they don’t travel often (as they’ll go to waste), but it’s impossible. I can use my point to buy tickets for my families, but their information would have been on the tickets and hence it would be stupid for people to go that route as they can easily get identified and be charged for it. Someone care to shed some light on this?

    1. @sunnysun
      Maybe they have a way of hacking it using a false identity just like how people steal others identities? I have gotten my credit card hacked a few times so had to get the accounts closed and open a new one constantly. It is such a pain but those thieves always find a way to do it.

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