Felix Wong Not Interested in Best Actor Award

Appearing at Johnson Lee’s autograph signing for the DVD release of Citizen KaneFelix Wong Yat Wah saw Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung at the event.  Wayne pointed out that the first series in which he worked with Felix was the 1986 TVB series, The Ordeal Before the Revolution <賊公阿牛>. In the series, Felix was the lead actor while Wayne played only a minor role.

Felix  said that he watched Wayne ’s performance in No Regrets <義海豪情> and knew that the actors in the series put forth their best efforts and sensed their pressure. Reporters asked whether Felix had the confidence to win the TVB Best Actor Award due to his performance in Gun Metal Grey <刑警>. Felix said that he agreed to film Gun Metal Grey to support Michael Miu Kiu Wai and was not interested in gaining any recognition or fame for himself.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Felix Wong is as modest as ever. I look forward to his performance in Gun Metal Grey though.

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  1. If Felix wins, it will be the shockest award in TVB’s history. And I love that!

  2. You know why “Felix Wong Not Interested in Best Actor Award”? Simple. He is above any awards. This man is a legend in my book. He was the lead from the get go, he is charismatic, you may debate whether his acting is great say compared to Chow Yun Fatt or Deric Wan and the likes but there is no denying, I will sit down to watch a series because of his name attached to it. His name alone pulls in the crowd, something current TVB stars do not have and he has this likeable personality that until today, viewers still could identify with and like. I don’t care why he is back with TVB or for how long, I am just happy he is back. Period. No actor today that I can think of possess his charisma in a way that is unquestionable. No one. Wayne Lai is acting powerhouse and he became a star because of it. Felix, with no disrespect at all, is a star because he is. Apparently TVB wanted him from the beginning. At least sometimes TVB does have good taste.

    Plus, Gun Metal Gray, a cool name but of course ciplak from Life right?

    TVB should just give him a lifetime achievement award. Simple! Done deal!

  3. P/S He is also one of the very few TVB stars that I was very impressed with when he was on some game show, showing he was very up to date with current local and world news. He is smart, no doubt and well read. Sometimes it is those secondary actors who shocked us all with their hidden talents, like musical, drawing, etc. Somehow the main ones seems to lack that sort of talent.

    Anyway Felix is no denying as I said, well read. I was rather pleasantly surprised. I don’t mean to say I expected him to be stupid but I never expected him to be opinionated and so well read.

    Another one who shocked me was Wong Jing. After all the sleazy movies he directed, I forgotten he was a scriptwriter in his early years and therefore a learned well read literate man. His handwritings was impressive, his poetic prose shocked me. That was when I realise I should judge this man based solely on his movies. There is a intellectual in that man who chose to make the sort of movies he made. I was very very shocked.

  4. Like Funn said, Felix doesn’t need the award, because he is wayyyyy above the award.

    He is my most respected (ex)TVB actor – not only because of his brilliant acting onscreen, he is also a true gentlemen! Very humble, very encouraging toward newbies.

  5. Felix is a very talented actor, he’s deserving but not for a 1st time comeback series lol. I believe that he’s not 100% interested in winning due to the fact that his main focus right now is in mainland.

  6. Felix Wong secured a very special spot in many fans’ hearts due to luck, timing, and his endearing personality. I think his Kowk Jing role in the 1980s version of “Legend of Condor Heroes” was enough to propel his lifetime fame. Likewise to Barbara Yung, who played Wong Yung. Even if the pair had only filmed LOCH alone and no other series, they would still have been famous. That was due to great character design, a great script, and excellent supporting cast to make Barbara and Felix shine.

    Felix’s extremely memorable role in LOCH suited his real-life personality in many ways. His modesty, easy-going attitude certainly earns points. In some ways, Kenneth Ma reminds me a little of Felix, although Kenneth has a quicker sense of humor.

    Funn, you were probably surprised by how up-to-date Felix appeared because many people equate the doltish Kwok Jing to Felix’s intelligence. 🙂

  7. I don’t think that Felix secured his fame and special place in the fans’ hearts because of just luck, timing and stuff since he is really talented as well. He is a very versatile actor and has played many many different types of roles. He doesn’t limit himself like many actors today would. He is good friend since he came back to filming series to support A Miu. That is just so sweet… Good luck to him…

  8. I also want to add that I totally agree that Felix is way above the award and does not even need it. He has proven to the audience for many years that he is a great actor, so why would he need this award?? No one doubts his great personality as well.. Go Felix!

  9. Agree with what everyone has mentioned about Felix. I don’t think he’s back to compete for any awards as he is already such a respected, versatile actor. I think the Best Actor award really helps boosts an actor’s popularity after winning it, but in his case, he doesn’t need that boost. He was a lead actor at the beginning of his career and will always be in the audience’s hearts. I liked him in Looking back in Anger, The Legend of the Condor Heroes, and Secret of the Heart. He also seems to have a very friendly, approachable attitude and is willing to guide his juniors. I don’t think he’s ever had any rumors with his female costars either, right? I remember Carina Lau mentioned that Felix was her idol and she had wanted to enrill in the acting classes for a chance to one day collaborate with her idol which they finally did!

  10. Absolutely love Felix and the reason is exactly what Jayne said. I really hope he decides to stick with a series once a year.

    I miss the old TVB.

  11. Felix Wong had a HUUUUGE fanbase (possibly the largest of all HK television actors at the time) back in the 80’s. I’m amazed that his fanbase is still going strong. Honestly, Felix is just too good for this award.

  12. I agree Kwok Jing is probably Felix’s most popular role. However, before getting famous as Kwok Jing, he also gained recognition from his leading roles in The Lonely Hunter (Gwo Hak) and Soldier of Fortune (Heung Sing Long Ji). He was also memorable as Hui Jok in Demi Gods and Semi-Devils. Also, Felix made a great performance in Looking Back in Anger (along with Deric Wan). Therefore, I think it is not just Kwok Jing that would bring him the fame; he has plenty of other roles where he proves his acting.

    Anyway, it is a regret that he has never been recognized with any awards for his hard work during all those years that he was with TVB. Most of Felix’s colleagues who were playing supporting roles in his series back then have already received TVB King/Queen awards, so I would say that Felix is kind of unlucky towards the latter part of his acting career for not being favored by TVB. However, we all know that he is deserving for his great acting and does not need to be compared to any other actors.

  13. Looking back in anger – probably my all time top 5 series from tvb.

  14. Pandamao, since you mentioned your Top 5 list, what other series are your favorites?

    Here are my favorites

    Blood of Good and Evil
    The Greed of Man
    Looking Back in Anger
    Legend of the Condor Heroes (80s version)
    The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

    My sister was a HUGE Barbara Yung fan and I must have watched Legend Of the Condor Heroes 20+ times. My personal favorite TVB actor is Deric Wan though, so Blood of Good and Evil is my favorite series. Otherwise, it’s really hard for me to rank the above series in any particular order except to say that these are my personal favorites.

    Does anyone else want to share their Top 5 list?

  15. Hey Jayne – good question. I’m going to keep changing my list after people post their response. Lol.

    Blood of Good and Evil: Absolutely love the storyline and how they depicted the various struggles Deric went through.

    Looking back in Anger: This is one of those favorite series that I only got a chance to watch once but somehow remember ever scene vividly.

    Legend of Chor Lau Heung: This is the Michael Miu and Barbara Yung version. I probably watched this 100+ times.

    War of Genders: I’m not sure what was so captivating about this series but I was literally glued to the tv because of this series. And I’ll always remember Dodo’s “Off.”

    The Rough Ride: I had a hard time deciding between this and Condor Heroes. I enjoyed a glimpse of Barbara in a more serious, modern drama. Also, this series spouted my love for Ray Lui and Tony Leung.

    Ahh – it was hard to narrow it down to 5. I have so many honorable mentions!

  16. Deric Wan was (and still is, I think) also my favourite actor. Has started liking him since ‘Friends and Enemies’ where he played someone with speech impairment. But, I have not followed his career after he went to mainland because I’m not very into Mainland series (I’ve not seen any of Sammul’s mainland series as well).

    My Favourite top 3

    – Blood of Good and Evil
    – State of Divinity
    – The Conqueror’s Story

    Note: I have more than 2 series for the last 2 spot, and can’t decide. So, I’ll leave it as top 3.

  17. The Conqueror’s Story was definitely an honorable mention in my books. It was very well-written and I was shocked by how much I learned from that series. =)

  18. I can’t remember much of the 80s or early 90s TVB series because I did not really watch all of those fully but for what it’s worth, my top 5 are:

    1: Detective Investigation Files (1-3)(But not the fourth, that was terrible and I DO NOT consider it canon)

    2:Journey to the West (1)

    3:Happy Ever After

    4:Colourful Life

    5: And either Where the Legend Begins or Take My Word For It (I just can’t decide)

    And I would also like to add that I like The Conqueror’s Story as well. It was quite an informative show but too bad TVB doesn’t make many of these types of series anymore.

  19. I disliked The Conqueror’s Story because I feel such a man can’t be king. Kong Wah and especially Wayne Lai’s character saved the series from me hating it.

    All time favourite? Since I am after Chow Yun Fatt, can’t say much for man in the net and the likes.

    Costume series – Journey To the West, hands down!

    Modern series – Looking Back In Anger (I so hated Kathy chow back then)

    Comedy series – The Justice of Life (long live Stephen Chow! Long live Alex Man!)

    Why not most hated? Anyone? One series you can’t stand at all. My vote goes for the Cuckoo series, aka Moonlight, properly known as Return Of The Cuckoo but felt more like Revenge Of The Cuckoo. Many more but that came to my mind first and foremost, next up is What;s the title for the Princess Cheung Ping series? Ahh yes, Perish In The Name Of Love, more like (Me) Perish In The Name Of Love (of God). Yes I love Steven Ma but sorry, back then I didn’t quite love him as much.

    Which goes back to Safe Guards, best costume drama series (serious category). Rosy Business does not even come close.

    Best Love Story goes for the most mundane and yet oh so exciting couple in the series Journey Of Life.

    And why I love Raymond Lam is because I practically fell in love with his Ben in Survivor’s Law.

    Honourable mention of course is Burning Flame (forget 2, 3, 4, 1000, 1000000).

    Happy Ever After has the honour of one supremely great acting scene thanks to Kong Wah. Take My Word For It is why I love Bobby Au Yeung and he made it great. Vigilante Force is why Bowie Lam is great and why Tavia had potential.

    Where The Legend Begins again stars the then not much liked Steven Ma had the misfortune of one bad casting decision that is Ada Choi.

    And though I was a big fan of Babara Yung, frankly I can’t remember much of her performances since time is cruel.

    Never liked DIF so no comment.

  20. ‘Return of the Cuckoo’ is my most hated series as well. Never seen a more pretentious series than this. Even Julian’s great performance and my liking of the Sito Lai Shun character cannot save the series. Utter nonsense.

  21. Okay, I have plenty of hated series but one question I always had was, why was Where the Legend Begins so loved? The series was such an improper use of great artists. I slept through the entire series.

    I know you guys hate DIF4 but it was one of my most loved series. It created one of the most popular on-screen couples, Jessica & Louis.

    Most Memorable Pairings
    1. Bobby OuYang & Esther Kwan – Armed reaction.
    2. Jessica Hsuan & Louis Koo – DIF4 and that Pet series
    3. Gallen Lo & Jessica Hsuan – Cold Blood, Warm Heart
    4. Bowie Lam & Flora Chan – Forensic Heroes
    5. Maggie Cheung & Gordon Lam – A Country Spirit

    Have to say, I miss those days!

  22. 2, 3 and 4 – no no no for a variety of reasons. Oh god I can hear that soundtrack in my mind now.. I’m a big big girl in a big big world it’s not a big big urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  23. My all time favourite TVB comedy is VOH ancient :). The plot is very good and the humour is nice. Dun need too much expressions and overacted actions, just the lines can make me laugh.

    “He was also memorable as Hui Jok in Demi Gods and Semi-Devils.”

    Hehe, but it’s my most hated role toward Felix. He is so much better and handsome in some older series. In Demi Gods and Semi Devils, I like Benny Chan :).

  24. @ Fox

    Felix Wong was in both DGSD82 and DGSD97.

    In DGSD82, Felix played Hui Juk (the monk).
    In DGSD97, Felix played Kiu Fung. (the Begger Union chief)

    The one with Benny Chan is DGSD97.

  25. @ Funn Lim, while I agree that Adam Cheng’s character was a very weak man whose actions were mostly determined by his domineering wife (Maggie Cheung)and as such was not true kingly material but I have to admit, he would have made a better king than Kwong Wah. This is because Kwong Wah’s character had a very narrow heart and was overly suspicious about others. He was harsh, blunt, arrogant and overly confident of himself. He is the type that would be a great warrior in times of war but also a great tyrant during times of peace because of his personality and mindset.

    For me, the reason I like series like Where the Legend Begins and by extension The Conqueror’s Story, is that it portrays a slightly more accurate and realistic view of history (note: I said slightly)and brings to life those historic figures. Whereas ancient dramas nowadays do not adhere to historic records at all and are all fictional accounts with elaborate costumes.

    I’m sad to say that when I was younger I actually liked ROTC. I think the plot in the beginning was not too bad but it ended with a flop. Julian was very good in it but I can’t remember the others.

  26. @Funn Lim –

    I actually thought that song really fit the whole relationship development b/w Louis and Jessica. It’s a polar opposite of Louis’ cool demeanor.

    Maybe with the exception of Gallen Lo, I find the artist in 2 – 4 are popular through timing and luck. Without the great partnership, they wouldn’t be as recognized as they are now, at least not that early.

    Louis & Jessica – the series was well-written. I actually watched the whole DIF in random orders, 4 being first. That may have caused my liking for 4 instead of the other 3.

    Gallen & Jessica – Gallen is just a very versatile actor but I have a hard time finding him a girl lead that works well. Other than Jessica, I can think of Flora Chan only.

    Bowie and Flora – I can’t think of a reason to not like these two. They seem perfect for each other on-screen. =)

  27. @ CY –

    Other than Where the Legend Begins, all the series you listed were some of my favorite recent series.

    The Colorful Life was such a surprise. I didn’t expect it to be good but it turned out to be a great comedy. The bickering between Louis Yuen, Florence Kwok, Cutie Mui and Ronald Cheng <— to die for!

  28. @pandamao

    Yes, Colourful Life was a great delight to watch and for me, it deserves to be one of the classics. Even after so many years, i can still remember most scenes in that series vividly. The cast really did a great job and their comedic antics and constant bickering was just hilarious but not exaggerated. Now that was comedy, unlike uh hum some series recently. I particularly loved Annie Man’s performance, I think she is a very versatile actor, just a pity she wasn’t given a proper chance in TVB. This is why I absolutely hate CBML because I think it was 1) an insult to comedy and the viewer’s intelligence and 2)a complete rip off of Colourful Life (plot and characters.

  29. @ Kidd: Oh misread :p. Yes, the 97. The 82 I have the foggest memory on it.

  30. Ok I want to contribute too! Some of the mentioned ones got me remembering some of those that I really miss watching again.

    My first fav series is Legend of the condor heroes the 80s version.

    Justice of Life
    Song Bird
    The Breaking Point
    Greed of Man
    State of divinity
    Journey to the West!
    Survivor’s Law!

    Bobby’s series are awesome too! there are many more that I love, but I really can’t recall the titles…

  31. oh one more, the last breakthrough was very touching too. nick cheung was superb!

  32. Oh yes, I just remembered, I loved Secret Of The Heart and Game of Deceit as well. I think Nick Cheung did a excellent job as the chilling villain in SOTH (I remember hating his character and by extension Nick Cheung himself because of it) and Felix Wong was also in it but that’s about all I can remember.

  33. SOTH was pretty good but not extremely memorable mainly because it had too much going on.

    Remember The Yang Saga and how it had everyone and their mama on it. SOTH was kind of like that to me, but better. I have always loved Amy Kwok so the only things I remembered from the series, were all her parts! =)

    Game of Deceit – very good too! It’s probably ranked before The Colorful Life though. War of Genders, VOH, Game of Deceit …

  34. @pandamao –
    “I actually thought that song really fit the whole relationship development b/w Louis and Jessica. It’s a polar opposite of Louis’ cool demeanor.”

    I won’t disagree with that but it was just like everytime they stare at each other, that’s the song. Everytime they meet each, that’s the song, Everytime they breath near each other, that’s the song. To the point I hated that song till now.

  35. Kidd, haha I guess our taste in actors are similiar. I liked Jacky Lui in “State of Divinity” very much as well. In his prime, he was very masculine and hot! But his TVB career never took off that well after “State of Divinity.” I always thought Jacky was capable of greatness, but he seemed like he wasn’t trying as hard in the few years leading up to this TVB departure.

    Kidd, I remember “Friends and Enemies” but Deric Wan made a better grand entrance in “City Stories,” the series that launched many other sitcoms about family life and mundane incidents in a humorous way. I watched “Blood of Good and Evil” when I was a young teen girl. I found Deric and Maggie’s relationship to be very romantic and Deric embodied his character very well. However, some series are better in our memories. I again watched BOGAE 5 years ago and found some of the supporting cast (especially Nathan Chan’s story) to be filler material. But Deric’s onscreen time with Tsang Kong (an actor of great intensity) and Maggie were a joy to watch.

    Deric is my favorite, but I admit that Gallen Lo (in his prime) was TVB’s greatest actor. I watched sporadic episodes of “Golden Faith” last year and Gallen and Jessica’s scenes were wonderful.

    Pandamao, I liked “War of the Genders” a lot too. But I find that comedy is difficult to re-watch more than a few times because you remember the punch lines. I guess my Top 5 List are timeless series that I can watch again and again because many scenes are a joy to watch.

    Funn, I like Alex Man too! His acting style is very similar to Tsang Kong and unfortunately no one has matched Alex’s intensity to-date. I like Alex’s acting, but not too fond of director Lau Ka Ho’s OTT family dramas such as “The Big Family.” My personal favorite Alex performances were from his ATV days, when he paired with Michelle Yim.

    Personally, I don’t really like series that contain magical themes based on Chinese gods or legends. It’s hard for me to suspend my belief. When I watch ancient dramas, I prefer martial arts and classic Jing Yong themes of loyalty, brotherhood, and romantic love.

    “The Greed of Man” was pretty intricate in its characterization. I didn’t catch all the naunces when I watched the series in the 90s, but was fortunate to watch it last year again. Skipped some episodes in the middle, but Adam Cheng’s character was a joy to watch. Sean Lau was still a little shaky and truth be told, I didn’t understand why Amy and Vivian loved him so much. Personally, I find his lack of decision in expressing his true love to be inacceptable. But there were many great moments in “The Greed of Man.” When David Siu threw the bodies of Sean’s sisters off the building and Sean’s eyes bulged in fear and pain, I truly felt for his loss.

    “The Good, Bad and Ugly” (aka “The Man in the Net”) was scripted by Wong Jing and still felt modern although it was released 3 decades ago. Chow Yun Fat’s chemistry with Carol Dodo Cheng was great. The most moving segment of the series was when Chow’s mother had so much gambling debt, Chow had to steal money and enter prison. I also found Chow’s younger brother’s, Ah Chan’s, story to be moving. The scenes unfold slowly (the same if you were to watch “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” now) because it was made so long ago, but the story is classic.

    I don’t really have any series that I truly hate. If I don’t like the series, I either stop watching or forget about it very quickly. So nothing truly comes to mind.

  36. @ Jayne

    The highlight of BOGAE for me is Deric and Maggie’s love relationship and Deric and Tsang Kong’s father-son relationship which is very complicated. The ending scene of Kenneth Tsang was classic in my opinion. Also, Kitty Lai’s reason for suicide. I didn’t think much of it last time, but, when I rewatch the series many years later, I think it’s impactful.

    You can’t find a lot of series with such storyline nowadays. I think scriptwriters in the 80’s and 90’s are more daring in writing stories. So, you have stories lik ‘Looking Back in Anger’, ‘Final Verdict’, ‘Blood of Good and Evil’. If they past, scriptwriters care more about telling a good story and their hands were also not as tightly bound. Nowadays, TVB are more strict and going to the safe route. Series must be educational, have social responsibility and family friendly, and after handover, PRC friendly too.

    Btw, just checked out a fact that I’ve believe for a 2 years that turn out to be wrong. MetalAZNWarrior from TVB Musing told me that BOGAE was produced and written by the same team that produced ‘Return to the Cuckoo’. Imagine my shock. My fave series and most hated series produced and written by the same team? Today I check wiki, turn out it isn’t true. 😀 The series were produced by different producers and only Chan Bo Wah was involved in both series as one of several scriptwriters. What a relief. :p

    As for Jackie Lui. I like him a lot. I’ve like him since is ATV days. He has a certain natural ‘siu sa’ air that very few can match. But, I don’t think he’s a versatile actor. He’s so successful as Linghu Chong because he has that naturally carefree and cool air. You can say he is Linghu Chong (maybe that’s why he doesn’t seem to be trying too hard :P). He has also said in one interview that his own personality is very similar to Linghu Chong except that he doesn’t drink. He can even play the ‘gu zheng’. It was a very good casting decision. Maybe that’s why he didn’t shine as much in other roles. Nonetheless, he’s still one of my fave actor and one of the incentive for me to watch that ATV lawyer series.

  37. From reading the comments it downs to me the problem with TVB’s scripting department. Where have all the daring scripwriters gone? Nowadays I’m seeing producers recycling their old own dramas and even recreate the same scenes just in different genres or timeframe. Most of the time now I’m watching TVB gritting my teeth at how unbelievable and sloppy most of the scripts are. Only a small portion can be considered ok. I remember I don’t have this feelings years ago when Esther Kwan and Jessica were in their prime years.

    To aspiring new actors or actresses out there, don’t join TVB if you want to truly make it as a fledgling “actor/actresses”. TVB is not an acting school, it’s a place that wants to make money with the cheapest or lowest cost possible, LOL. Even to simply be an “idol” is very hard and rocky(to be an idol go to EEG or Korea, Taiwan).

    Who can join TVB? Established actors who have gained experience elsewhere and have the strength to modify the poor scripts and production values.

  38. @ Masaharu

    I think the problem lies not with the scriptwriters but the upper management. Scriptwriters can be daring and write controversial interesting script. But, if the upper management does not approve of it, the script won’t be made into a series. Upper management want to use tried and tested formula to lower the profit-making risk.

    Media and audience also play a big part. Some audience love to complain and media loves to highlight this complain . Also, if TVB tried sometime too new, audience might not be used to it and ratings will be low.

    TVB is getting bigger nowadays, and they have more workers to feed. Not all their ventures are successful. Maybe, that’s why they are more careful. When TVB was still a new company, the people were more willing to experiment with new things. I guess it’s also a matter of ‘building a business is easy, maintaining a business is hard’.

    Also, it there a double standard with HK audience? I’m sure US TV series were also broadcast in HK. US series are more gritty, has more blood, more sex, more dangerous action than TVB series. How come TVB always get complaint for small little things? Does these US TV series get complain as well? What about when TVB rebroadcast old series? Do this old series get complain? I mean, in ‘Final Verdict’ we have Kenneth Tsang’s character killing a whole family including children.

  39. Kidd: TVB management does play an important part. Yes, I know how it feels when the lower hierarchy has innovative ideas but the upper management have different mindsets, and the audience is definitely a factor too. But today the viewers have more choices from around the world with the growth of video sharing mediums and TVB management need to step up for growth and not just playing safe and stuck on the same ground.

    What was that series where Adam Cheng has his most memorable role? I remember watching it when I was very young and still remember that he was very much a memorable villain and he even pushed all his children to death from a building. However I don’t know if I will feel the same awe that I feel before if I rewatched the series again.

  40. My favoourite Felix serie is O investigation File. Anybody remeber this? Kenix Kwok played his wife for the 1st part.

  41. Masaharu, the series that you are referring to is “The Greed of Man.” Watch it again if you can. It’s such an intense drama with many memorable scenes.

    Kidd, TVB series has becomemore sexually open in its relationship depeiction, with more innuendo and one night stands. I thought La Femme Desperado was quite daring in its theme of independent women wanting to be mothers withoout marriage and without the need of a man. However, gritty violence and murders such as “The Final Verdict” will probably not be produced again.

    In some ancient dramas, TVB used to portray little children stuffed in urns begging for money. These kids presumably had dismembered arms and legs, with only their heads peaking out of the urns. The scenes were not done in an overly cruel manner, but even as a kid watching these scenes, I remember watching with horror. The realization hit that these kids were intnentionally dismembered in order to draw sympathy for the “little beggars.” TVB series will likely not show these scenes again.

    Kidd, what you said of Jacky’s limited range may be true. He showed a lot of promise in State of Divinity and TVB’s Justice Bao, but his later performances lacked spirit and quite wooden, as if he was not quite there.

  42. I think he is a great actor and he is really good in GMG. I have to say he is more into his character as Stone Sir than anyone in his or her own character. He is so into character that he sometimes freak me out.

  43. Felix is legendary. I don’t understand why TVB fails to promote real actors who can act. True that he’s not the most handsome man, but shouldn’t an actor’s acting ability be more important than his looks? Today’s actors can not be compared to Felix, unless they improve.

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