Felix Wong, Maggie Cheung, Frankie Lam, and Bernice Liu At CTI Ceremony

Sparking an upcoming “television war” in Hong Kong, the newly established broadcasting station, City Telecom (CTI) held a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of its production facilities. Numerous former TVB artists, such as Felix Wong (黃日華), Maggie Cheung (張可頤), Frankie Lam (林文龍), Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), John Chiang (姜大偉), and Yuen Wah (元華) attended the ceremony to support Ricky Wong (王維基), their new boss.

At the ceremony, Felix and Ricky Wong held up a lion head for the opening ceremony. Felix quipped that CTI offered numerous opportunities while Maggie noted that a lot of freedom was provided to its artists. The weather was stormy yesterday, which sparked Ricky Wong to comment, “It’s a bit cold! I do not know whether the wind and rain are rising or whether Ricky Wong stirred the turbulent weather!” Indicating that filming will take place at real locations [as opposed to studio sets], Ricky stated that CTI dramas will cover diversified subject matter, instead of families fighting over financial assets and love series. Ricky was obviously ridiculing TVB for their poor sets and narrow subject matter!

New Environment Is Less Restrictive

Allegedly the “Number 1 Brother” at CTI, Felix Wong revealed that he signed a contract with CTI last week. His first CTI drama will be a science-fiction detective drama. Felix said, “The director said that the subject matter will be difficult to film because we do not wish to use too many computer-generated images.” (Are the scriptwriters and directors from TVB?) “I know all of them [from before], which makes it easier to communicate.  The new environment has less limitations, allowing us to stretch our imagination.”

Blasting TVB as “Totally Very Bad” in the past, Felix was asked how he would describe CTI, upon which he said in Hong Kong style English, “Can Do Independence.” Felix added, “Mr. Wong gave us a lot of room for the creative process, allowing us to work independently.”

Asked if he had attempted to persuade good brother, Michael Miu (苗僑偉), to join CTI, Felix replied, “I think they have already discussed the matter. Everyone has their own preferences; he still has an outstanding contract with TVB and said that he will observe first.”

As for “Number 1 Sister” Maggie Cheung, she indicated that she will start filming in the second half of the year, alongside Patrick Tam (譚耀文) and Prudence Lau (劉美君).  Maggie said, “There is a lot of freedom working with Mr. Wong. There is no long-term commitment in the contract. Everything is based on a per contract agreement. If the experience of working together is positive, then we can collaborate again.”

Asked if the terms were more attractive than TVB, Maggie said, “That is needless to say! We all understand that the system at TVB will not change overnight, while I need to find a suitable place to work!” As to whether she will collaborate with TVB in the future, it will be dependent upon destiny.

Frankie Lam signed a two-year contract with CTI, which will allow him to spend more time in Hong Kong.  Frankie praised the new company for its freedom. Attend as as a guest, former TVB scriptwriter, Cheung Wah Biu (張華標), alos admitted that he had signed a contract with CTI.


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Looking forward to see who else joins CTI. I do believe the Sixth Sense adaptation will likely occur.

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  1. I’m really excited to see what CTI has in store for the viewers. I’m hoping they become successful!

  2. Yay ~ Gonna watch CTI series as well since Bernice is now with them. <3

    1. Let’s watch Bernice become more popular than Aimee and Moses with CTI

      1. My other comment was meant for you, not for myself… lol. Clicked the wrong button. Lmfao

      2. Agreed! So glad Bernice signed with them so she’d be in HK instead of Mainland all the time.

      3. Time will tell… I don’t think we should speak too soon or else we will jinx everyone.

      4. @AC I know but I just really like her. 😐
        Her first series was VOH (I think) and VOH is my favourite TVB series. :3

      5. Bernice’s first series is Golden Faith (guest/cameo), first leading role is VOH.

      6. @Fox Haha, thanks for the clarification. I actually haven’t seen Golden Faith so I wouldn’t know.

  3. CTI policies and kind of series sounds much better than TVB! Both for the artists and their series! Yeap TVB often do family dramas and palace drama and love dramas and police dramas! No breakthrough!

    1. and they won’t do it in cheap studios anymore and use real location! This sounds great!

  4. Rain Lau Yok Chui also signed with CTI. I love her and look forward to her comeback.

  5. Jayne,
    Maggie had also said this – “張可頤透露拍攝《天梯》時合約差不多完,一直等人傾續約,但一直等不到:「我一路等但未有人同我傾,當時王生出現,有第二個選擇。」下半年拍王維基新劇,可頤讚城電自由度大,提供更多休息時間,「TVB一時之間改變唔到制度,要搵適合自己的地方,短期內唔會同TVB合作。」”
    It seems that TVB doesn’t really manage their staff well in that case. As we keep hearing about all these artistes whose contracts are also up, and no one bothers with them. @.@

  6. Really looking forward to their first production and see its quality. Likely the special effects will be costly and that’s why CTI wants to focus on acting instead and that’s fine. TVB sucks in that department anyway (Fly with me), LOL.

    Didn’t know Yuen Wah was joining I like him alot. Generally I like the actors, more than the actresses except Leila.

    Maggie’s makeup is scary, only see this kind of makeup in TVB palace series although many of its top fadans have starting to put this makeup on a regular basis even in modern series.

    Felix, how can CTI be Can Do Independence?
    It should be Compentence Trigger Independence 🙂

  7. I can’t believe yuen wah and john chiang are there. They are really good for martial arts series. I was surprised that Felix Lok is there too. He is really good at villain or a bad business man roles. Is that Leila Tong?

  8. yep, that’s Leila Tong. Seems like Ricky Wong has a much easier time attracting actresses than actors to join his company. Ricky Wong has supposedly signed 140 actors and actresses to contracts; will be interesting to see who he has on the full roster this spring.

  9. It makes so much more sense now how RW could afford to sign that many artistes. I think this is a much more efficient way and allows for more freedom for the artists and variety for the audience.

  10. Looks like all the actors/actresses have talent & experiences, not just a pretty face fresh like TVB.

    Really looking forward to their first drama!

  11. It seems after this freshmen class of CTI makes its first wave of series, and if they are successful–good quality series and the artists look well rested, a whole lot of TVB artists, former TVB artists will be joining CTI.

  12. Wonder what would happen to TVB if Lisa Wang and Do Do Cheng join CTI

    1. I wonder who will be left within TVB if everyone leaves and joins CTI?? Then they don’t become successful, will everyone then just come back to TVB???

      1. I don’t think they need to get on their hands and knees, but just have to settle for a way lower salary. But hey, something is better than nothing.

  13. Great to see CTI beginning to open up it’s wings and stuff… I think they will try all they can surpass TVB. TVB will be in big trouble if they don’t improve themselves. However, it is still too early to say so lets see how good CTI will be or will they be successful?? Their terms and agreements sound good, but can they be only doing that to lure the artists in??? Lets see…

  14. Honestly, from the way CTI is talking, I expected a lot more stars.

    1. A lot of artists are intending to join them, it’s just that most of them are still under contract with TVB, so they have to ride out their terms before they can sign with CTI.

      1. You really think so? Ricky Wong did say that he was willing to pay for them to be released from their contract. However, signing with TVB constitute much greater stability for those, especially those with families. Do read between the lines. The artistes are signed on per contract basis. Is that based on per series? Or short term basis? For many 2nd-tier actors and actresses, acting may be the main bulk of their income due to less endorsements, thus what if CTI does not take off? Since new ventures, and even old ones do fail. Just look at ATV. What will happen? If everything is based on a short-term contract basis, can CTI cut them off with no liability? Of course, this is easy to work around for actors in demand, or the older ones, such as John Chiang, who may be doing it as a hobby rather than a means. But someone like Sunny Chan or Vincent Wong, who has a young family to support? TVB is definitely a stable choice compared to CTI.

      2. I agree with Nicole and think that the terms for CTI may sound good in the short term, but what about the long term?? What if they aren’t as successful as they want to be and don’t profit?? What are they going to do then?? Their terms sound good but don’t seem too stable. If they are trying to make a living off of just acting, you really wonder if they can truly survive in the long term working for CTI. I have a feeling that they may end up like ATV.

    2. Give them a chance. Script and quality is the most important than big stars.

  15. Press Release from CTI:

    Going to divide the article into 3 parts: (Part 1 of 3)

    HONG KONG, Feb. 24, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —
    City Telecom (H.K.) Limited (“City Telecom”) (HKSE:1137) (Nasdaq:CTEL) today held a Groundbreaking Ceremony for its TV & Multimedia Production Centre (“The Centre”) located in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate. Artistes including Ms. Maggie Cheung, Mr. Felix Wong, Mr. Frankie Lam, Ms. Bernice Liu, Ms. Prudence Liew, Mr. John Chiang, Mr. Yuen Wah, Ms. Leila Tong, Ms. Lisa Lui, Mr. Kelvin Kwan, Mr. Felix Lok, Ms. Maria Chen, Ms. Rain Lau, and emcees Ms. Catherine Chow and Mr. Benji Chiang attended to show their support.

    Since submitting our application for the Domestic Free TV Service License in December 2009, City Telecom has been aggressively preparing to become a new TV station in Hong Kong. In August 2011, we were granted by the HKSAR Government a piece of land in Tseung Kwan O to build our TV & Multimedia Production Centre. To restore healthy development of the TV industry in Hong Kong, we have invited hundreds of elites from TV industry to join our cause, creating the strongest team in town. We aim to elevate the quality Hong Kong produced dramas to unseen standards, delivering a higher quality alternative for Hong Kong’s TV audience.

    Highlights of Our TV & Multimedia Production Centre
    City Telecom will invest HK$600 million to build a TV & Multimedia Production Centre with a total estimated gross floor area of approximately 300,000 square ft. on 219,670 square ft. land (equivalent to 33 football fields) at Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate. The Centre is expected to go into full operation during 2014.

    1. The Centre will consist of an 18,000 square ft. studio, which is the largest in Asia, 3 drama studios, 3 multipurpose studios and 1 news studio, equipped with Super High-definition shooting facilities. Our post-production suite will also possess 3D production facilities.

    2. Uniquely, our Centre will be an open platform to welcome the public into our production process, with an aim of inspiring next generation’s interest in the TV industry. The public, academic sector and different organizations will be welcomed to observe our shooting process via the glass bottom overpass above the studio, as well as viewing our make-up studio and props workshop, to gain immersion in the full experience of TV Drama production.

    1. (Part 2 of 3)
      Dream Team of Artistes, Production and Script Writers – Ready to Deliver Dramas that will Captivate the Audience
      Since 2011, we have been aggressive in forming the dream team of artistes, production and script writers. We currently have 180 production and script writers, whom have been responsible for many of the most renowned drama series in recent years. In addition, our rapidly growing artiste pool is now over 140 artistes, including top-tier and veteran actors.

      The team is committed to serve the public, refreshing the audience with high quality dramas of diversified grass roots themes. Our first release will be a refreshing youth musical, casting artistes with outstanding singing, performing & dancing techniques. In parallel, we are working on over 10 scripts that will be ready for airing by the end of this year. We will invest heavily in the production quality and return to real location shooting, rather than the stale in-studio norm that has developed over time.

      Further, we aim to excite the Hong Kong TV industry with the introduction of 3D and other high-tech elements. Legacy TV stations are constrained by traditional over-the-air TV transmission medium. We will breakthrough these limitations by transmitting over our self-built fibre network that supports sufficient bandwidth and connects to the existing broadcasting systems in buildings that will take the home TV experience to new levels.

      Nurturing Hong Kong’s Next Generation of Talents
      One of our primary missions in setting up a new TV station is to enhance the quality of locally produced TV programs and nurture Hong Kong back into the leading position in the Asian TV industry. Faced with a talent gap, we have already launched courses to train up new artistes and backstage talents. University recruitment talks are now ongoing in the 8 universities in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education and the Hong Kong Academic of Performing Arts, with onsite selection process to attract young talents with potential. (For details, please refer to http://www.ctihk.tv/recruit)

    2. (Part 3 of 3 end)

      Future Objectives
      At commencement, we will broadcast 12 channels, of which 2 will be self-produced channels, 4 will be turn-around channels and the remaining 6 will be partnership channels. We will increase the number of channels to 20 in 3 years, including additional 2 self-produced channels, 8 turn-around channels and 10 partnership channels.

      We target to produce drama totaling 260 hours in 2012 and 650 hours in 2013 for broadcasting at prime time at night. We will also produce informative and entertainment variety shows, totaling 104 hours in 2012 and 520 hours in 2013.

      “TV entertainment is an essential daily entertainment for the public, which is also an important channel for cultural heritage. Other than producing entertaining dramas and TV programs, we see corporate social responsibility as an important task: to enhance positive mentality in the community, to cultivate creativity consistently, to nurture Talents, to produce quality TV programs and to enhance TV Talents’ remuneration level. We hope that with our existence, TV programs will be more worth-watching and the society will be growing more healthily,” Chairman of City Telecom, Mr. Ricky Wong said.

      About City Telecom/ Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited
      Established in 1992, City Telecom (H.K.) Limited (HKSE:1137) (Nasdaq:CTEL) provides integrated telecommunications services in Hong Kong via its own self-built fiber network. City Telecom’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (HKBN), is the fastest growing broadband service provider in Hong Kong. HKBN offers a diversified portfolio of innovative products that service over 1,240,000 subscriptions for broadband, local telephony and IP-TV. The Company has built a solid market position with top-of-the-line applications and practices enabling its substantial growth. The company takes great pride in developing its over 3,000 Talent force into a competitive advantage. Additional information on City Telecom can be found at http://www.ctigroup.com.hk.

      CONTACT: Corporate Communications
      Jessie Cheng
      Tel: +852 3145 4118
      Fax: +852 2199 8372
      Email: [email protected]

      Investor Engagement
      Peggy Chan
      Tel: +852 3145 6068
      Fax: +852 2199 8655
      Email: [email protected]


      1. WOW, thanks for all of the info Larry 3. CTI sounds like a really promising company, but lets see…. Time will tell if they will succeed or not.

      2. Thanks Larry 3. Yah CTI sounds promising with all their plans laid out.

      3. I kinda have doubts with the plans…
        – 3D tv is just not watchable.

        – 12 channels is a bit too much.

        – Little info on other programs besides the drama.

      4. Larry,
        CTI’s ideals and mission sounds quite impressive. If only they can accomplish all they set out to do, to increase the quality standard of television programming. If there goals indeed are such, then I hope they succeed!

      5. but I like their plan to nurture new talent by open recruitment and university scouting instead of TVB new ‘talent’ practice of getting MHKs or picking random kid off the street.

      6. Jayne, I disagree. The plan sounds like (IMO) fully going to put all the money going against with TVB. It maybe a bad thing. Just ask ATV back in 07… wa$ted! I hope CTI strategy wont backfired, so TeeVeeBee will waste their effort to improve at the same time. They need to somehow distance away TeeVeeBee, at least they are trying.

  16. Fantastic! A little competition between the TV stations can only mean a net profit for the viewers… in improved scripts and direction and sets! I’m not concerned at all for TVB; they are huge and will still attract a lot of young talent. This mix of contract styles (short-term at CTI, long-term at TVB) will also hopefully mean a better situation for actors in general.

    As long as the advertisers buy in, I think this is a win-win for all of HK.

    1. We have been hearing alot about CTI, but what about the other new station Now TV?? Are they doing anything yet? Have they recruited anyone yet?

      1. NowTV broadcasted few shows and do some interviews/information, etc. I don’t know if they plan to do their own series or not but at this moment, they seem to focus on other stuffs,

      2. NowTV is not “directly” competing to TVB, that maybe a smart move. Yes they are makiking some little noise. NowTV makes a lot of good variety, infotainment, news programs. I think nowTV hire former TVB producers duo Mui Siu Ching and Lau Kar Ho? Probably collaborated mainland China tv stations to produced series; maybe a good thing or not. We will see if they going to announce any time soon.

  17. Erm I think there’s a typo error at the second paragraph. ” loin head” instead of lion head. Ricky Wong picking up a loin head.. hehehehe

  18. Seems like this company is really trying its best to invest a lot and improve the quality of HK TV. That’s awesome, and for those who think they haven’t recruited enough stars it may be a GOOD THING. Do you really want to see the same tvb faces anyway? Sometimes it’s good to recruit new blood, they can make a name for themselves and don’t have to be tied in anyway to tvb. If this company is able to cast new, young, talented, stars; get good directors/producers/sound mixers; hire good scriptwriters; promote it well, I am sure they will do even better than tvb!

  19. They have a really good bunch of veteran actors…I’m excited to see what they have in store for us.

  20. Reading the list of CTI’s ppl and this feeling come to me: Old wine in a new pot.

  21. I hope that CTI will invite the old actor and actress that know how to act to come back onscreen like Esther Kwan,Amy chan,micheal Miu,kenix kwok,lawrence Ng,micheal Tao and a whole lot more good actor and actress.I have a good feeling that CTI will be succesful.Let see time will prove how much they can accomplished.

  22. @ Jayne

    Not trying to be pedantic here but I think you might have a typo in this sentence.

    At the ceremony, Felix and Ricky Wong held up a loin head for the opening ceremony.

    I think you meant lion head.

  23. wonder where this mr wong’s money come from to be able to afford these artists. hope what he say to the artist in regards to flexi contract is true otherwise the artist is screw haha

    1. @ Jayne

      Thanks a lot for fixing it! Btw, so sorry to ask this again but I forgot how to italicize again. Could you teach me how to do that again? I haven’t been to your site in about a couple of months…

      1. CY,
        To italicize, type the following without any spaces between the brackets found above comma and period keys:

        put “i” inside the first set of brackets and “/i” inside second set of brackets.

        The backslash brackets close the italicize function.

      2. You mean…

        like this


        like this


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        like this

        Does it work?!??!

      3. Ok, doesn’t work. Jayne, can compile a list of the HTML code accepted?

  24. wow cool Funn Lim, how’d you get it to go bold and crossed out?

    @ Jayne
    Thanks for teaching me. Like Funn said, it would be make life easier to have a complete list if possible. Just curious though, how do you know how to do all these in the first place?

    1. It is HTML thing.

      So just remember

      your text

      Now between add any of the following

      i for italics
      b for bold
      del for strikethrough

      I am trying to find underline. I though u

      Try! Try!

      1. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

        I give up on proper thing.

        Oh just imagine without ” ok?

        “italic “

      2. @ Funn Lim

        Thanks a lot! Will paste them into word for future reference 🙂

        Haha chill chill, just try again some other time.. but i know how you feel.. I hate it when the typo curse strikes as well.. 😛

  25. So glad to see Felix Wong back doing tv series. I loved him since his Condor Heroes days and missed seeing much of him in series. Can’t wait to see him back in action

  26. As long as they dont do what ATV has done before, they should have a chance!

    Anyway some competition is good- TVB has become lazy lately !!!

  27. I’m here to say that I’m never going to act again. Don’t ask why, it’s not any of your people’s business. You all can’t force me too. I don’t want any fans. I’m now a mean person. I’m not that Wong Yat Wah anymore. Forget me and ask Leung Kit Wah to forget me again and I don’t want to be with her name anymore. i also won’t want any of you people, so don’t even think of looking for me.

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