Fiona Sit Can Do Her Makeup in 2 Minutes

Since signing with Warner Music Group in 2003 and officially making her debut in the entertainment industry at 22 years old, Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) is one of the most commercially successful Hong Kong artistes. She is not only a successful singer, but has also dabbled in television, movie projects, and is much sought after for commercials. Recently, she teamed up with good friend and fellow singer, Stephanie Cheng (鄭融), for a lipstick commercial photoshoot.

Fiona shared, “Shooting the commercial was really fun, because we got to play with bubbles while holding hands and spinning in circles. We got a really good laugh out of it! When our backs were turned to the camera for that split second, we would make silly faces and make each other laugh. It would be great if I could have a good friend beside me during every job. I would feel very blessed.”

Not only is Fiona a natural-born performer, she also admitted that she has loved playing with makeup since she was young. The 37-year-old shared, “When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an artist. I would often steal my mother’s makeup to draw with. Plus, I didn’t take care of the products, so I would get them all messed up. My mom always scolded me! When I grew up, I still really like makeup. I feel that every time I put on makeup, it is like drawing a 3D portrait. I am using my face to draw a piece of art that I like.”

Perhaps due to her experience in using makeup, Fiona boasted that she can do her makeup in two minutes! “Maybe because I am usually quite lazy, I’ve tried doing my makeup in two minutes while in the car on the way to an interview. Currently, natural makeup is the trend, so I can put on less makeup to have a more natural feel, unless the event requires a more dramatic look. I feel that every girl should learn to love herself. In my mind, every girl has their own unique characteristics that make them beautiful in their own way. Using makeup is just to enhance their natural qualities.”


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